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[Free pdf] Love Means... Courage (Farm, #0.5) Author Andrew Grey –

Len Parker Is Laid Off During The Recession In The Early Eighties And Decides To Go Back To College At Home In Rural Michigan, Where He Reconnects With His Best Friend From High School, Ruby He S Overjoyed When She Marries Cliff Laughton And Overcome With Sorrow When She Dies An Untimely Death, Leaving Behind Her Husband And Two Year Old SonOut Of Work Again, Len Finds A Job At Cliff Laughton S Sorely Neglected Farm Cliff Is Still Mourning His Wife, Struggling To Raise His Son, And Has Little Enthusiasm Or Energy Left For Work Len Immediately Begins To Whip The Farm Including The Two Laughtons Into Shape Working Side By Side, Len And Cliff Grow Ever Closer, But Loving Another Man Takes A Lot Of Courage They Ll Have To Stand Together As They Face Faltering Business, Threatening Drought, Misguided Family, And Midwestern Prejudices To Protect What Might Be A Lifelong LovePrequel To Love Means No Shame

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    Andrew Grey is one of my favorite authors His book are a must buy for me because they make me feel all kinds of emotions when I read them There is something about the way he connects us with his characters and brings us into their lives that really resonate with me.Love Means Courage is a difficult book to review I don t want to give much away about it so I ve decided to just relate my feelings about this wonderful book without getting too much into the storyline.Love Means Courage is actually the prequel to Love Means No Shame I read Love Means No Shame first, because it s actually the first book in this series Knowing what happens to Len and Cliff years down the line left me feeling bittersweet and melancholy throughout this book I m not saying it took away my enjoyment of reading their love story, but it definitely made an impact on my feelings toward Len and Cliff, and how much I enjoyed their story I can t recommend both Love Means No Shame and Love Means Courage enough I do think they needed to be read in the order Mr Grey intended, so don t cheat and try to read this one first There were several times throughout the book I found myself tearing up and cheering Cliff and Len on I loved them The connection they have with one another and the determination they have to be together and build a stable and happy family with each other and young Geoff was wonderful despite the obstacles in their path and the things they had to overcome made me love them that much I loved this book in general and I look forward to reading many stories written by Mr Grey in the future.

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    Love Means Courage, Andrew Grey Dreamspinner Press, 2009 is the first Andrew Grey novel I have read, but it definitely won t be my last Grey writes in a very straight forward narrative with just enough poetic description to make it colourful I like that I also like the way his characters are developed strong, distinct and consistent throughout Even two year old Geoff Laughton is a strong personality is his own way although the phonetic baby talk is a bit disconcerting at times.I also like the way the story develops especially the relationship between Len and Cliff Everyone who has ever written a coming out story will readily admit that it is a tricky business to get the mix of credibility and pace just right too fast and it seems contrived too slow and it appears coquettish Happily, Grey strikes an agreeable balance.Similarly, the events of the story unfold in a logical sequence, and with a fair amount of credibility going for them This is particularly true of the faming scenes, which leads me to believe that Mr Grey has spent some time on a farm in his background Love Means Courage is a good, solid read, masterfully written, and an invitation to works by Andrew Grey.

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    Andrew Grey is an awesome writer Cliff, tall, slim, with long shaggy hair, is a farmer rancher grieving for his wife and father s deaths, is raising a son alone, and in extreme depression The farm is being neglected Len, a gay man living a quiet life in their small town, got his degree, but in the 80 s jobs are scarce He ends up working for Cliff, his old friend and long time crush, who had married Len s best friend, Ruby They all lived in this small town where everyone knew everyone else s business Back then, especially in small towns, small minds were evident It s a perpetual gossip mill Len finds the farm in dire need He jumps right in taking over, not taking crap from Cliff, as he gets the place upright again The two other workers are glad to have the help Cliff s been drowning in sorrow, letting things go, and is at a loss as to where to begin to set things right Len helps He guides Cliff to get the answers at the banks, and a big discovery turns out to be a ray of hope Deeply interesting cast of characters, with a darling little boy Wonderfully written by Andrew Grey, who understands his characters There are ups and downs, good folk, and bigots, but in all, these deserving men get their reward Cliff is a bit slow coming around to accept things, and he s been repressing his feelings his whole life This is a thorough time span, with beautiful flow, hot sex, and first M M times for Cliff, plus they prove that patience and honesty pay off Tim, the older man Len first met years ago, taught him it was okay to be who he was, and that there were men just like him, that didn t dress like women, act all froofy, or lisp Men can just love other men, and that helped Len I highly recommend this lovely story ENJOY

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    Second time reading and I still love this one Learning how Len and Cliff get together is wonderful after the heartbreak of book one A truely charming tale of love and family Little Geoff is just perfect and I love him to peices, he is so cute and charming, I love that we see him as a child and as a grown man thanks to book one and two lol As for Janelle, she really is a nasty harpy I can so see her ending up a lonely bitter old women without even cats to keep her company A perfect read for anyone who loves children in their M M romances.

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    Knowing what happens to one of the heroes made this book difficult to read It was a lovely story though Just bittersweet.

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    Overall book rating 4 sweet stars Audio book Narrator Sawyer Allerde 4 Stars Book cover 3 stars This was just a feel good book, I really enjoyed it The bond between Len and Cliff was just so sweet and loving I liked the plot and the feel of this book Little Geoff was so sweet with his horsie rides.

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    DNF Boy, that writing was is bad

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    I was a bit worried when I first started reading this book, because I did read Love Means No Shame first, as it is the first book in the series This one acts as a prequel to it and involves Cliff and Len, Geoff s parents I thought that the book was make me upset because of what happens in the other book, but I was wrong Despite knowing what happens, I was able to forget about it and enjoy Len and Cliff s story just as much, if not than Geoff and Eli s Geoff as a toddler was adorable and really added to the story, because it didn t make it just about being gay It made it about two men raising a child in a time and place where their sexuality probably won t be tolerated by many The conflict between Janelle and the two men that showed up at their barn, while intense, felt like it could have been a little stronger I m happy things worked out for them, though, and I loved reading their story It would have been interesting to see some of it from Cliff s POV, though, as the story was told through Len s But I enjoyed it very much, and can t wait to read the rest of the series.

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    About 4.5 stars.I absolutely LOVED this backstory to Len and Cliff s relationship If you read book 1 first, view spoiler you know that Len and Cliff loved each other for many happy years and raised a wonderful son, Geoff, together, but this story was a great way to get the background behind that epic love hide spoiler

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    I really loved this book The focus is on the relationship between Len and Cliff Geoff s father and since this story takes place 25 years ago they have quite a few external obstacles to overcome At first Len and Cliff struggle to get up the courage to admit to themselves what they feel for each other but in the end the choice is very clear The strength of their conviction is amazing and very reassuring The small farm they live on is described in vivid detail and I felt right at home Geoff as a young boy added yet color.If you liked Love MeansNo Shame you re bound to like this prequel