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Elves on the Discworld.In Guillermo del Toro s 2008 film Hellboy 2, the Elvin character Prince Nuada makes a point about humans remembering why they fear the dark These elves are dark creatures, thoroughly unfaeirie like and even un Tolkien like.Terry Pratchett s 1992 Discworld novel the 14th Lords and Ladies describes a similarly negative vision of elves I could not help wondering if del Toro gained some inspiration from Pratchett s dark elves.Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Og and Magrat are just getting back to Lancre from their travels in Pratchett s 1991 Witches Abroad and Magrat is getting married to King Verence and some precocious and misguided local girls are tempting fate by messing around with some local Druidic circles of vast power Turns out this is a portal to the elves dimension.What was especially attractive about this concept to me was Pratchett s use of the elves as an alternate to a heroic model These elves are malevolent, arrogant and cruel and also largely forgotten in the annals of time so much so that ancient legends of them have focused on the glamorous and magical than the accurate description as evil aristocrats This kind of ironic twist is a ubiquitous element in much of Pratchett s work and his fans will be pleasantly amused with his droll wordplay and inventive storylines.All this and a subtle retelling of A Midsummer Night s Dream makes this one of Pratchett s best Highly recommended. The great Re Read of Discworld continues with the witches This is a pretty direct followup from Mag s romantic adventure with the king to be and culminating in the grand wedding between the two As weddings go, every grand personage of the Discworld or so it seems has been invited to the wedding, but of course, things don t go all that well with all those crop circles and the E S who must not be named.Pretty funny, all told, but it s Og and her suiter who steals the show And Old Weatherwax Again Mags well I ve never cared much for her I just want my darling Tiff Where oh where is she Why can t I care all that much that Mag is NO LONGER A WITCH I complain, sure, but it s not a complaint because I think the novel is bad Far from it I just think it s slightly uneven in my enjoyment of certain characters Nothing But is it a fine story You bet I ll even a throw in a horseshoe for you. Lancre, Granny s turf Very bad idea to invade here and challenge a certain witch BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.In this 14th volume of the Discworld series our three witches Granny Esme Weatherwax, Nanny Githa Ogg and Magrat return after their adventure in Genua to find all preparations made for a certain royal wedding Since I never much cared for Magrat, I also didn t really mourn her no longer being a witch but a queen to be e However, the festivities are first hindered by a pair of cold feet and then also slightly shall we say amended by crop circles showing up everywhere On the Disc, crop circles mean that the barriers between worlds weaken and what is trying to get to Lancre has not only been there before, but has also not been very nice the last time, no matter what folklore says nowadays Theywhomustnotbenamed indeed So it is up to Granny and Nanny to save the day again though others are helping them, too, if they want them to or not.This wonderful installment not only has a nice ending to Magrat s participation in the coven but also elements from Shakespeare s play A Midsummer Night s Dream, which is my favourite of his And we get a larger cast thanks to a few wedding guests being there as well, making for a very nice and funny mix not to mention some juicy information about Granny s younger years Like I said, I was never a fan of Magrat s but she was definitely at her best in this one especially the scene view spoiler when she found the armory and put it to damn fine use hide spoiler i agree wholeheartedly, this is my FAVORITE of the Witch series I love Granny v Lily in Witches Abroad, but if you delighted in Mrs Weasley gettin all Sigourney Weaver on Bellatrix L in the last Harry Potter, YOU LL LOVE the whole last third of the book i squirmed with glee as soon as Magrat put on that armor the principle of a cat in a box being any of 3 various states till you open the box alive, dead, bloody pissed off is all i know about physics, or need to know. A Discworld Novel It S A Hot Midsummer Night The Crop Circles Are Turning Up Everywhere Even On The Mustard And Cress Of Pewseyy Ogg, Aged Four And Magrat Garlick, Witch, Is Going To Be Married In The MorningEverything Ought To Be Going Like A Dream But The Lancre All Comers Morris Team Have Got Drunk On A Fairy Mound And The Elves Have Come Back, Bringing All Those Things Traditionally Associated With The Magical, Glittering Realm Of Faerie Cruelty, Kidnapping, Malice And Evil, Evil Murder Granny Weatherwax And Her Tiny Argumentative Coven Have Really Got Their Work Cut Out This TimeWith Full Supporting Cast Of Dwarfs, Wizards, Trolls, Morris Dancers And One Orang Utan And Lots Of Hey Nonny Nonny And Blood All Over The Place But With Tons Of Style My 1000th read here on GR and first 5 stars this year not counting re read. Part of the Pratchett reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group This book has Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick returning home to Lancre from their time away see Witches Abroad Magrat gets to finally resolve her situation with King Verence and begin dealing with her post Witch situation Granny and Nanny both have a lot going on as well, with the faculty of the Unseen University and Casanunda paying visits Oh, and an incursion into our reality by murderous Elves and their Queen.There s a lot of foundation being laid for the future of the Witches in this book I think that was part of the genius of Terry fourteen books in and he s still writing foundational stories for his universe While I did love this, it s kind of a mess compared to other books in this sub series Really only let down by what precedes and follows it, and still would be brilliant if it had come from anybody else But I know he can do better because he does later on. Elves.When you think of elves, what do you think of The tall, fair skinned beings of Tolkien s Middle Earth The ebony warriors from Dungeons Dragons Delicious cookies Not on Discworld On Discworld, the Elves are folk of legend, and dark legend at that People there remember the elves, although not very well They remember through old wives tales, about leaving milk for the fairies and not going near the standing stones Ask someone in the kingdom of Lancre, and they ll think of elves as you and I think of elves pretty, wonderful, magicalAsk Granny Weatherwax and she ll tell you the truth that the Elves are not of this world, and don t belong here either She ll tell you that when the barriers of the worlds grow thin, when the crop circles start to show up, the elves will be waiting, readying themselves to come back For theirs is a parasite universe, a land of ice, and they desire ours for their entertainment.Such is the setup for Lords and Ladies, another one of Pratchett s darker Discworld books There is still his customary humor, of course, which would be sorely missed were it absent But it s also got a philosophical edge to it, as many of his books of this period do It s about faith in stories, and knowing the difference between what is true and what you wish were true.It s circle time again, where crop circles are appearing everywhere, and the parallel and parasite universes are coming into closer contact, and Granny Weatherwax knows that she is going to die.Or is she She can t be sure.Esme Weatherwax is the consummate witch Tall, thin and bony, she s the kind of woman who can wear the pointy black hat of a witch and dare you to think she s anything else She s strong of mind, never afraid to speak the truth, the best witch in Lancre and not slow in admitting it But many years ago, she was a headstrong young girl who was offered power by a mysterious woman in red who stood in the center of a stone circle The woman promised power and freedom, but could not leave the circle Rather than take the easy way to witchcraft, Granny worked, learned, and grew old Which is always for the best.As is the case with many Pratchett books, there are multiple plots that all center around the Elves and their newest attempt to gain the Discworld as their own world Magrat Garlick, the third witch because there must always be three is going to marry Verence, the king of Lancre and a former Fool Mustrum Ridcully, the Archchancellor of the Unseen University in Ankh Morpork, is attending the wedding and at the same time remembering his days in Lancre chasing after the headstrong young girl who grew up to become Esme Weatherwax And Granny herself is remembering things that happened to all possible Esme Weatherwaxes, and for someone as sure of herself as she is, is having a serious identity problem.Something needs to be said here about the three witches of Lancre, recurring characters as they are in all of the Witches books of the series Normally this would be done chronologically, upon reviewing the first book in which they appeared, but I want to do it now Besides, I haven t read Equal Rites in a long time, but it s on my list.Granny is as I have said the unofficial chief witch of the region, who has attained the status of being almost mythical in the village of Bad Ass She is feared and revered, but only because she is always who she is.Nanny Gytha Ogg is Esme s polar opposite She has a face like an apple left in the sun too long, her youth is filled with enough tawdry encounters to make a fraternity lose its breath, and her fondness for bawdy tunes such as the ever immortal Hedgehog song has made her a figure of legend But like any witch, Gytha is not to be underestimated She can think faster than most anyone, and do so around corners She s the grounding influence for Esme when Esme gets too high on herself, and while being fearsome in her own right, she is one of the approachable witches Lancre has to offer.And then there is Magrat Garlick, the third witch She is the soppy one, the romantic one, the one with the collection of occult jewelry and a library in her cottage She s the youngest, the least experienced, but not without potential And while the other two witches may treat her like an ignorant stripling, they only do so because that s how you become a witch by learning things, not by being told things.But now Magrat is going to be Queen, and there are only the two witches And the elves are coming.This is, as I have said, a darker book We get an interesting look into Granny Weatherwax s psyche who she is, what she fears and it s a little chilling The reader is used to the utterly unflappable Granny Weatherwax, so to see her, well, flapped is kind of disturbing At the same time, though, it makes her human than before, which she needs to be if she is to defeat the elves.This book also offers a good look into the human need for fantasy The elves anchor themselves to the Discworld by belief if enough people want the elves to come, then they will But the longer they stay away, the time we get without them, the they become what we think they are Stories Myths Cute magical critters who are to be watched, but not necessarily feared We need our stories to get us through the iron times Yes, we need elves, to help us escape from our lives from time to time, just as we need witches and wizards and gods But we don t need them here Here, in the real world, we have only ourselves to count on, and we need to be strong enough to do that Stories are good, in their place But never mistake a story for the real thing. Elves are wonderful They provoke wonder.Elves are marvellous They cause marvels.Elves are fantastic They create fantasies.Elves are glamorous They project glamour.Elves are enchanting They weave enchantment.Elves are terrific They beget terror.The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.No one ever said elves are nice.Elves are bad This book reminded me that I need to re read all the Witches novels of Discworld and reconsider them all The jury is still out or less, but I think up to now this is my favourite of the Witches series Granny Weatherwax is awesome and Nanny Ogg is outrageously funnyNanny Ogg looked under her bed in case there was a man there Well, you never knew your luck However, I love the fact that Pratchett writes about the Elves as the beautiful parasites they are this is a nice balance to all the Fae fangirling going on in other fantasy novels out there not that I have much against that, but it is becoming a bit overwhelming. The gals have been gone a while, and lots of things can happen in eight month s time.Magrat is still planning to marry the new king and former fool of Lancre, and anyone who s everyone will be attending the Royal Wedding, including our favorite Librarian If only they can get him to put on some clothes But waitstrange things are happening Well, stranger things than the strange things that normally happen in Discworld Even the bees are worried.Granny Weatherwax is reunited with an old love Nanny Ogg is being wooed by a dwarf who s also the world s second greatest lover Magrat is discovering that being Queen is reallyboring.And the lords and ladies have somehow found a way through, and here s a hintthey re NOT here for the Morris Dancing Now, it s up to the witches to stop Magrat s fairy tale ending from being ruined byfairies.