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Winner Of The Bookvana Religious Fiction Award Alone And Betrayed, American Professor, Bonny Bryant Longs For A Haven Of Peace She Accepts A Position At A Small Christian College In Fort William, Scotland, Craving Escape From Her Painful Past The Passionate Love Which Develops When She Meets Fellow Professor And Sheep Farmer, Kieran MacDonell, Is Something She Never Anticipated Kieran Harbors A Deep Anger Toward God In The Face Of His Own Devastating Grief When Bonny Returns To New Mexico For Her Best Friend S Wedding, Her Former Fianc Reenters Her Life Four Thousand Miles Away, Kieran S Loneliness Draws Him To An Attractive Former StudentHow Will Bonny Decide Between Her Two Rivals Can They Set Aside The Past To Make Way For A Future Land Of My Dreams Spans The Distance Between New Mexico S High Desert Mountains And The Misty Scottish Highlands With A Timeless Story Of Overwhelming Grief, Undying Love, And Compelling Faith Reading Christian romance is always a pleasure, as you know the scenes will not be overly explicit Author Norma Gail comes through, yet still manages to fill Land of My Dreams with many sigh worthy scenes that will nourish a romantic heart without offending one s Christian values Set in beautiful Scotland, this novel fills a reader s mind with scenes of the lovely countryside, described in such detail that a reader feels they are there The characters are both charming and flawed, suffering from emotional wounds that have drawn their previous faith into the depths of doubt Their healing depends on their choices.There are various twists in the plot that take a reader by surprise, but the ending is satisfying While I was caught up in this story, at times it dragged Rather than 400 plus pages, 300 would have been sufficient to tell the story The biggest area of interrupting the reading flow was the excessive use of the Gaelic language While a little goes a long way, too much becomes distracting I ended up leaping over passages and ignoring it Having a Gaelic guide for translation at the end of the book was not helpful, especially when you re using a kindle Overall, a sweet story with a faith building message of putting the Lord first in our lives. Land of my Dreams by Norma GailAmerican Professor Bonny Bryant leaves her home in the high desert mountains of New Mexico and travels to the beautiful misty Scottish Highlands to heal from painful memories However, she soon learns that those memories followed her there Will she find healing or heartache Sheep farmer and professor Kieran MacDonell has his own painful memories Can he let them go and allow God to heal his heart or forever grieve I love the detailed descriptions of the beautiful Scottish countryside and felt as if I was right there The characters face challenges and overwhelming grief that ultimately brings doubts in their faith walk The healing they so desperately seek depends on the choices they make There are some surprising twists, unexpected crisis and dangers, as well as romance and love, second chances and an ending that is heartwarming However, I found the story dragged a bit, especially in the middle, but picked up toward the ending The use of the Gaelic language was interesting but became a bit much at times There is a Gaelic translation guide at the end of the book, but I found it a bit distracting from the story to keep flipping to the guide I received a copy of this book from the author publisher no monetary gain were exchanged , this is my honest review 4.5 out of 5 stars for Land of My Dreams, a contemporary Christian Romance, by debut author Norma Gail I truly enjoyed this book with its sweeping vistas from New Mexico to Scotland and even to Afghanistan I was hooked as soon as I started reading, finding myself able to relate to both Bonny, who is running away from her past, and Kieran, who cannot break free of his past Sometimes, I do not always care for either the heroine or the hero in a Christian romance, but that certainly wasn t the case with this book I was equally invested in both Bonny and Kieran, who both felt real from their struggles to their love for each other and I was cheering them on, not only in their love for each other but also as they struggled to heal in their relationships to God Because I have read many, many books set in Scotland, one of the most irritating things for me is when I come across scenes stuffed with Scottish clich s or characters who feel like they are carbon copies of Scotty from Star Trek Therefore, I was extremely relieved to find those clich s and Scotty were absent from Land of My Dreams There are definitely kilts but only when appropriate such as during the local Highland Games , Scottish burrs, and Scots Gaelic slipping into conversations, but it feels natural and not like the author randomly shoved some Scots Gaelic words to make the book or characters Scottish You can certainly tell that Norma Gail has a deep respect for Scotland and her varied inhabitants The influence of her own experiences in Scotland brings that extra touch of authenticity to her book.A big, big bonus for me was how the beta couple s were treated in this book Some romance books can have tunnel vision and focus only on the main couple and maybe the villain rival, leaving the potential threads of the beta couples undeveloped or they and the rest of the background characters come across as flat one dimensional mock ups compared to the fully fleshed out main couple But, I did not find that to be the case with Land of My Dreams Instead, I just as excited about the beta couples who have their own little underlying storylines and in one case, not so little as I was about Kieran and Bonny Norma Gail spent just as much time breathing life into the background and secondary characters as she did the main characters, which was an absolute delight to read I highly recommend this book for enthusiasts of Scotland, New Mexico, Christian Romance, and those who have enjoyed the works of other big names for Christian books set in Scotland such as Michael Phillips.Note I received an ARC of Land of My Dreams due to being a beta reader for Norma Gail I was not paid to read the book nor was I paid to write a positive review My review is my own opinion. I m the writer s cousin Well, our grandmother s were sisters, you figure that out Not only that, I m an engineer much comfortable with an Aubrey Maturin novel or a James Michener tome in my lap, not to mention Stephen King To me, romance books were those things with Fabio on the cover that I never bothered to pick up.Not this one.I can identify with a professor in New Mexico, having been one in Colorado, and making a decision to try something different someplace else for a year You just never know what might happen, and by golly, Bonny Bryant didn t either You leave a totally known present for a future in which, at best, you know only a few people It is in the meeting and relating to and with these people that this novel unfolds, at first slowly and then as the tangential but significant co relationships unwind It is not a linear tree of relationships but, in that scientific mind of mine, an interlinking of Venn diagrams made of spheres each sphere a world of its own and their intersections and unions providing as deep and complex a world as Norma wishes you to enter.Norma develops some characters to a great level of complexity in the short span of this book and deals not only with the typical family life and history things but artfully crafts the gaining, loss and re gaining of a deep Christian faith, then goes on to show, without directly explaining, what we Christians forget that it is we who leave God not He who leaves us If you have chosen not to be a Christian, you can still enjoy the book for its romance and you can also appreciate the Venn sphere of Christianity and its intersection union of a different fashion with each of the characters and each of the subplots Thinking this story out was not a mere outline, but must have driven her crazy at times The descriptions of Scotland are overwhelming I am ready to pack my bag and head for Skye right now, except I don t have anything to use to pay for a ticket and hitchhiking would be a bit dicey I was also reminded of our own family history as it grew in New Mexico quite similarly to the MacDonnell clan and their sheep cattle feuds There is also an added element of a continuing family clan feud, leaving a lot of speculation at the end of the book if you want to go that way, and the grounds for her next novel of Scotland and the MacDonnell family, which I hope will be coming very soon.