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[[ Read ePUB ]] Lost Dog: A Love StoryAuthor Kate Spicer –

If you own a dog you will love this book, it was well written a very entertaining read, once started I couldn t put it down, I read it in two days I completely understood her care anxiety through feeling her love, pain worry on every page. Heartwarming, visceral, funny, moving, life affirming, honest perfect I have already bought this for 3 friends. Nothing in thereviews prepared me for the long of prologue in which the then 46 year old London freelance journalist Kate Spicer, in this autobiographical account of events in 2015, describes her cocaine fuelled life style which, as I am utterly square myself, really disgusted me What on earth, I thought, does this honest but repellent prologue have to do with what the subtitle of the book tells us is a love story between her and a dog Only just before the end of the prologue does she meet a friend who has a beautiful dog and she decides to get one herself.She and her partner Charlie acquire a lurcher they call Wolfy Kate took peternity leave and quickly bonded with Wolfy She is utterly besotted by him and by everything he does Her life is transformed She says that she has turned from being a drug addict to being a dog addict She socializes with other dog lovers She and Charlie wereamused than angry whenever Wolfy snaffled food not meant for him or chewed up the occasional garment.Charlie and Kate were invited to a wedding in Surrey, and parked out Wolfy with Kate s brother, Will, in North London And from there Wolfy ran away.Kate is totally devastated, and Charlie suffers, too They try everything put up posters, roam the North London neighbourhood, knowing Wolfy would never find his way back to Notting Hill Most of the people they talk to are sympathetic some suggest Wolfy may have ended up with Travellers some make cruel jokes about Korean restaurants Kate goes on Facebook and on Twitter, and the tweets about Wolfy go viral She even consults psychics, who assure her that Wolfy is alive Several of the phone calls she received say a dog like the one on the poster has been seen in areas which she then fruitlessly visits until, on the ninth day after Wolfy had disappeared, one of the messages is from someone who says he has the dog and he really had.All this is told in enormous detail, day by day, and with rather an excessive amount of repetition of Kate s intense emotions She is surely unlikely to have kept a diary during those stressful days she was also doing a little bit of journalistic work at the time , so she either has a quite fantastic memory or she has made some of this up At any rate, it is all very convincing.In addition to the story of Wolfy, there are the ups and occasional downs with Charlie and there is in the novel a good deal about Kate s acquaintances in down market Notting Dale where she and Charlie live and in the adjacent up market Notting Hill, the latter of whom she clearly doesn t like and describes with rather less wit than does Rachel Johnson in Notting Hell see myreview. As lurchers go Wolfy seems a paragon, apart from quite correctly removing himself from somewhere he did not fancy Full of humour and some excoriating depictions of the kind of people I am thankful I am never likely to meet Loved it Even if you re not a dog lover, this is a great read Kate Spicer is a wonderful writer and her life story told by way of her getting and then losing her dog is fascinating This is an especially fun read if you live in or know west London. I loved this book, although I suspect only dog lovers will It s hard to imagine the pain of losing a dog but Kate describes it brilliantly The feelings of hopelessness are alleviated by humerous insights into the characters of those she meets and their incredible kindness, sometimes in the most unlikely of places Needless to say, there are also sad people out there who seem to enjoy other people s misery This is a study of human nature as well as that of the relationship between humans and dogs. This book had so much hype surrounding it possibly because the author is a well known journalist and the publishing house had a large advertising budget so I anticipated a great read To be brief, I loved the dog and am pleased he was reunited with his owners social media does have its positives but I found Kate Spicer s style of writing vulgar in places there are so many better words than piss and she really does love using that word Alas, my book club felt the same Meet Woman S Best Friend Kate Is A Middle Aged Woman Trying To Steer Some Order Into A Life That Is Going Off The Rails When She Adopts A Lurcher Called Wolfy, The Shabby Rescue Dog Saves Her From Herself But When The Dog Disappears, It Is Up To Kate To Hit The Streets Of London And Find Him Will She Save Him, As He Has Saved Her Or Will She Lose Everything As She Trudges Endlessly Calling His Name In The Hopeless Hope She May Find Him, She Runs Into Other People S Landscapes And Lives, Finding Allies Amongst Psychics, Bloggers And Mysterious Midnight Joggers Trying To Find Her Dog Tests Her Relationship, And Her Sanity, To Its Limits And Gets Her Thinking About Her Life And Why Things Have Turned Out As They Have For Her A Brilliant, Life Affirming Memoir, Lost Dog Is An Audiobook Like No Other About Both About The Myth Of Modern Womanhood And The Enduring Mystery Of The Relationship Between Human And Canine