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    As with all of the Discworld books I have been devouring, this is ingenious, fantastic and very funny Never a dull moment, and never expected, though also very satisfying when completed, I have to rush to the next one for new means of escape I am ecstatic to be able to borrow these from Mark, and read them on the bus everyday I will be quite sorrowful when he runs out though there is yet no sign of that.I would recommend all of his books, especially the later ones, as the best fantasy and humor I ve ever came upon And they even leave you with a good message, though it isn t always easy to admit there is a moral in there.

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    I m not a fan of Rincewind stories to begin with, but this was absolute agony to read The conflation of all the various Asian cultures into one monoculture is I guess supposed to be parody but now just reads as appallingly racist Awful, awful, awful.

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    I read this book last year, and just finished listening to the Audiobook Read by Nigel Planer with my children Interesting Times is the fifth book in the Rincewind series, in case you want to read them in order here they are Book The Color of Magic Book The Light Fantastic Book Sourcery Book Eric Book Interesting Times Book The Last Continent To fully appreciate this book, I would suggest reading at least the first two of the series first since those are the ones that explain the luggage, develop the chaotic relationship between Rincewind and Twoflower, and introduce Cohen the Barbarian.This particular Pratchett book is a satirizing look at the western view of the Orient specifically China , revolutions, tourism, barbarism, civility, government in general, and the perception of the elderly The humor in this book is fairly constant, and hysterical along the same lines as the previous Rincewind books However as with all of his later books, there is much of a plot and substance than his first several books.Summary of the book Rincewind the failed wizard is finally where he wants to be stranded on a deserted island with plenty of food and nothing that wants to eat him oh and the luggage is there with him just in case Meanwhile Lord Vetinari receives a message from the Counterweight Continent requesting that he send The Great Wizzard So he sends for the Wizards and informs them that they are to find this Great Wizzard and send him to the Empire The Wizards bumble through it all but eventually manage to get Rincewind teleported from his island of perfection into the Empire Meanwhile Cohen the Barbarian has collected five other aging barbarians and they have named themselves The Silver Hoard The Silver Hoard has big plans for the Empire probably the largest theft they have ever done but in order to be sucessful, they have to act Civilized So a teacher they have brought along is helping them to blend in to society with hysterical results Twoflower makes a reappearance and in the end Rincewind manages to accidentally save the day yet again.Now for the review of the audiobook courtesy of I get these to listen to in the car with my little ones they think that TwoFlower is the greatest and are huge fans of The Luggage I let them listen because for the most part there is very little profanity and sex is only eluded too and in a manner way above their heads now there was on use of the S word and a few Bastards but other than that the tale was clean enough for them to listen to Nigel Planer does a wonderful job of reading the tale however the footnotes are rather distracting and I wish they had been left out to help with the flow.I have about 7 or so Discworld books left that I have not read and this is officially one of my favorites Though the middle slows down when going into Lord Hong The bits with the Silver Hoard had me in hysterics.

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    INTERESTING TIMES by Terry Pratchett has got to be one of the most fun I ve had reading since someon gave me the first two books of THE HITCHHIKER S GUIDE TRILOGY in 1980 It is such a welcome wild ride into intelligently written insanity that it was difficult to put it down This is the first Discworld novel I have actually read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to sit down with a good book and enjoy the fun INTERESTING TIMES is not my introduction to Discworld I found the COLOR OF MAGIC two part miniseries on Netflix a couple of weeks ago I have since learned that it condenses the first two Discworld novels into a very entertaining and impressive movie Before that, I avoided the books because of a bad recommendation from a friend way back when Truthfully, it was abad recommendation and a fed upness with the fantasy genre in general All I can say after reading INTERESTING TIMES is that it certainly delivers on its promise and has made me want to read all the other Discworld novels in a way those truly magical authors are wont to do to unsuspecting readers I m not going to go into the plot since the absurd complexity of it is better experienced while reading I will say that it successfully turns the whole fantasy cliche of an ancient prophecy and of a hero foretold on its ear I would think that most people fed up with fantasy in general like me will appreciate what Terry Pratchett does in his chapterless tale and want to experience of such innovation in a field that is fairly entrenched in standard and predictable fair in its stories Pratchett has a way of skewering nearly everything with a deftness I have not experienced as a reader since first being introduced to Douglas Adams It is intelligent parody, something I don t feel exists often enough in fantasy I think it takes itself far too seriously to be taken seriously.INTERESTING TIMES takes the reader from a tropical island to the middle of fate, chance, opportunity and bewilderment on behalf of its main character, Rincewind a fairly useless wizard who is than a little bit cowardly Believe me, that s a summation anyone can live with that doesn t ruin the story for anyone wanting to give it a chance Like most well written literature, the summation hardly scratches the surface of what it truly can offer the readerand I will leave the discovery of those treasures to those wanting to read it I rate this novel very highly on my recommendation scale From 1 10, INTERESTING TIMES gets a 12 from me Very satisfying and very, very fun.

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    Ahhh Gotta love Discworld I had this in audio form, kept going on trips that weren t quite long enough, and having to restart Even so, I liked it so much that once I was finished I went straight back and listened to it all again I love how that s not really a mistake with a Pratchett book I kept laughing at jokes I d missed the first time around.

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    Terry Pratchett s original Discworld protagonist, the sad sack wizard Rincewind goes to the Disc s equivalent of China to meet his old friend the tourist Two Flower.

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    The book really hook me up at the second half The first half was a bit chewy to read but for the second half I would definitely give 4 or 5 stars.I noticed that quite many people dislike Rincewind as character he is indeed quite special but I really love his mindset and his encounters with Death lovely bloke by the way you should meet him.

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    Excellent book very funny read this little mob are brilliant and don t know fear but funny great attitude very descriptive as you would expect from Me Pratchett.

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    Nice reading during the holidays Very funny and imaginative It was my first Pratchett , will follow.

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    I know I ve read this book before, but I can t remember when Still, Terry Pratchett is like reading candy for me His books are delightful and always such a treat.Craig was reading this when I went out to Virginia in October, so when I came back and found Interesting Times in the book exchange box, I felt it was a good time for a bit of re reading.I like that most of Pratchett s books at least with Discworld often revolve around a theme Interesting Times revolves a bit around China Japan East Asia Cohen the Barbarian and his Silver Horde Mr Saveloy Teach are in the Agatean Empire to steal something big Meanwhile, Grand Vizier Lord Hong is enmeshed in court dynamics and sends a message to Ankh Morpork for the Great Wizzard which, of course, results in Unseen University sending Rincewind Rincewind encounters the Red Army, consisting of mostly children and reunites with Twoflowers So Who will end up in charge of the Agatean Empire Will Rincewind accidentally become the unwitting hero yet again What s with all these butterflies SPOILERS BELOW I hadn t remembered so many instances of sh t in this book Is it always like that Did I just forget Has it been that long since I read a non YA Pratchett book Poor Rincewind You gotta feel sorry for this guy who always seems to be sucked into the middle of Great and Important events and all he s trying to do is run away and eat potatoes His desire to call himself a wizard is somewhat sweet, especially because it could hardly be further from the truth It s been a while since I read the first two Discworld books, so I don t remember exactly what adventures he, Twoflowers, and the Luggage had, but, in the brief recap, it definitely sounds interesting I like how he tried to talk the Red Army out of being a revolutionary force Or how he asked the guy holding the water buffalo string what he wanted out of life.I liked Rincewind s discovery of the terracotta army and the magic armor How cool is that I liked how Mr Saveloy wanted to teach the Horde how to be civilized I like how he kind of succeeded Truckle s word list , but mostly didn t and, rather, got sort of converted to the barbarian perspective, at least toward the end I remembered that I felt sadder about his death the first time I read this Perhaps because I already kind of knew what was going to happen but mostly in kind of a subconscious way , so it wasn t as much of a surprise you d expect, after all, that he d be killed during the battle, but I suppose that was somewhat short lived.It s just so obvious, though, that the Horde just aren t cut out for that kind of life Stationary Non raiding You so want them to get some kind of reward because they re so cool I mean, okay, they do go around killing people, but it s almost like the other guys deserved it you know , but at the same time, having them set up court like that is also just plain unnatural for them.Butterfly and I can t remember her full name is very intelligent and competent Idealistic, sure, what with wanting to lead a revolt on behalf of the peasants, but it was nice to have someone wanting to keep Rincewind in check It s also nice that her sister, Lotus Blossom, is so sincere I knew someone like that and I felt a bit envious of how well, NICE she was I wished I could be so nice, but I think I m simply too sarcastic and cynical Anyway It was good to see Twoflowers again although like I said, I don t remember much of his earlier exploits with Rincewind, so to say it was good to see him again seems a bit disingenuous.It was good to see Twoflowers get angry with Lord Hong for the death of his wife aww , but it s almost a shame that he really didn t get a chance to do much about it except receive a sword from one of the Horde before the barking dog took care of Lord Hong once and for all I mean, it was, of course, fitting that Lord Hong should die, but it would have been nice for Twoflowers to get in a couple of swings at least and have it seem like everything is going against him but that may also be the fact that I d read this book before, I knew that Lord Hong was going to die and Twoflowers wasn t, so I was subconsciously unworried.It was also interesting to see the evolution of Hex.