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This was my first book by Kaje Harper, and I m happy to say it will not be my last.This is what I refer to as a real book There is plenty of story here At times quite exciting, definitely full of mystery, and the romance is a strong slow build The main characters are both people I want to learn of The kids were not in the story as much as I would of liked, but the part with them was one of the most believable kid portrayals I ve seen in quite a while.I m so glad I have the next book lined up, as I need to see how life works out for this couple I can see heartbreak and drama ahead, I m already on pins and needles waiting to see how Mac is going to over come his biggest fears I m also nervous about Tony s relationship with Ben, but time will tell with that one lol.Overall a really enjoyable read, only let down slightly for me with one of my usual pet peeves view spoiler Sex when in pain never works well for me, and after the car accident I m pretty sure Tony would have been in pain than he appeared to be In fact I think the medical side of this was what really let this one down Maybe its just different in the USA, but released the same day seemed rather fast after such a near death accident, then the shower and hair wash with fresh stitches I could be way off, but aren t you told not to get stitches and fresh wounds wet for a few days Going into work the next day was also far to soon in my mind For me Tony s injures were inconsistent Maybe I just interpreted them wrong, but all added together this part just felt wrong hide spoiler Solid 3.5 starsI m very predictable Give me a book about a closeted cop and a charming love interest, throw in some steam, and a little bit of suspense and you ve got me Adrien English, Cop Out, Shattered Glass, Point of No Returnheck, make it 2 closeted cops and even better Cut Run, Common Ground Life Lessons had everything I like in an easy to read book likable characters, sweet chemistry, drama, blood, and fun, flirtatious banter Tony and Mac played their roles perfectly and I was able to finish the book in a night Yes, it s generic Yes, parts felt rushed view spoiler Did Tony even mourn the loss of his friend Marty at all hide spoiler Tony Hart S Life Has Been Quiet Lately He Has Good Friends And A Rewarding Teaching Job Then The Murdered Body Of Another Teacher Falls Into The Elevator At His Feet, And Tony S Life Gets A Little Too ExcitingJared MacLean Is A Homicide Detective, A Widowed Father, And Deeply In The Closet But From The Moment He Meets Tony S Blue Eyes In That High School Hallway, Mac Can T Help Wanting This Man In His Life However Mac Isn T The Only One With His Eyes On Tony As The Murderer Tries To Cover His Tracks, Mac Has To Work Fast Or Lose Tony, Permanently 4 Big Stars a brilliant start to this series Good crime and suspense, it s nicely told about attraction and it was also very emotional and believable with very good material to build on, this lady is already in love in Tony Mac Final review September 18, 2013You who know me know that I nowadays just love guys who love guys and these two main characters were so fine together It was a little slow at first but in the end so believable with a sense of authenticity I yearn to follow their story and must open the first page of the second book right away Big Stars for the first part in a series I think I will love Cheers and TrumpetsTony Hart, an openly gay young guy about 25 , is a teacher at highschool and becomes almost witness to a murder of another teacher Mac Jared MacLean is the a homicide detective who is investigating the crime Mac is almost 10 years older than Tony and is a widowed weekend father to little Anna He is completely in the closet and he only meets other gay men for short secret meetings for an evening now and then, preferably in another location No one knows what he feels for men Tony and Mac are two opposites, both in appearance and manner But already after the first meeting is Mac interested in the young beautiful blue eyed teacher But Mac looks anything but gay and Tony is convinced that the big, tall detective is straight Put your shirt on and I ll show you A little of the teasing returned to Tony s voice Guys usually ask me to take my shirt off Mac could see why He was lean but fine, all sleak muscle and Shirt on and cut it out, he said, to himself as well as Tony.The murder mystery is really thrilling and I didn t know which way it would go In the first half of the book is very much about police work and the murder investigation In the police work, we also encounter the social reality of social differences, drugs, weapons, young teen problems etc, this adds authenticity feeling for this story It becomes several different stories in the story As much as this is a M M romance, it is also a good genuine homicide detective novel.The romantic part is so nicely told and the attraction and feelings between the two men may grow slowly It s everyday life with work, new meetings, own sweet Anna 4 and others poor Bill 5 children , innuendos and speculations and Having a lover behind closed doors is a big step in itself Here are lust, heat and male sex It s hot, but just enough What makes it all so beautiful is that everything is told a bit of a kind of grayscale without the pink shimmer found in a lot of romances It feels believable, genuine and everything isn t solved directly Life s usual worries take time to resolve and a new relationship needs time to become confident and firm That s part of being gay, you know It s not just who you want in bed It s who your emotional relationships are with the other twenty three hours of the day, whose arms you want around you when life hands you shit I really liked these guys but they are not absolutely fabulous You love them for their weaknesses than their strengths Luckily we will not have insta love and the events takes place over a few weeks Maybe is it a little rough and dirty sometimes, everybody isn t always pretty, cute, through kind, perfect or know what they want in life It s real Mac is a hard nut to crack It is interesting to follow how he actually open up a little Having a lover behind closed doors is a big step in itself The question is how he is able to deal with the fact that he ultimately must bring himself to take the, for him, huge steps, he needs to take, in order to keep Tony in the long term Tony is quite easy to make happy, he is understanding and willing to compromise and have some patience, but he definitely want much Is Mac capable of giving Tony It requires some sacrifices Someday, Mac said almost inaudibly Tony turned to see the big man s eyes fixed on the same couple To his surprise, Mac went on, Someday two guys will be able to kiss like that, in front of all the world But not today, Tony muttered Okay, do we get a nice and lovely HEA already now in this first part Well, almost, but perhaps a happily for now ending A really nice one, my romantic heart pounded content Are you satisfied with just this first book, after all it works as a standalone book, can you stop here, but I think you want to know I do.I must say that I highly enjoyed this novel and it s stories It s well done and very convincing, and of course both steamy and super romantic That is just the way I want it A promising start I LIKE big smile, I love my new boys This great story worked on every level, as a murder mystery it was suspenseful and really well plotted and as a m m romance it ticked all boxes too When schoolteacher Tony Hart finds a murdered colleague in the school elevator, his life is altered forever, not just by the crime but because he s thrown him into the path of deeply closeted policeman Jared Maclean or Mac as he s normally known This isn t an insta love although the attraction is there at the beginning, simmering for a while before either of them makes a move and that s what made this feel realistic in my eyes Its a slow burner to start with but when they do finally act on their attraction the result is not only pretty combustible but its also sensual and tender because for a long time Mac tries hard not to open his feelings to Tony He s adamant that he won t come out to his colleagues so Tony who s never tried to be anything less than open about being gay, has to learn to work around that side of their budding romance and of course this does cause some conflict, but there s no doubt that for the first time Mac is having much deeper feelings for a man than he s ever had before There are some shock moments in the crime side of the book that you aren t expecting and a really exciting build up at the end before the books satisfying HFN ending I enjoyed the epilogue because it leaves you with the sense that this relationship will only get stronger over the series and that even though its obviously going to be a bumpy ride for Tony, Mac and their respective families Mac s got a daughter from a previous marriage and Tony a little boy who he literally brings up because his mother has issues these two guys are going to make it I think this is going to be a great series and thankfully the next ones are waiting on my Kindle right now Loved it Life lessons ticks all the right boxes for this type of book You know what you re getting once you ve read the synopsis and it s all there Closeted Hot Cop Suspense Whodunit crime solving Steaming chemistry Attention grabbing plot line Happy for now ending Kids who tug at the ole heart strings Bonus epilogue Yup, it s all here and I should have nothing to moan about really, it s all standard stuff and done well No stupid dramatics from the MC s as they both hold their own while manning up in the face of adversity This in itself was quite refreshing.I just felt a bit too disconnected from the story for it to be completely satisfying I can t put my finger on why, there s no real reason or it The sex was very sensual and arousing, the plot was full of suspense and the characters are credible I should have really liked it, as I cannot fault it Perhaps this was a case of its not the book it s me.Overall this is an easy read, enjoyable but predictable, likeable but not ohmigod loveable I m not sure if I m invested enough to read the next one I ll see what Kate and Susan say 3,5 starsIt was my first of Kaje Harper, but for sure not the last one I like her writing and it could be a solid 4 stars book for me if I wouldn t have had some problem with the plot But as always I d like to underline it is my personal feeling and you can have a different opinion What I liked Mac I have a weak spot for a closeted cop I ve met so many of them in my last books that I ought to get tired of this kind of story, but I am not You can always have me with itshy sighTony I have a weak spot for a gay teacher professor writer protagonist I know,I m a collection of weak pointsshy sighThe slow development of the relationship between them, the SLOW build up, the sexual tension, the chemistry That was how I like it to be I am not somebody who wants the first sex scene on the first page Please not I need my SLOW build up. I liked the suspense part here In spite of it was pretty predictable Though it was not about TO HIDE as long as possible WHO was the murderer but to OBSERVE HOW the characters handle the situations they were in And now to my problems Marty view spoiler Didn t Tony supposed to be shocked by the death of his best friend Or to express deep mourning hide spoiler I love reading m m romances with a dose suspense and crime and Life Lessons provided me with everything.It s about Tony Heart, a high school teacher who lives a quiet life of an out and proud gay man One night a colleague stumbles dying in his arms The investigating detective is the closeted Jared Maclean He becomes instantly interested in Tony, but he is reluctant to let anyone in on his secret Suddenly the murderer threatens Tony and the life of both men changes rapidlyThe first half of the story is focused on the mystery The romance is barely palpable I must admit it was a bit slow for my liking and I needed some encouragement from a GR friend to continue reading BTW, thank you Simon for your pep talk Then the two MCs grow closer and the story develops to a thrilling page turner Life Lessons is a solid mix between mystery and romance The story ends with a HFN It is pretty clear that Mac and Tony both still have issues in their relationship, and that Mac has to work out how he is going to deal with his sexuality and his determination to stay in the closet I m looking forward to reading the sequels Fortunately I can continue reading without waiting. REVIEW COMPLETED AUGUST 9, 2012 Mac lay quietly for a long time, drifting, breathing the scent of Tony s hair He had never done this before, never felt safe enough to sleep in the same bed with a man, never wanted to just hold someone and make the world go away. The book title is perfect Mac, the closeted cop, has yet to learn a very important lesson his coming out It won t happen in Life Lessons though, but I m pretty sure he will have his coming out in the sequel His reasons for being closeted are very interesting and yet maybe a bit exotic too That said, they are understandable though On the other hand, he will have to make a decision eventually because I seriously doubt that Tony who is openly gay will live his life with a closeted man A cop becoming involved with a witness is not quite common either Uh, I think it s certainly against police procedurals Whatever.There s never been anyone that Mac could go to, to just be himself He s never had a lover, or even a f ck buddy To satisfy his needs he goes to Vegas now and then for a quick and anonymous f ck He was convinced he could live like that, but when he meets Tony things change As it is, they change pretty fundamentally.In Life Lessons Mac has come quite a long way It was interesting to see how Mac had to struggle with his feelings and as the story progresses, Mac becomes emotionally involved against his better judgment That said, I am very glad he did because I have such a hard time to imagine that I couldn t share my problems and sorrows with someone I love or trust I, for one, think that everybody should have a confidante.I m not an expert, however, I think that the murder mystery and police procedurals were well done I really enjoyed this part of the story very much Additionally, the final climax view spoiler hostage situation hide spoiler Life Lessonsis the first installment in Kaje Harper s series Life Lessons.This was my second book by this author and I m pleased to say it was as good as the first oneLife Lessonshas everything I enjoy in a book solid plot, great dialogue, endearing characters and most of all fantastic writing Needless to say, I was hooked from the beginning.Anthony Tony Hart is a high school English teacher He loves his job and he s a dedicated teacher He s out and proud and everyone from school knows it Not everyone likes it, but Tony doesn t seemed to mind Tony s life chance one night when he finds a murdered colleague in the school elevator The worst part is that now he s the principal suspect The fact that his relationship with his dead colleague was not so good doesn t help his situation.Jared Mac Maclean is the detective who takes the case Mac is a widow and a single parent He s gay, but he s deep in the closet No one can know about his sexual orientation He needs his job to take care of his daughter, so being out is not an option for him Mac didn t expect his witness to be so young and soattractive Fascinated by Tony s sweet smile and sense of humor, Mac wants for the first time something different from what he had so far, maybe a relationship He never had a male lover or a fuck buddy When he wanted to be with someone he went to Vegas and hooked up with a anonymous guy Tony can t deny Detective Maclean is a good looking man He s attracted to him from the beginning Mac he s exactly his type.As the story progresses and the case gets complicated Tony and Mac are and drawn to each other But Mac has to protect Tony, because the killer wants him dead no matter what This was such a great read At first I thought the story it will have mystery than romance I m glad I was wrong The mystery and the romance were perfectly balanced for me.Both main characters are great developed and I liked both of them They are very likeable and relatable I liked the fact they are not perfect They have flaws, they have feelings and they felt real to me Tony was a sweetheart In my opinion he s than understanding with Mac s situation Mac s struggling with his feelings is done very well I really felt for him, for his daughter and for their situation While I understand his reasons for not coming out, I felt a little frustrated I really wanted for him to try harder to change his relationship with his daughter.I loved how Tony and Mac interact with each other and how naturally their relationship progressed I loved them together and I felt they are perfect for each other I felt their connection and I liked the steamy sex scenes and the intense moment between them.The mystery part was fantastic I didn t know for one moment how the story will progress There are many interesting twist and turn that kept me on the edge of my seat The police investigation was so great and believable and the hostage situation in the end intense and very well done Overall, a fantastic read