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Being A Princess Isn T All ThatYou Ve Heard The Fairy Tale A Glass Slipper, Prince Charming, Happily Ever After Welcome To Reality Royal Genealogy Lessons, Needlepoint, Acting Like A Proper Lady, And Worst Of All A Prince Who Is Not The Least Bit Interesting, And Certainly Not Charming As Soon To Be Princess Ella Deals With Her New Found Status, She Comes To Realize She Is Not Your Majesty Material But Breaking Off A Royal Engagement Is No Easy Feat, Especially When You Re Crushing On Another Boy In The Palace For Ella To Escape, It Will Take Intelligence, Determination, And Spunk And No Ladylike Behavior Allowed

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    A feminist retelling of Cinderella, that could have used a likable Cinderella and a plausible plot, but that proved itself to be an entertaining read Happy to see a fairy tale character that does NOT want a prince.

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    We all know the classical tale of Cinderella or in this book Cinders Ella , so I m not going to restate it for you This book takes place as an after telling of what happens There was no fairy godmother or magic It was a fifteen year old girl in charge of her own future She went to the ball not to meet her future husband but to get a break from the hard life she had However rumors spread that she used magic because it is easier to believe than the prince falling in love with a commoner Princess, nobody can stop those rumors People would rather believe in fairy godmothersthan think that you took charge of your own destiny Once she starts living in the castle and is planning to marry the prince, she realizes this isn t the reality for her The royal family tries to mold her into their vision of a princess Ella s life becomes a meaningless schedule of princess education, which she fears she will never grasp She slowly realizes that when she agreed to marry the prince, she really didn t know him Through their two one hour sessions per week, she discovers that the prince doesn t have a single personal thought and he doesn t love her He was encouraged to marry her because she was the most beautiful girl in the land and he needed to be married before 21.My favorite part of this story was hearing about how Ella got to the ball without a fairy godmother How she was able to wear a beautiful gown, arrive in a coach, and wear glass slippers.This was a super interesting after telling and I am glad I read it I was able to finish the book within 24 hours, it was such a fast read

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    I ll never get tired of rereading this book

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    When I read the synopsis, I thought this book sounded kind of like The Princess Diaries, which I love, so I was pretty excited to read Just Ella Sadly, it became pretty clear after the first few pages that this book wasn t what I was hoping it would be.This book had one of the most annoying main characters that I ve ever read She was whiny and dumb As the reader I picked up on things way quicker than Ella did and I had to wait pages for her to catch up.The other characters were so poorly written Most of the side characters were intentionally horrible to Ella and they re mean in the most ridiculous ways Right away, Ella gets in major trouble just for starting her own fire early in the morning because she was cold It s so over the top and laughable.There was clich after clich all though out this book The girl power was weak and not empowering at all And I was mildly bored though out the whole book.I think with some work, this book could be turned into something awesome But overall, Just Ella wasn t for me.

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    Reads like a twelve year old wrote it Inconsistent, whiny, and altogether unlikeable main character.

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    Don t let the cover mislead you This book is not set in modern times What I liked so much about the book was that Ella had a lot umph to her than the other Cinderellas I ve encountered in other books.

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    First off, I was amazed on how fast I got through this book, mostly because of the easy flow of the dialogue and story I read this in one sitting, and not the kind of sitting on a lazy afternoon I went to bed to read, open this up and did not go to sleep until I was done.The Cinderella character Ella is both strong and witty, with a desire and innocent to change her world as well as comprehend ideas she does not understand Reading between the lines, I think this book is a good commentary and almost satire on the rituals of court life and courtly love The Charming s castle and customs almost mirror the strange practices of European royalty such as Henry the VII or Marie Antoinette Also the story doesn t have its classical happy endings I was rather disappointed that Ella did not get the complete desired revenge on her stepfamily Her stepsister marries the prince after Ella escapes However, Ella is fines her real reward in helping others, persevering, and finding true love, instead of the inflated fantasy of a fairy tale princess.

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    This book started out in the middle of the traditional Cinderella story Ella is engaged to the prince However, she soon finds out that her fairytale ending may not be what she really wants At first I tried to like this book But it was so obvious with the character cliche I quote a review on Even the I am woman, hear me roar attitude might have been tolerable if the other characters weren t so obvious Charming, being a handsome member of the upper class, is an airhead Jed, being of the lower classes and having to work, is of course a wonderful person And a social activist Will someone gag me with a glass slipper E.A SolinasTotally agree 100%If that was not bad enough the ending was worse She builds up all these characters and then the ending just well. ends with little wrap up I kinda hoped that there would be a second at first but I fear that I would be very unhappy with it as well I gave it 2 stars It has some redeeming qualities and some good humor but overall is not a book that I would ever read again or recommend.

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    A retelling of Cinderella story, without fairy Godmother and the magic pumpkin I like the author s imagination in putting this story with a reality touch.In this story, Cinders Ella, mistaken by Cinderella, or Ella Brown her real name lives in the palace, engages to Prince Charming, and waiting for her wedding day While she s waiting she is supposed to learn everything she needs to know to be a worthy wive and a mother of their kids Ella gets bored And one night, when she was alone in her chamber, miserable and lonely, she finds out that she doesn t love Prince Charming And the so called Prince Charming, turns out to be un charming after all I like this story Especially when Ella told her plan and strategy to go to the ball How she got her glass slippers, her dress, even the carriage which took her to the castle There s no fairy godmother after all, let alone the magic pumpkin and the scene where mice turned into horses.

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    sighs You can t call a book feminist if the MC regularly shames fat women Get your shit together.