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What Does God Have To Say About That Man In My Life Does God Really Speak About The Choice Of A Husband Will That Best Guy Friend Of Mine Ever See Me That Way Is There Really Such A Thing As A Match Made In Heaven Maybe You Find Yourself Asking These Questions They Might Even Predominate Your Thoughts And Prayers You May Be Wondering If The Answers You Re Hearing Really Are From Heaven And, If So, What To Do About It If You Find Yourself Single And Hopeful About A Particular Man S Potential In Your Life, Then This Might Be The Book For You If You Counsel Single Women, This Book Could Serve As An Effective Guide For One On One Conversation As Well As Group Discussion And StudyBible Based And Candid, Practical And Accessible, Rohrer Peppers This Book With True Life Stories As She Explores Commonly Asked Questions About What May Be One Of The Most Important Decisions In A Woman S LifeAPTER TITLES INCLUDE Hearing From HeavenWho S That Talking Defining The RelationshipThings You Can Be Sure God Is SayingHow God Helps Sort The LaundryKicking The Best Friend HabitHealing For The HeartsickHow To Know If He S The OneThe Wedding SingerCover Image Piyaphantawong FreeDigitalPhotos

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    Rohrer s book is filled with practical tips and wise counsel for the many women out there who are wrestling with the all important question, Is he the one Having asked that question countless times in the past, I understand clearly why Rohrer s advice is so sound When you consider that who you will marry is one of the most important questions you can ask God for guidance on, it s a worthy investment of time to dig deep into this book I especially enjoyed reading the examples of other women, whose stories Rohrer shares, who were on similar journeys to what I experienced as a single person The quest for a mate is universal for many women, and I have no doubt this book can help them.

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    I know a book is really good when I read it quickly this one was finished within 36 hours of first downloading it Susan is clear, practical and gives an amazing path of guidance for anyone wondering about that guy or any guy This was like medicine for my soul sweet and yet a bit unpleasant at times

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    Is God Saying He s the One is a must read for every woman in waiting and those who already have a man she thinks is The One Susan reminds you of who Number One should be and gives many keys to consider that will help you prepare your mind, emotions and spirit before the right man enters your life and recognize him when he does.

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    Life changinga must read for every woman Whether single, dating, engaged, or even married this book is so insightful and inspirational It is relatable for every situation and every struggle Susan Rohrer gives great testimonies and has helped me grow closer to God and weed out bad relationships I will read and reference back to this book over and over again.

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    Sensible, sound, and scriptural counsel for single women of all faiths, and the people who care about them.

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    Great BookVery interesting Good information Lots of things to think about when considering if a man is for you to spend the rest of your life with.

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    Great readI really enjoyed this book Thanks for a well written book Very informative A Must read One that really makes you think.

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    Kindle Edition edit progress 39% I m 39% done with Is God saying He s the Excellent so far, and sure the rest will be too One of the best books I ve come across on this topic Reading to check out to recommend to others, not so much for myself, though it s just confirming everything

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    Great bookLoved this book Its great for singleWomen to read and gives an insightful view in what is to come It makes waiting seem not so bad.