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It S Not The Breaking Up That Kills You, It S The Aftermath Ever Since His Longtime Lover Decided He D Seen The Heterosexual Light, Matt S Life Has Been In A Nosedive Six Months Of Too Many Missed Shifts At The Hospital, Too Much Booze, Too Many Men Matt Knows He S On The Verge Of Losing Everything, But He S Finding It Hard To Care Then Matt Meets Aaron He S Gorgeous, Intelligent And Apparently Not Interested In Being Picked Up Still, Even After Seeing Matt At His Worst, He Doesn T Turn Away Aaron S Kindness And Respect Have Matt Almost Believing He S Worth It And That There Could Be Life After Joe But His Newfound Happiness Is Threatened When Matt Begins To Suspect Aaron Is Hiding Something, Or Someone

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    dunno what to say.sometimes you read a thing that gets you between the ribs and pins you like a bug in a box.because what you ve read are things that are inside you, and you re afraid of them, and now there they are, out in the open.i understand much better now, why someone i used to know liked to save books like this for a rainy day for when the rest of it becomes just too much, and too little.for when he needed a taste of home.because even if the things i fear are given names, reading this was a taste of home, and i want another.and another.until maybe one day this home becomes like that one, and i can finally recognize myself inside the end of a romance novel, and not just the beginning.recommended.

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    I didn t know what I was to Aaron, but to me, he was oh God, so much warmth and life, proof I could, despite all post Joe expectations, find it in my heart to fall in love again Come in For God s sake, come in and f ck my brains out He put his hands on my shoulders again I ve done a lot of stupid things in my time, he said quietly But I ve managed never to screw someone as drunk, stoned and fucked up as you Amazing I just finished and I still don t know what to say except that I want to read about Matt and Aaron A beautiful and emotional story about moving on, and getting over one s partner Oh God That look would finish me There wasn t a trace of pity in it It was searing compassion hot, wordless, man to man It s all right, I tried, aware that though my voice was steady, huge tears were hitting the knees of my jeans, a flood I hadn t given permission to start and was completely powerless to stop The storyMatt and Joe were childhood sweethearts, they ve always been together and loved each other Up until six months ago when Joe left him for a woman with whom he had an affair for two years.Matt is of course devastated, he still loves Joe, and can t get over it.Mostly he drowns his sorrows in alcohol, drugs, clubbing and meaningless sex.One night in the club, after an intriguing and terribly attractive oil rigger Aaron refuses him, Matt gets kicked out and attacked by muggers, only to be saved by the oil rigger himself After that, Matt can t stop thinking about him, and after some ups and downs in his life, he sees him again, and they start a relationshipThis quote just broke my heart view spoiler I said, the truth on my lips before I had time to censor or pull up I think I tried to kill myself last night It sounded absurd I couldn t take it seriously hide spoiler

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    This book was indescribably fantastic Harper Fox just wrecked me with this book I ADORED Life After Joe In only 100 or so pages it packed an emotional punch that rivals any book that I have ever read Matt has been in a tailspin since his partner since childhood left him for a woman Meaningless sex, non stop drinking life is a blur for Matt at the moment Only the green eyes of a reticent stranger at a bar seen to draw Matt out from his haze of misery Aaron seems perfect to Matt intelligent, gorgeous and a beacon of hope But is Aaron as wonderful as he appears or is he keeping something from Matt as well Instantly, from the beginning of this book, I connected with Matt I got right into his head space I felt so entwined with him Wow, did Harper Fox do an amazing job For example, that blowjob scene in the bar just wow How did Harper Fox write such beautiful prose that was just exploding with emotion, yet get the gritty, base essence of that scene I was just so there I had tears pricking at the corners of my eyes for the whole story The intensity was present throughout and I could focus on nothing else around me as the story played out The story as a whole really really worked for me if you can t tell I could have used at the end, to be honest I wanted Matt and Aaron s story to continue However, that is just me being greedy I think the story is perfect as is and I will add this book to my favorites shelf.

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    2 melodramatic stars Review posted February 3, 2014Expectations suckIn a nutshellMatt is supposed to be a doctor and drowns in self pity by swallowing every crap he can get his hands on He s stoned, drunk and unhappy all The Time Plus, he fucks everybody on two legs Disgusting Let s keep it simple He s a sobbing mess of a depressing alcoholic But of course it s not his fault yes, it s also his fault Joe, the little mean fucker left him for view spoiler a girl Yep, the vilified girlfriend hide spoiler

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    What a pleasure it was to read such a literate, mature, intelligently written m m romance It s a deceptively simple story two grieving men come to terms with their loss and learn to love again, but the author handles it deftly and with great sensitivity.The writing itself is lyrical and lovely.

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    Another of my favourites, which I also wrote about for Queer Romance Month.Stories matter.It really is that simple.They teach us who we are, and how not to feel alone They give us hope And, sometimes they give us a framework to confront the things that terrify us Perhaps it seems a strange thing to say about romance, this most dismissed and devalued genre that it supposed to pander solely to goodfeelz and fantasies But, for me, it is precisely the safety of romance, the metatextual certainty that a happy ending is coming that makes it bearable possible even to think about the things that quietly flay me To feel them just a little through some stranger s words.So here it is, on the internet, my greatest fear, the murkiest, most sordid, late night monster that isn t really based on anything rational but gluts itself nonetheless and grows fat like a toad on every flicker of insecurity, every set back, every moment that isn t as easy as it should be I m terrified my partner will leave me for a life that requires fewer compromises And, honestly, it makes no sense I could be the one to make that choice if I wanted But our life experiences are so different Mine have taught me to take certain things for granted that his just haven t I still remember the first time we were out together not as friends, but lovers, and the charge between us was different enough, that someone called us faggots from the other side of a line of traffic And his eyes, wide, staring into mine for an answer I didn t have what do we do Even then, I think he knew you live with it.When you get right down it all relationships come down to learning to live with things But I m angry there are things he has to learn to live with beyond the fact I squash right up against at the wall at night, or that I freak out when he puts the teaspoons in the vertical partition of the cutlery drawer, instead of the horizontal one And I m sorrowful, faintly guilty, that there are things he has to give up to be with me Some of them are large biological children, being the most obvious , some of them are small the irritation of me not being able to pay the water bill because it s in his name and some of them are shockingly unexpected I think he didn t get a job, last year, because they asked him and his wife to a post interview dinner And, after a week or so of angst, half resolving to call in an Undercover Lesbian Wife Substitute, he took me anyway But perhaps we were just poor dinner guests.I would understand if he got sick of it It certainly wearies the heck out of me.I think it s natural enough to fear your partner leaving you I wouldn t like it he fell in love with someone else regardless of gender I wouldn t like it if he fell out of love with me I wouldn t like it if he decided my snuggle squashing and teaspoon anality became too much for one sane human to endure on a daily basis These things would break my heart, but I d grieve, and heal, and keep on living The thing that I can t fit into my brain, can t find a way to deal with is not being able to give the person I love, the life he wants.Life After Joe is a book all about this It was the first m m romance I read that really spoke to me And I think until the day I die I will always secretly think of it as the book Harper Fox wrote for me Partially it s a stylistic thing I am drawn to pretty words, and it s stunningly well written But deeper than that, it s full of things I recognise Emotionally and psychologically and honestly literally I grew up very close to where the book is set, and I m a real sucker for sense of place My personal articulations of selfhood and queerness are, to a degree, rather landscaped I remember where I was somewhat better than the people I was with, stealing snatches of myself from a stranger s skin, under the pier, or down some alleyway, or in the sticky corners of the club the protagonist visits as the book opens There are so many northeast specific references in Life After Joe that, to the part of me that will always be a working class northern boy from a council estate, it read as homecoming A gentler, kinder homecoming that I will ever know Impossible not to experience such a thing without a deep and slightly painful sense of gratitude.The rest of this post is over here.

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    4 starsI listened to the audio version of Life After Joe Although Matt s accent through me off the first few minutes of listening, it grew on me This was a quick and emotional story that started off a bit depressing, but ended up being beautiful My only real complaint is that ending I really wish we would have gotten with the ending Still, a great read I would recommend

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    Oh yes Why haven t I read Harper Fox already Thanks Plainbrownwrapper for giving me that boot in the ass She s been sitting in my TBR shelf for too long And it wasn t even this book But I digress, the story s key here.It had angst, it was darker than I expected and it made me think Love stories like these Two damaged men who quietly turn their affections on each other while mucking their way through life and their problems Love between a suicidal, damaged, drunk of a doctor resident, Matthew is down in the dumps after being dumped by his only boyfriend, Joe Joe the prig left him for a woman and has been seeing this woman for two yearswhile seeing Matthew Poor Matthew is in doormat status, still searching for oblivion rather than dealing with the shitstorm Joe dumed on him.I loathed Lou Joe and Matthew s friend , Joe and Marnie, the bitch Matthew got dumped for And if I feel that strongly for wanting to perform a group ass kicking on fictional characters, you know this story is great And I was so happy for Aaron the dreamy, strong yet silent and manly man oil rigger who s been keeping an eye on Matthew during Matthew s weekend visits to a neighborhood gay bar.And Aaron sigh He was so good for Matthew I can t even begin to describe his awesomeness There was drama but so well written, I couldn t be upset with it Alright, the tears at the end was I guess excusable since it dealt with grief but there weren t bucket of tears added in again for that character not telling who, you have to read P It s a satisfying happy ending though I was a little worried at 70%, it got resolved by 75% I m not letting my other Harper Fox stories languish on my TBR shelf for too long again I swear.FOUR A HALF STARS

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    I ve devoured this novel by Harper Fox over a couple of days spent in Newcastle Upon Tyne and the I get to know this beautiful city I travel there regularly for family reasons , the I learn to find around me the places and signs of novels such as this or her Half Moon Chambers Locations such as the Powerhouse club, Fenwicks department store, the Laing Art Gallery, the Half Moon Chambers building but also the very atmosphere of Newcastle, cold but welcoming, harsh but sparkling with sudden bursts of light, are all infused deeply into the bones of these stories In Life After Joe , Matt is left stranded and bewildered after the unexpected breakup with his long time partner who leaves him for a girl with whom he s been having a secret affair As Matt drily remarks in the novel s opening, just before meeting his undoing and public humiliation in the middle of the Powerhouse s dancefloor, it s not the breaking up that can kill you but its aftermath And the aftermath of his break up seems to be on its way of doing just that Matt is quickly spiralling into a serious alcoholic addiction, his medical career is falling apart and he spends his nights lost in meaningless sexual encounters that often become dangerous for the survival not just of his soul but of his body.His downfall is unstoppable until he meets Aaron a quiet, rugged and caring outsider who seduces Matthew by giving him that respect and dignity that he seems to have lost along the way.But is Aaron exactly who he says he is There s a little mystery going on in LAJ that provides friction and angst to Matt and Aaron s growing love story but the obstacles they really face are all internal, emotional, connected to their fears and reluctance to let go and embrace the blessings and risks of a new relationship.As usual with Harper Fox s novels, the motions of grief and abandonment are articulated with great attention and sensitivity Matt is out of control, incapable of coming to terms with Joe s rejection not only of their relationship but of his own identity Matt s response to his unexpected loneliness is self destructive and may come across as selfish and unpleasant, whilst Aaron s answer to loss is fully internalised and expressed through his quiet but steadfast will of taking care of Matt and his shattered bits of life.Harper Fox s writing style is always beautiful and sensuous, enveloping the reader in Matt s self deprecating and despairing POV from the very first line.Reading this novel was a deeply emotional experience LAJ is sad, raw, desperate but also curving towards an uplifting turn of events including a surreal incursion onto an oil rig that was moving, heartwarming and very romantic.Another 5 star read for me and, just like with all Harper Fox s novels, a sure re read.Further reading tip the novel is discussed by Alexis Hall in one of his contributions to Queer Romance Month on The Book Pushers that is really worth reading You can do it here

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    Life After Joe is an emotionally grueling read Matthew had a beautiful home, a promising career as a doctor and was living his happy ever after with the man of his dreams, the man who had been his friend since childhood and his lover since their early teens And then Joe left Matt to marry a woman who he had been seeing on the sly for two years Matt can t compete and is completely and justifiably destroyed He has fallen into a devastating depression, drinking and screwing any man who will have him just to forget all that he has lost Matt has lost all hope, risks losing everything and is just about to hit rock bottom when he catches the attention of a handsome oil rigger named Aaron Aaron s rugged beauty immediately appeals to Matt but it s his compassion and patience that help Matt begin to believe that he may be able to share his heart with another man again But it will be a difficult road Matt is suffering from an alcohol addiction and major trust issues and Aaron is keeping a major part of his life a secret If you want obstacles and heart aching conflict as well as the steamy m m sex this book has it As I was reading I became increasingly worried that this book wasn t going to end with anyone living happily ever after but to the author s credit it was pulled off and pulled off believably This book is painful and made me cry and that isn t an easy feat Matt is the major character here, and the one whose head we are in most often He is just so broken that when he begins to find happiness with Aaron I was nearly holding my breath hoping he wouldn t get hurt again He s a damaged character who evokes empathy and I sympathized with him throughout the story, knowing always where he was coming from Aaron is damaged as well but I won t go into the how or why s because I ll spoil a major reveal He is less fleshed out as we see him mostly through Matt s eyes but he s a balm to Matt and hard to resist Now that I know his secret I think I ll have to go back and reread a few scenes which will make them even poignant My only complaint is the writing style, which was sometimes too wordy and had me rereading passages a few times to get the gist of what the author was trying to say Much like the last m m book I reviewed, Resistance by LM Turner, this one left me feeling emotionally raw and satisfied and I can easily recommend it to anyone willing to get put through the emotional wringer After these two books I need to find me some fluff