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Neighbours Hah People D Live For Ages Side By Side, Nodding At One Another Amicably On Their Way To Work, And Then Some Trivial Thing Would Happen And Someone Would Be Having A Garden Fork Removed From Their Ear Throughout History, There S Always Been A Perfectly Good Reason To Start A War Never So If It Is Over A Strategic Piece Of Old Rock In The Middle Of Nowhere It Is After All Every Citizen S Right To Bear Arms To Defend What They Consider To Be Their Own Even If It Isn T And In Such Pressing Circumstances, You Really Shouldn T Let Small Details Like The Absence Of An Army Or Indeed The Money To Finance One Get In The Way Of A Righteous Fight With All The Attendant Benefits Of Out And Out Nationalism

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    War, huh, yeahWhat is it good forAbsolutely nothingWar, huh, yeahWhat is it good forAbsolutely nothingSay it again, why all Edwin Starr Gen rals gathered in their masses,Just like witches at black massesEvil minds that plot destruction,Sorcerer of death s constructionIn the fields the bodies burning,As the war machine keeps turningDeath and hatred to mankind,Poisoning their brainwashed mindsOh Lord yeah Ozzy Ohhh Great warrior Wars not make one great YodaWar on the Discworld.Sir Terry Pratchhett s satire on war and all things warlike from the martial to the blindly jingoistic was a lot of fun Seems a lost and forgotten island bubbles up from the depths in waters contested between Klatch and Anhk Morpork and both sides are quick to let the fans of discord blow them to extremes.More than just a parody of war, Pratchett examines the unhealthy but apparently primal urges of some to lean that way despite all sense otherwise Pratchett s character Lord Rust sees to embody all that is nonsensical about the us versus them populist rhetoric We also get to meet 71 Hour Ahmed, one of Pratchett s most memorable Discworld players.I also very much enjoyed the Lovecraft references.For Discworld fans and for Pratchett fans everywhere.

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.9 11 Jingo by Terry PratchettBack in the day, I randomly grabbed a copy of one of Pratchett s books as I bulked up my reading list for the next day when my vacation started I woke up to 9 11 and the news of the four hijacked planes Shocked and stressed, with the news playing in its continual loop in the background, I started reading Jingo having no idea what the book was about, only that I needed something to distract me I certainly didn t distract as I immediately saw the paralells, instead it helped me get through that week a little sanely, a big scoop of anger taken out of me I ll always be thankful to Pratchett for that.

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    Why are our people going out there said Mr Boggis of the Thieves Guild Because they are showing a brisk pioneering spirit and seeking wealth and additional wealth in a new land, said Lord Vetinari What s in it for the Klatchians said Lord Downey Oh, they ve gone out there because they are a bunch of unprincipled opportunists always ready to grab something for nothing, said Lord Vetinari Wazir comes from Smale, you see, said Carrot And Mr Goriff comes from Elharib, and the twocountries only stopped fighting ten years ago Religious differences Ran out of weapons said Vimes Ran out of rocks, sir They ran out of weapons last century Vimes shook his head That always chews me up, he said People killing one another just because their gods have squabbled Oh, they ve got the same god, sir Apparently it s over a word in their holy book, sir The Elharibians say it translates as god and the Smalies say it s man How can you mix them up Well, there s only one tiny dot difference in the script, you see And some people reckon it s only a bit of fly dirt in any case Centuries of war because a fly crapped in the wrong place It could have been worse, said Carrot If it had been slightly to the left the word would have been liquorice On consideration, I would say Jingo is my 2nd favourite book of the Ankh Morportk City Watch series right after Night Watch and my 3rd favourite in the complete Discworld series after Night Watch and Hogfather It was due to this book I decided that I want Sir Samuel Vimes as my literary husband I am truly sorry, Mr Darcy, but you just have to move on In any case, you have Lizzy Bennet and the adoration of the rest of the world to console you and yes, we can still be friends and my secret crush for Vetinari started And if I were an educational authority preferably with international competence, I would make all the politicians of the world read it and discuss it in class and write essays about it and if they scored higher than C , then and only then would I allow them to hold office of any kind But it is wishful thinking as well as longing for Vetinaris and Sam Vimeses in the world.In Jingo Terry Pratchett is actually waging a bitter and deeply sad one man war against nationalism, racism, religious fundamentalism, territorialism and all kinds of nasty ISMS invented by men and he does it the way he knows best by making you laugh out loud and think And there is no better way to do it, in my book anyway.

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    The Complete Discworld RereadI am a Granny Weatherwax guy With no hesitation You ask me which Pratchett story arc is the best and I will yell to the world how awesome the witches of Lancre are But I got a dirty secret it wasn t always this way to me Granny is the other woman, the one I left my first love for Before I fell in love with Granny, I was a city watch man through and through Reading Jingo again has reminded me exactly why.It is not the best book of the Discworld series, not by a long shot Even against the other city watch books it probably sits in, well, bottom half for sure Behind Guards Guards , Feet of Clay, and Night Watch definitely Been too long since I read The Fifth Elephant, but I remember it being pretty good too So, let s give it the fifth spot and go from there So the fourth or fifth best book in my second favorite subplot of a large series and I still flew through and gobbled up every damn word.A small, tactically worthless island appears out of nowhere between Ankh Morpork and Klatch Of course both sides claim it and suddenly peaceful relations turn sour A diplomatic mission from Klatch goes sour and soon enough war appears to be the only result But it should be over quickly right, just as soon as those foreign dogs get a taste of cold steel they will run to the hills, right Not the most subtle of book, but Pratchett is known to hide a single piccolo in a brass band If you are looking for the in jokes they are always there, but there are plenty of big jokes to play around with even if you don t see them This time we are dealing with national politics, war, racism and immigration, and of course, national jingoism.There is an early scene in this book that sums up everything I love about Pratchett, and it is only a few pages long But our good friends Colon and Nobby are watching the cities jingoistic sailors prepare for way, specifically a sign painter who has missed a letter e in the Pride of Ankh Morpork And while they wait for their minor schadenfreude Colon educates Nobby on the politics of the situation strait from the reliable sources of what some bloke told me in a pub Nobby sits and pokes holes in every amount of Colon s non PC argument by agreeing with in in a very telling way It is a conversation that could be held in any bar across the country and it is damn near perfect All tied together at the end by the two sharing a minor victory as the man painting his ship finds the mistake they have been watching for.At this point the City Watch as grown so large that only a few members get any actual development in the book, most just stick to their old roles or give a bit of comic relief Carrot is established at this point certainly not a king but a man people can t help but follow all the way to a foreign country if need be Sadly Angua may as well be invisible this is a rare Pratchett outing that forgets to give the female characters anything to do at all Nobbs learns a bit about love, and Vimes learns once again that he is bought and sold I had never before noticed that Vimes shows apparent growth in each book of his story arc, yet in each is in the exact same place by the end he just gets a new title or concession thrown his way after the Patrician is done pulling all the right strings well, wasn t the Patrician this time, but strings were still pulled.Not sure why I don t rate this one as high as some of the earlier ones Perhaps it is because all the watch is present but few have much to do The relative lack of Angua especially is missed It is very over the top in making its point this time around the Ankh Morporkians are so stupidly sure of themselves against their uncivilized neighbors it should be laughable if history didn t show people with that misplaced confidence time and again And of course the whole Vimes is in a rut thing is starting to show.But I liked it better than I remembered Humor Still top notch If you don t find a zombie catching rats and calling it a foreign disease hilarious you have no soul especially when you learn of the cure And who can forget rival street gangs putting their thumbs in their ears and chanting together a silly little nonsense Good stuff And I have always wondered where you find lowerglyphics, what it means when seaweed is wet, and why someone would carry around a life sized inflatable donkey I enjoyed Vimes new rival, 71 Hour Ahmed, who has a very unique way of keeping people off guard I was also fairly impressed about the eventual conclusion to the early stories crime the war itself came later Everyone suspects everyone, even themselves, and both sides wanted to claim the criminal as their own is a different type of thing.Not the best, but a solid entry.4 Stars

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    War War never changes.Unless you re talking about Discworld And then history tends to change based on what you had to eat and whether or not a football is involved And then, you need to remember the importance of knowing your neighbor s names.You know this second time reading this was much interesting than the first I simply had a much better time going to war There s nothing like a bit of stabby stabby or running away from a certain man of the watch dressed up like a woman to get the blood moving.Still, I have to say poor Vimes A dukedom The poor man

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    It was so much easier to blame it on Them It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us If it was Them, then nothing was anyone s fault If it was us, what did that make Me After all, I m one of Us I must be I ve certainly never thought of myself as one of Them No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them We re always one of Us It s Them that do the bad things Jingo is an anti war book in the guise of an absurdist farcical satire.I ve been working on getting though the Discworld books since I was sixteen, which is now exactly half my life ago Fitting that I am also now halfway through Terry Pratchett s most famous series of books, and just now really getting to the ones that start hitting harder Judging from this book, a Pratchett book will never be serious, but their silliness is and being undercut with a pathos that is riveting, an anger that drives the story That combo of laughter and rage is something I ve not found anywhere else but a Pratchett book And the the series goes on, the bolder he gets.The inciting incident of Jingo is a long lost island floating up from the middle of the Circle sea, right smack dab in the middle of Ankh Morpork and Klatch, and both nations claim ownership of it This leads, of course, to war Both nations start plotting and scheming But this isn t a war book like normal war books This is a book that backs ass backwards into war, after first lighting everything on fire and then everyone plays football British football, not American And I m being quite literal here.But really all of this is just an excuse for Captain Sam Vimes to get involved After all, if war is a crime, then who better to go after the criminals and stop it than a copper And he brings the whole Watch with him It s not just war that Pratchett sends up here He also takes jabs at racism, sexism, nationalism Lots of isms.I always have such a hard time writing about these books I don t know why Maybe it s just because they re so chock full of everything Characters, one liners, elaborately set up satirical gags Or maybe I just personally have a hard time writing about humor It s so ineffable.The only thing here is that I wasn t super in the mood for this type of book when I picked it up I put it down several times to read other books, and had a hard time picking it back up but always really enjoyed myself while reading Next time I pick one of these books up next up is The Last Continent, a Rincewind book, so I ve got to be extra in the mood for that I m gonna make sure I m in the mood I only have so much Pratchett left.

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    English Espa ol m s abajo This is the Spanish edition of Jingo, I ll try to write a review soon I haven t had much time lately and I have an awful lot of pending reviews In short go read it, every single Terry Pratchett book is worth your money and time especially this one since it s one of the best books in the Discworld series Even though each novel can be read as a standalone book, It s highly recommended to read the previous books of the Guards series to get to know the background of some characters. Pod s encontrar esta y otras rese as en mi blog Voto a Br os Es el cuarto libro de la saga de los Guardias mi saga favorita dentro de la locura que es Mundodisco y en l se empieza a notar el progreso de la guardia de Ankh Morpork en comparaci n con el primer libro Ya no est compuesta nicamente por el capit n Vimes, Colon y Nobby, sino que ahora es una verdadera fuerza integrada por miembros de todas las variedades de seres que habitan la ciudad m s poblada de Mundodisco golems, trolls, enanos, hombres lobo, g rgolas, e incluso zombies Esta enorme variedad de personajes le sirve a Pratchett para hacer lo que se le da mejor y lo que m s disfruto de sus novelas criticar los aspectos m s rid culos de las diferentes culturas y religiones, creando estereotipos absurdos, pero a la vez sumamente entretenidos de leer No considero ofensivas estas burlas, sino que por el contrario me parecen una forma bastante inteligente de criticar nuestra realidad sirvi ndose de criaturas fant sticas ese aspecto es lo que hace que Mundodisco sea una saga nica, diferente a cualquier historia de fantas a que vas a encontrar Los guardias son mis personajes favoritos justamente porque reflejan la variedad de culturas y costumbres que existen en el mundo, y como, cuando se dejan estas diferencias de lado, los seres humanos y los no tan humanos son capaces de alcanzar grandes cosas Volviendo a lo que es la trama, la misma cobra una mayor dimensi n cuando se investiga un poco busqu todo en Google, tremenda investigaci n al respecto Para escribir esta novela Pratchett se bas en un incidente ocurrido en 1830, en el cual una isla emergi en el Mar Mediterr neo y desat un conflicto entre Gran Breta a y otros pa ses de la zona para ver qui n anexaba la isla a su territorio A partir de esta premisa, el autor escribe una graciosa historia que se burla de las est pidas razones por las cuales se producen las guerras, como en este caso, un pedazo de tierra in til en todo sentido En esta novela, Pratchett tambi n se burla del nacionalismo extremo El t tulo de la novela en ingl s es Jingo, el cual es una abreviaci n de jingo smo , una idea de imperialismo basada en la expansi n violenta sobre otras naciones que surgi en Inglaterra a finales de la era victoriana Es una filosof a extremadamente racista e intolerante que en la novela es plasmada de manera brillante, poniendo de un lado a Klatch que se asemeja a un pa s rabe con todas sus costumbres que a nosotros nos resultan aberrantes y por el otro a Ankh Morpork, que vendr a a representar la civilizaci n occidental Hace falta una excusa para ir a la guerra dijo Nobby O sea, para qui n No vale con que vayas y digas T tienes montones de dinero y tierras pero yo tengo una espada muy grande as que ya est s d ndome lo m o, chop chop Es lo que yo dir a dijo el cabo Nobbs, estratega militar Y ni siquiera lo dir a hasta despu s de atacar Ah, pero eso es porque no sabes nada de pol tica dijo Colon Lo que me parece brillante de los libros de Mundodisco es que logra tocar todos estos temas sin hacerlo de forma aburrida y repartiendo para todos lados en los libros de Pratchett vas a encontrar cr ticas y burlas hacia absolutamente todos los aspectos de nuestra vida cotidiana a veces de forma bastante clara, como ocurre en esta novela, y otras veces de forma m s sutil, a trav s de peque as referencias y gui os a diferentes elementos de la cultura popular.En fin, como siempre me pasa al escribir acerca de un libro de Mundodisco, me resulta imposible calificarlo porque adoro esta saga Considero que son libros excelentes y muy recomendables para todo el mundo, sean o no fan ticos de las novelas de fantas a Por supuesto que hay algunos libros que no son tan graciosos como otros, e incluso hay algunos bastante flojos, pero es indudable que cada novela de Mundodisco es, como dice Neil Gaiman, un peque o milagro y rara vez la vas a pasar mal leyendo a Pratchett Voto a Br os es de los mejores libros que he le do hasta el momento dentro de esta enorme y divertid sima saga A pesar de que cada libro de Mundodisco se puede leer de manera independiente, en este caso recomiendo leer por lo menos los tres libros anteriores de la saga de los guardias para poder apreciar c mo evolucionan los personajes Para conocer los posibles rdenes de lectura de Mundodisco o cu les libros recomiendo leer para comenzar la saga, pod s consultar esta secci n del blog.

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    June 20, 2013 An ancient island appears halfway between Klatch and Anhk Porpork and a war is brewing Vimes and the Watch the Patrician, Leonardo, Nobbs and Colon and various other characters are all trying to avert or encourage the war for their various purposes I just love how Pratchett gets sharper in his satire, pointed, while retaining the slapstick In this case, it s an anti war book that manages to acknowledge why people want to have wars, even while coming up with a clever solution And I really just enjoyed the hell out of the character development of Nobbs Picking a favorite Pratchett character would be like picking a favorite child, that is, inadvisable for any reason But I appreciate that even characters who ve been present for quite a while can still be developed.I bought it.

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    I love this Discworld City Watch sub series Love the characters Commander Sam Vimes, Lord Vetinari, Captain Carrot, the troll Detritus, and the whole multi species gang of street patrollers About the title, from lspace Annotated Pratchett By jingo is an archaic, jocular oath, of obscure origin, used in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries The word with derived forms such as jingoism and jingoistic became associated with aggressive, militaristic nationalism as a result of a popular song dating from the Turko Russian war of 1877 78, which began We don t want to have to fight, but by Jingo if we do We ve got the ships, we ve got the men, we ve got the money too This book s satire is focused on empire building and patriotism, with martial law in Ankh Morpork, and the patriotic Morporkians warring on Klatchian sands Parody comes complete with cultural stereotype boiled eyeballs, anyone , xenophobia, camels, deserts, and feuding desert tribes Where s the oil This cartoon by Tom Gauld sums it up Funny dialogue, especially between Colon and Nobbs Page 29 The Klatchians invented nothingThey came up with zero and that s even worse than nothing I loved the scene that unfolded when Lord Vetinari sent the stymied Sam Vimes a letter with only his title on it Sir Samuel Vimes, Knight Really enjoyed the hysterical dialogue between Nobby and Colon, while Vetinari an unwilling audience And the storm at sea, with Vimes refusing to shorten sail or batten down Poor Jenkins But I never understood what whose magic caused that storm Really enjoyed the scenes when Vimes and Carrot met the desert warriors, and Jabbar the not chief And the scenes with Vimes and 71 Hour Ahmed Great scene towards the end, in the Rats Council, with Lord Rust, Mr Slant the slimy solicitor, Vetinari, Vimes, etc.This book is also about football foot the ball soccer and submarines Going Under the Water Safely Device It s about gender roles, stubborn mules, and flying carpets Old school, old rule, and the oldest of murders fratricide Quibbles Sometimes the inner commentary bogs down the pace Some puns have me rolling my eyes Also, Pratchett makes too many jokes about fat people Willikins the butler joins the militia in this book his immature gullible behavior seemed quite out of character in the sequels, especially In Thud and Snuff.Also see Jingo illustration, created by Marc Simonetti, here Series Here are the Discworld books about the City Watch and its commander Sam Vimes, in reading order Guards Guards 1989 Theatre of Cruelty free online, only 4 pages Men at Arms 1993 Feet of Clay 1996 Jingo 1997 The Fifth Elephant 1999 Night Watch 2002 Thud 2005 Snuff 2011 Series links at Oh and Unseen Academicals 2009 is not really City Watch, but a few characters overlap.Related Modernization Series Also, there are some spin off books that cross over with the City Watch sub series These books introduce new fangled notions to the twin cities of Ankh Morpork The books feature con man turned hero, Moist Von Lipvig, and a few characters from the City Watch Going Postal describes the invention and proliferation of postage stamps loved it and Making Money, depicts the creation of paper money to replace gold also very good Then there is Raising Steam, where Lord Vetinari makes Moist Von Lipvig introduce the steam train to the City, making it popular and profitable Pratchett s last book in the series, and a little weak Also, The Truth depicts the invention of a printing press and the subsequent introduction of widespread newspapers into society Satire deals with the wholesale acceptance of lies when ink validated William de Worde he he is the city s first investigative journalist, sleuthing out possible murder and a plot to overthrow Lord Vetinari This book does not feature Moist Von Lipvig, but it has some City Watch characters Finally, Moving Pictures introduces the film industry to the eager citizens of Ankh Morpork This book does not include Moist Von Lipvig I didn t care as much for it, but it s brimming with satire and some scenes are great.

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    Ankh Morpork Goes to War5 April 2016 I have to admit that I m quite surprised that I have now read 21 of the Discworld books Okay, that actually isn t much of an effort where I m concerned considering that for some inexplicable reason I ended ploughing through a large majority of the Xanth books, and also pretty much read every Forgotten Realms book and a few Dragonlance books as soon as they hit the shelves Okay, after doing English Literature at university I must admit that my taste in books has changed quite a lot since then, however it is always good to read something that is not all that serious, and Discworld certainly fits the bill Mind you, it isn t as if the Discworld novels would fall into the category of mindless pulp since Pratchett does a really good job a satirising the modern world Okay, the Simpsons also did that, but I have to admit that the Simpsons really started to get to me because, well, it was way too close to home, and in such circumstances the satire probably doesn t work as well For instance there are a number of characters in the Simpsons such as Reverend Lovejoy that I simply could not stand namely because there are people that are quite like him However Futurama worked a lot better, namely because it was set three thousand years in the future, and the harsh realities of our world were softened by the fact that the satire was set in an unfamiliar place Such is also the case with Discworld Anyway Jingo is about going to war Not any sort of war, but a war that is based on the pride of a nation It isn t one of those wars were a power will invade simply because the region has something they want, but rather because a nation has been slighted by another nation that they don t particularly like and as such they need to do something to save face In all honesty it s actually human nature we do that in our individual lives If somebody makes us look silly in front of all our peers the we automatically want to respond in kind Some of us will simply reply with a classic comeback, while others of us, who are not capable of such a feat, will usually respond in anger Such is the case with Anhk Morpork A chunk of rock suddenly appears in the ocean halfway between them and the nation of Klatch which seems to be the Middle East, though it sort of has a Turkish flavour to it though for all we know it could simply be France they don t have pubs, they have beer gardens Neither nation manages to lay claim to it before the other, so the tensions begin to ratchet up This comes to ahead when one of the princes of Klatch is shot in the foot during a parade, and suddenly both nations want to go to war The problem is that Ankh Morpork doesn t have an army it s not good for business because if you attack somebody then they aren t going to want to buy anything off you However they simply can t let Klatch have a chunk of rock because, well, they will lose face Once again he have the night watch, but when Ventinari steps down as ruler of Ankh Morpork, and Vimes is given extended leave because he sort of has this habit of digging to deep and exposing the political machinations that are going on behind the scenes, they suddenly find themselves on a boat two actually , with Ventinari s pet inventor Leonard of Quirm guess who he is on their way to Klatch to launch a pre emptive strike with pretty much no army Of course Ventinari does manage to get out of this mess because, well, he is the very definition of cunning I would suggest that the definition of cunning in the dictionary would have a picture of him next to it, but unfortunately I think somebody beat him to it Oh, Nobby Nobbs also gets in touch with his feminine side, and develops a longing for a relationship not that a suitable partner reveals herself Mind you, this is the guy, despite the fact that he is the only one left in the nightwatch after everybody else resigns, is still passed over for promotion You sort of feel sorry for him.