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[EPUB] ✹ Jaco Pastorius: Jazz Play-Along Volume 116 Autor Jaco Pastorius –

Jazz Play Along For Use With All Bb, Eb, C And Bass Clef Instruments, The Jazz Play Along Series Is The Ultimate Learning Tool For All Jazz Musicians With Musician Friendly Lead Sheets, Melody Cues And Other Split Track Choices On The Included CD, This First Of Its Kind Package Helps You Master Improvisation While Playing Some Of The Greatest Tunes Of All Time FOR STUDY, Each Tune Includes A Split Track With Melody Cue With Proper Style And Inflection Professional Rhythm Tracks Choruses For Soloing Removable Bass Part Removable Piano Part FOR PERFORMANCE, Each Tune Also Has An Additional Full Stereo Accompaniment Track No Melody Additional Choruses For SoloingSongs The Chicken Come On, Come Over Continuum Havona Liberty City Punk Jazz River People Teen Town Three Views Of A Secret Used To Be A Cha Cha

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    For any fans or serious students of Jaco Pastorious this book and CD are and excellent addition to any student of jazz or Jaco Pastoriuos.

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    Jaco s music will span the ages, no doubt This instructional guide is good for learning the notes he played on the selected song list Butno Jaco Musicians on the accompaning CD are excellent in thier reproductions Butno Jaco Something to aspire to though Good for what it is Thanks

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    Almost all of the tunes are written in treble clef which defeats the purpose of buying a playalong book for bass I ve put it away on the shelf and haven t touched it not happy with it Not that I can t read treble clef I m fluent at it , but I wanted to focus on my bass clef abilities.

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    Attn bass players No bass cleff included, BUT If you turn to the Eb parts, add three flats to the key signature and read the notes where they are on the staff as in Bass Clef, you will be good to go.