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Davy Lives Alone With His Father But The Truth Is, It Isn T Much Of A Home When Things Get So Bad That Davy Decides To Run Away, His Big Question Is, Where And How Will He Live The Magical Answer Anywhere Davy Wants Davy Discovers He Has The Power To Jump From One Place To Another Not Just A Few Feet But Hundreds, Even Thousands Of Miles And As Davy Explores His New Power He Learns That The World Is Literally His For The Taking But There Are Consequences Too, As Davy Will Learn

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    I ve wanted to read this ever since I watched the Jumper movie Teleportation movies and books are always fun The biggest surprise is that this book was nothing like the movie The only thing they had in common was the teleporting main character This was a surprisingly dark sci fi that spent time pondering moral dilemmas and exploring Davey s emotional reaction to the various mishaps that befell him than it did on action sequences The action and the pace did pick up a bit towards the end Davey was a tortured soul with a bit of bitterness about him, but for all his faults he was mostly likable Overall this was an enjoyable sci fi read worth a 4 star rating I ll definitely read the rest of the books in the series at some point.Audio Note The ever reliable Macleod Andrews gave a decent performance.

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    It s actually interesting to note the timing for my reading of this book I d just finished Larry Correia s Hard Magic and jumped pun intended right into Jumper by Steven Gould, the new SFWA president I absolutely loved Hard Magic and Correia s book dealt with a wide variety of different magics, from the Pale Horse who can make people die to the Heavies who can use magic to move objects and much as we find out and even teleports who can disappear and appear anywhere they want Jumper, on the other hand, only deals with one power, teleportation How could this book even compete And yet as complicated and well thought out as Hard Magic is, even going so far as to explain what happens when you teleport into a bug it melds with your skin and really hurts , Jumper was an excellent story in its simplicity Jumper explains some of the nuances of the powers of teleportation, but not nearly as in depth as Correia I know, even with all the other powers it deals with.Davy learns about his powers through some pretty brutal circumstances His dad is an alcoholic who regularly beats him, but in the middle of one episode, he suddenly jumps away to his local library From there, he decides not to go back, but that doesn t mean he understands or even knows how to use his newfound skills Davy gets into trouble out on his own with scumbags who try to rape him and again he accidentally teleports out of the situation and back to the library.And so begins Davy s use of his powers and his fledgling understanding of what he is able to do This, this right here, is the genius of this story I can t imagine finding myself with these powers, especially at a young age and with such brutal circumstances, but I m sure it would be something very similar to this Okay, with a few less problems because not everyone encounters one problem after the next, but overall it works so well.I m also happy to report that the book is leaps and bounds better than the movie With such a cool premise and such great previews, how did that movie suck so much Oh yeah, they got the worst actor in the world to be the lead.On the topic of the movie, if you are one of the poor souls who sat through it it did have it s moments of not being terrible I have to admit , the movie follows the book pretty well for the most part although there are some things that are added view spoiler such as the other people who can also jump hide spoiler

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    JumperBy Steven GouldA Retroview by Eric AllenWhen this book came out, back in 1992, I was in my teens, had just finished the latest installment of The Wheel of Time, and I was looking for something else to read So, I did the thing that all geeks do, and asked the librarian for a recommendation She handed me Jumper with a wink and told me that I had better hurry because the book was about to be banned at that library Being a teenaged boy at the time, these were the exact words needed to sell me on it And I must say, I was really blown away by it It was a book written for someone my age, that wasn t afraid to treat me like an adult, showing such things as homosexual child rape, child abuse, alcoholism, graphic terrorist attacks, and it even used the dreaded F word like FOUR WHOLE TIMES No wonder that behind Catcher in the Rye, it is the most banned children s book in history A fact that the author is extraordinarily proud of.When I heard that a movie was going to be made of this book I was extremely excited Given the post 911 sentiments in the United States toward terrorism, I had been crossing my fingers and hoping that this book would get a movie adaptation You can t know how incredibly disappointed I was when I left the theater The movie has a kid named Davy in it, who can teleport, and there is where the similarities between the two end The movie is COMPLETELY different from the book They re not even close to the same story It is as if the Filmmakers heard two or three sentences about the basic premise of the book, and then decided to toss out everything else And to make matters worse, Davy, a childhood hero of mine, was played by the miraculous walking, talking piece of wood himself, Haydin Christiansen Talk about adding insult to injury Where the movie is about a complete douche canoe abusing his gifts and rightly being chased and punished for it, the book is about a child abuse victim learning to come to terms with life, and the murder of his mother all while kicking terrorist ass with his magic teleporting powers.Jumper begins with Davy, a child who has spent the entirety of his life being verbally and physically abused by his alcoholic father When his mother left, unable to deal with the abuse she suffered any, it only got worse for him Feeling abandoned by the only person in the world who ever cared for him, and left with the man who frequently beat him bloody, Davy finally finds escape when he discovers his ability to Jump, or teleport, to any place that he has previously been, and can remember well enough to picture in his mind He runs far away and tries to make a new life for himself But it s not easy for a seventeen year old out on his own, with no money or identification Out of desperation, he finally decides that the only way he can survive is to rob a bank using his powers This happens in the movie as well, one of the few similarities between the two However, where Davy s desperate circumstances and real need are deeply delved into in the book, and he is forced to steal the money just to survive, promising to himself one day to pay it back, something he actually, eventually does, the one in the movie uses it to live like a king and abuse his powers He doesn t even really seem in all that big a need for cash He s still living at home when he steals it.When he meets a girl named Millie whom he falls in love with over the course of the rest of the novel not at first sight, thank god he finds someone who is willing to listen to his story, all of the horrible, terrible things that he has had to live through, and has kept pent up inside himself his entire life She urges him to seek out his mother, and he does just that view spoiler Only to see her blown to bits in a terrorist attack on live TV shortly thereafter When he finally manages to pull himself out of the jaws of his crushing grief, he vows vengeance Against his father for driving his mother away in the first place Against the terrorists for taking her from him And against all of life s petty bullies And in the end he must learn to rise above it all, put his horrible past behind him, and look forward to the future lest he become the very monster he wishes to fight against hide spoiler

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    Executive Summary A cool concept that is uneven in its execution This is one that really needs a half star rating as it s 3.5 than 3, but not good enough to get a 4.Audio book Macleod Andrews is a pretty good narrator He does some voices and accents This is a good way to do the book, but not a must listen Full Review I watched the movie and liked the concept, but little else As a result I picked up the audiobook when it was a daily deal on Audible.The book is definitely better, but it s pretty uneven The start was a bit dark for my liking It s definitely got some adult themes though nothing too graphic.My main issue is the protagonist is often unlikable Now this isn t bad writing on my Mr Gould s part In fact the actions and anger of Davy makes total sense given his age and background I just found it a bit wearing by the end.I do wonder what I would do if I was in Davy s position Maybe I m judging him too harshly Being a teenager is trying under even the best circumstance I imagine The book alternates between fun coming of age romance and darker issues of both Davy s past family issues and the larger implications of his abilities in the world.I will likely continue on with the series, but I m not in a rush to do so.

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    Davy Rice has a special gift the ability to transport himself to any spot he wants, which he discovers when being beaten by his abusive father or about to be raped by a long haul trucker He flees his small town, moving to NY, where he settles down after jumping into a bank and taking almost 1 million He falls in love with a college student in Oklahoma, and eventually decides to find his mother, who deserted him But, disaster strikes and Davy begins to use his gift to find the culprit, drawing the unwanted attention of the NSA and NY Police Department Improbable, of course, but Davy is a moral, sensitive protagonist, dealing with complex issues.

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    This book is definitely a favorite Jumper is a tale of David Rice, who realizes his special ability to jump from one place to another, and his trials of life It begins with his first jump, after escaping a drunkard dad, and describes his journey through New York as a 17 year old with nothing but the money he came with As the story progresses, conflicts arise, from a relationship to advoiding the grasp of the government, and then it all brings about changes to David, with clarity on the limits of his jumping abilities, and emotional mental progress he doesnt realize is there It s a touching and gripping story that remains to be seen as a 17 year old boy s life, only with a special ability Unlike many other books of this genre, Steven Gould brings about life and a sense of real ness in David I give this book an outstanding rating for its authors capabilities and its grand story.

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    This is marketed as a science fiction novel, but it s really a superhero story But a superhero story written as a serious science fiction novel, in which the premise is that the superhero is the only one of his kind Ever thought Yeah, superpowers in reality would change the world, not just lead to a bunch of costumed gangs beating on each other in the streets of New York This book explores that a little, though Davy, our would be hero, doesn t change the world, much.Davy is a teleporter By the usual standards of superhero teleporters, he s very powerful he soon learns he can teleport anywhere he s been before, anywhere in the world, in literally a blink He can also teleport other objects and people with him, and when he experiments with velocity i.e jumping off of cliffs and teleporting , he learns there are some weird nullification of momentum effects as well.Davy s powers drive the book, but Davy s history and personality make it a book about a guy with a superpower than a book about a superpower Davy s father is a violent alcoholic, and he discovers his power for the first time when he jumps away from a beating Then he runs away, and uses his power for the second time to escape a bunch of would be rapist truck drivers.Here and a couple of other places are where the author gets a bit cliched yokel lowlife truck drivers that seem to have walked off the set of Deliverance, there is some soapboxing about freedom and government abuse of authority when Davy winds up crossing the NSA, and they find out about his powers, and a few ruminations on how terrible it is to be poor and or homeless as callous rich people walk past you Davy is hardly perfect, though he is generally benevolent and tries to do good with his powers, but that s after pretty much the first thing he does, once he figures them out, is empty a bank vault.Davy is flawed and human and kind of annoying He is very realistic as a child of abuse, compounded by the issue of a runaway mother, so in this sense his broken ness was understandable, but it also made him kind of a wimp, and while I suppose his fumbling, adolescent infatuation with his older girlfriend was also believable, it made me wince Jumper gets interesting as Davy finds himself drawn into a cat and mouse game with terrorists and the NSA The latter is a pet peeve of mine, which also showed the author s biases and ignorance the NSA does not chase US citizens around on US soil Even if they are considered terrorists, that would be a job for the FBI And it was a bit Stephen King ish with the government playing the usual role of sinister, unsympathetic Men In Black Davy even references Firestarter explicitly, which is another thing that made the book great Davy is pretty genre savvy I really liked the book, despite not much liking Davy It s a great story that tries to take a realistic view of what would happen to someone who s the only super powered person so far as he knows in the world, and the human interaction makes it much than an action adventure story.

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    Well, this is a rare situation where the movie was better than the book In fact, the writers of the script decided the book was too dull and changed the plot about 75% The book is pretty dull the main character, who I could not help but visualize as a wimpy darth vader, basically sat around crying the whole time while his way too old hot girlfriend held him and then had sex with him he stopped It had a lot of promise as demonstrated by the movie but it just bogged down the personality of the main character who jumped around trying to work out his dysfunctional childhood Obviously there is some kind of broken family, alcoholic, domestic violence message here, but I was not prepared for it, and it was way to repetitive This book was sold as escapist sci fi In that respect it fails It is akin to a Lifetime channel movie drama with teleportation Even in that respect it fails because the story is just not that interesting, and I failed to really sympathize with the protagonist I should probably give it one star, but I usually reserve that ranking for books I throw down in discussed But I actually finished this one, in part because I kept waiting for the paladins from the movie to show up Humbug.

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    first read in early 90sI love Love LOVE this book I first read it when it FIRST came out in 1992 and I ve read it at least 4 5 times since then.So, when they announced there d be a movie, I was exstatic Then they started publicizing changes Changes Why It s PERFECT just the way it is Regardless, I went to see it the premier weekend, on Feb 16, 2008 Grrrr I left steamed I saw a very few movies in theatres in 2008 Jumper made me mad, The Mist had me frothing at the mouth and I predicted the end to The Happening as soon as we figured out what was causing the weirdness and still can t figure out why this movie got an R rating.Oh, well Maybe next year re read 10 27 2011re read 3 9 2013 now I have it with Reflex Shade as e book Jumpersre read 4 15 2015

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    I call it science fiction though the jumping is probably fantasy, but the book is treated like SF The original book, not the novelisation for the movie, was heart wrenching, funny, fast paced, poignant, and so very real in all the good ways, as the teen protagonist discovers he can teleport from place to place, at first to escape his abusive dad Then he wants to do good and discovers that there are consequences from both sides.I m sorry that the movie appears to have removed all the heart from it, leaving just the violence, without much motivation, judging from the novelization that appeared afterward No doubt many readers liked it, but that was not my cuppa.