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It Starts With WhispersThen Someone Picks Up A StoneFinally, The Fires BeginWhen People Turn On Witches, The Innocents Suffer Tiffany Aching Has Spent Years Studying With Senior Witches, And Now She Is On Her Own As The Witch Of The Chalk, She Performs The Bits Of Witchcraft That Aren T Sparkly, Aren T Fun, Don T Involve Any Kind Of Wand, And That People Seldom Ever Hear About She Does The Unglamorous Work Of Caring For The NeedyBut Someone Or Something Is Igniting Fear, Inculcating Dark Thoughts And Angry Murmurs Against Witches Aided By Her Tiny Blue Allies, The Wee Free Men, Tiffany Must Find The Source Of This Unrest And Defeat The Evil At Its Root Before It Takes Her Life Because If Tiffany Falls, The Whole Chalk Falls With HerChilling Drama Combines With Laugh Out Loud Humor And Searing Insight As Beloved And Bestselling Author Terry Pratchett Tells The High Stakes Story Of A Young Witch Who Stands In The Gap Between Good And Evil

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    I didn t become a Terry Pratchett fan until 2009 My twin sister told me numerous times that it would be a very good idea for me to read him I do listen to my twin, it s just that particular urgency to heed her advice hinges on many factors did she tell me too much in the interest of fairness, I do this to her than she does to me , was I feeling a loner and left out of hyper enthuasism Probably that last one Everything good about Terry Pratchet you ve probably been told or read or said and written, if you re a fan is true His fans love him to peices Me too It is a very good thing for me that I came to The Beatles and The Smiths on my own with no awareness of fanbases I m not trendy Proof of my inbred untrendiness Welsh roots instead of Irish What decided me A Buffy the Vampire Slayer comparison on the book jacket of the first Tiffany Aching book With 38 and counting Disc World books out there, the four book series is a good place to start It s not intimidating to have a little slice cut out That said, you can read any Disc World book first One thing I love about the Disc World books, one person s It s funny and quite good can be another person s My personal favorite Don t always go by those four or five star ratings on gr You could still hit your own Oh hell yes Disc World stride This isn t prolificness for the sake of being prolific Pratchett has something to say Tiffany Aching, for instance, came to him as such that he dropped everything else he was doing to write her Lots of things are wrongly compared to Buffy , of course probably by people who didn t realize why Buffy was really great Maybe it was my twin s rec coupled with the Buffy Whatever it was, Buffy decided me No, Tiffany Aching isn t Buffy herself, but one thing Buffy the show and Tiffany the series have in common besides names with unfair reputations Thank goodness Mariel hasn t yet become a bimbo name I m flying below the radar he he he is that everything good you ve heard is true You can open up any line in a Terry Pratchett book and find a line to knock your socks off.I ll do it right now, for example Trust that I m doing this randomly No fixed fights John Turturro in Quiz Show is theatrically patting the sweat off his brow The world is full of omens, and you picked the ones you liked page 145 of I Shall Wear Midnight, hardback edition Turturro They made me take a dive You could ve chosen a better line than that But I like that one I m going to try I said try to express why I loved the final Tiffany Aching book hell, that whole series so much in a way that doesn t veer into hyperbole that will not make an outsider feel lonely.The magic is personal magic, from the heart, earth, soul The witches are the people who fix things that nobody else knows needs fixing People who fall through the cracks, are left to die alone, the witches warm their cold feet, bury them when they need to That s magic The darkness of the world is fear of the unknown, losing yourself to hatred, being too clever and stupid at the same time, stupid people being clever, losing because the world is often unfair Are you yourself, the girl, or the hat the witch I think anyone can relate to that feeling of being just your job, how sometimes the lines blur because of how you are seen by others I don t think this is just a ya series Sometimes I feel embarrassed by coming of age stories about younger characters who become much emotionally evolved than I am turning 31 the day after writing this review Not so with Tiffany I don t think the expectations are unreasonable, or ignore other complicated human feeling possibilties If anything, it is encouraged to think about things the magical powers of first thoughts And second thoughts, thinking about what you were thinking in first thoughts It s not denying your own personal hurts, but also acknowledging that the world isn t about only you Adjusting to expectations, retaining the dreams and keeping the right to have them without bitterness I loved that Yeah, I m not 9 15 her ages in the series , but Tiffany is my role model.Terry Pratchett is funny, he s witty, tongue in cheek, he s got style and grace He does it that it looks easy and you don t even notice he s doing it It would be easy to take him for granted because he s always at least very, very good Pratchett could probably be one of those witches that are taken for granted because they are always there doing their thing sometimes on the fringes and sometimes in big saving the day blasts He won t always be there Sad face This isn t technical fantasy about fictional distant lands and politics name dropping and weaponry names It s very real feeling That s what would appeal to me the most, anyway Emotions in the thinking way.I loved The Wee Free Men Hopefully the Nac Mac Feegles won t find all of my personal belongings for saying this, the fairy folk in Martin Millar s The Good Fairies of New York are my style rock n roll and punk as opposed to pub drunken fun I love the little blue men, just they aren t my favorite part of the series Give me Johnny Thunders over Floggin Molly any time Or I could ve said they aren t my bagpipe I m not Terry Pratchett, clearly And I ve used that ahem joke before I loved so very much the flashbacks of Tiffany s dead grandmama Definitely one of the most heartfelt tales of bereavement and memory I ve read The stories of the old lady terrorized to her grave that made Tiffany want to become a witch were moving and terrifying That it had a profound effect on young Tiffany and suitable motivation for becoming a witch was something I could believe wholeheartedly I dug the story of the travelling teachers, the chalk based on Pratchett s own upbringing , cheese and sheep and sheepdogs, fighting the fairy queen Every day fantastical fantasticness and seeing the mundane in the terrifying Awesome book.Book two A Hat Full of Sky is my fuck yes that was amazing favorite Tiffany Aching book I loved the story of the hiver who takes up camp in Tiffany s mind, how the knowledge of others changes how Tiffany thinks It s all about thinking and feeling those first and second and third thoughts I do that all of the time, constantly try to put myself into how someone else feels and trying to remember that I m not the only person This is magic to me.Wintersmith is the third book Tiffany gets moved into the morris dance to bring in the change of the seasons and takes the place that did not belong to her, that of Summer, setting the Winter after her to take her place as his queen Being who you aren t meant to be, making up for mistakes, learning the way of it through daily grind, that s the way of things Some things are everything falls into place falling from the sky realizations, most of the time it is ingrained in the mind through constant wax on and wax off practice I Shall Wear Midnight is the earned culimination of the three books that came before it Almost like little hindsight short stories in Tiffany s daily life of hard work and precious little sleep, Midnight is the just growing up story.Making the every day into magic is the most magical thing there is Doing that is HARD.Now I ll indulge myself Crivens Terry Pratchett is awesome.

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    Reading any Terry Pratchett Discworld novel has a smile O meter factor while you read you are constantly smiling at his descriptions, references, allusions and turns of phrase He is simply a very entertaining writer with a keen ability to tell a good story Add to this quality while reading his 38th Discworld book I Shall Wear Midnight first published in 2010 and featuring recurring protagonist Tiffany Aching the feeling that Pratchett s narration is like a comforting blanket in which the reader can snuggle and get cozy.Pratchett s repeated description of witches is that they have and use magic, but much of what they do and the good they provide a community is the domestic enchantment of stewardship, husbandry and good sense Tiffany, like witches across the Discworld, roll up their sleeves and do good whether it is as a midwife, a nurse, a shepherd, or making cheese at which Tiffany is especially adept.Yet as in all of his fictional narratives, Pratchett does not stray far from truths found on earth as well as the Discworld Witches can be, and frequently are, mistrusted and even demonized Here he personalizes this sentiment into a properly demonic character that reminded me of the ghost preacher from the Poltergeist films Tiffany and the inimitable Nac Mac Feegle and some special guest appearances by the witches of Lancre must contend with The Cunning Man.One of his darker entries into this celebrated series, this is also filled with hope and his ubiquitous and unique humor.A very good Discworld book.

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    Things are hostile toward witches on The Chalk and Tiffany Aching aims to find out why But how can she with the future mother in law of the new baron gunning for her Can the Nac Mac Feegle help her clear her name and the name of witches everywhere Terry Pratchett has been one of my buy everything authors for years now and this book is a good example why It would be easy for old Pratch to phone it in at this point He s written something like 50 Discworld books and has been stricken with early onset Altzheimers I m proud to say there was no phoning in, or even texting in, in this one.Like all of the Discworld books, this book is about something It s about prejudice and mass hysteria, how seemingly rational people can be driven to do some pretty irrational things It s funny how a lot of people dismiss the Discworld books as fantasy parody when they re so much .The Nac Mac Feegle, demented Scottish smurfs that they are, provide comic relief as always Preston, the guard who s too smart to be a guard, provided a believable future love interest for Tiffany Tiffany herself has come a long way since the Wee Free Men Her grace The Duchess was such a foul villainess I couldn t wait to see her taken down a peg The Cunning Man was pretty horrible as far as Pratchett villains go And the cameos by Vimes, Nanny Ogg, and Granny Weatherwax were worth the price of admission.Something that not many people mention, Terry Pratchett does a lot to advance the concept of the fantasy witch as than juts a cackling hag He portrays them like shaman or jacks of all trades, doing whatever is necessary for the people in their steading.So why a four Why not five I ll tell you, Arnold For one thing, the ending was a little too easy For another, too many plot threads were swept under the rug Amber, the girl who s dad beat the hell out of her, was forgotten for most of the book after spending time with the kelda of the Nac Mac Feegle The Duchess, likewise, was defused at the wedding near the end and it seemed out of character The thread of Letitia being a witch came out of left field and also didn t go very far It could be that old Pratch is planning another Tiffany Aching novel but I was under the impression that this one is the last.All in all, this was a worthy addition to the Tiffany Aching saga and the Discworld series Lots of laughs and also some thought provoking stuff.

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    I seriously hate the thought of giving any books by Terry Pratchett less than 4 stars, but I had to do it for this one I read it twice My original rating for this book was 3 stars and yep, it stays that way though at one point I was tempted to downgrade It was the weakest book of the Tiffany Aching series well until The Shepherd s Crown was published anyway That one made me infinitely unhappy not just because Sir Terry passed away, but because I found it so bad This was definitely the book where things started on the slippery slope for me with the series Was it because Tiffany has almost grown up Dunno The core was interesting, but it was surrounded by so much unnecessary, and let s be honest, boring padding that started grating Also I couldn t shake the feeling that Sir Terry was actually spoonfeeding us with the same facts and information basically in every chapter and this put me quite out of countenance with him Tiffany, whom I always admired for her down to earth thinking, first sight and second thoughts, became almost insufferable with her self anointed martyrdom and basically 50 % of the book was about nothing else but the constant repeat of how much she is doing alone as there is noone else to do it It became rather tiresome after Chapter 1 As I said, the core story saved the day eventually, but it s far below par the best Discworld standards.

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    This is of the same for this subseries which is a good thing More adolescent witch adventures, growing up too fast, dry humor with teeth underneath.Critics go on about how magic in fantasy novels is a metaphor for political power or social power or insert power here Which is usually a really unsatisfying reading to me because fantasy novel magic is so often inborn, inexplicable, a random or genetic gift Which is a good metaphor for social power, often, but it s not very interesting you are powerful because you are, and you are because you are Okay then.I read this months ago, but I still remember what I liked about it Tiffany is a really powerful witch, but not in the usual fantasy novel way Her power is in direct proportion to how smart she is, and how careful She doesn t have some inexplicable inner spring of magic, and this book is very clear Tiffany wasn t born chosen She made herself a witch because there was a terrible need because someone died in a small, common, horrible way because someone had to do something, and she was there That is a magic whose metaphors I can get behind IN fact, the metaphors pretty much collapse These aren t books with stupid extended training montages where young people learn magic by chanting a lot Tiffany learns by living That s not a metaphor at all, that s good literature.I love that And I love that Tiffany doesn t always wear power well, that she struggles for compassion, that she feels isolated I love how almost everyone in this book is faking it inside whatever role they re living.I don t love some slightly odd ways this book talks about post violence trauma, but that s a whole other conversation.

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    I would read the phone book if Terry Pratchett wrote it I have read all his books including the ones for kids and young adults I ve given away a fortune in his YA and kids books at schools I am only a short way into the book but it is already filled with Pratchett s signature wit and yes wisdom No one uses the English language like Pratchett If I sound like FanGirl, it s because I am, absolutely Pratchett makes Tiffany feel like a real 16 year old girl with all the confusion and angst that implies Empress V avatar and I ARE amused and are thrilled to be reading a new Pratchett Tiffany book vcToday I finished this book and it is not a spoiler to say it felt like I was saying goodbye to a good friend It was funny in parts, it was philosophical, it was sad I loved this book and Tiffany is a Character with a capital CHAR I have heard this is possibly the last of the Tiffany Aching series and if so, it went out beautifully vc

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    I realized some ten pages into this book that I d only ever read it once before, which is unusual for me I go to Terry Pratchett s books in the times when I can t handle anything else This happens often It seemed appropriate, given that the US release of The Shepherd s Crown is Tuesday, and turned out to be exactly what I needed on a Sunday evening.There were things I remembered Tiffany s changed relationship with Roland, the Nac Mac Feegle in Ankh Morpork, Letitia the very damp Duchess s daughter with unsuspected depth What I d forgotten is the strong theme of responsibility that ties the whole thing together Tiffany Aching, as the new witch of the Chalk, bears responsibility for hundreds of people, most of whom fear her, or possibly fear what she represents One of Tiffany s gifts is balancing between good and evil, pain and peace, and at the beginning of the book she s become so obsessed with playing that role that she s forgotten, just a little, why it is she s doing it She s justifiably proud of her skills she s the girl who kissed the winter, after all but it s made her somewhat distant from the people she has to serve So when a formless evil sets its sights on her, she s put in a position where all her skills are, if not useless, at least ineffective to fight her opponent Woven into the plot is Tiffany s need to grow and understand the world in ways outside her experience By the end, she knows why witches face tragedy and suffering and the hard choices the way they do, and for all her skills, it s that moment when Tiffany is a true witch.I remember being a little put off by the dissolution of Tiffany and Roland s romance this is not a spoiler, it s revealed in the first few pages because that relationship had been telegraphed fairly well in previous books But the explanation even Tiffany has to accept is that the two of them really were just thrown together, and mistook their both being alone and different for being compatible Their relationship as future Baron and witch makes a lot sense, and I like Roland s fianc e Letitia very much, even before we find out her secret view spoiler Letitia as accidental witch amuses me It fits with young Amber, who seems despite her race to be a born kelda both girls have abilities no one suspected and both embrace those skills with a sort of careless well, of course I can do this, what do you mean it s unusual that sets up a different type of witch from the ones we ve seen to date Giving a terrifying skeleton a teddy bear to calm him down is brilliant hide spoiler

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    Bu kitapla birlikte emin oldum ki Terry Pratchett n Disk teki favori karakteri Tiffany dir zellikle son s z ile bir an s na yer verirken bunu bu kitaba nas l yedirdi i d n l rse kendimi bunu d nmekten al koyam yorum E it Haklar da Eskarina ya sonra ne oldu unu merak edenler bu kitab mutlaka okumal Ama ondan da nce, Ged in Yerdeniz deki hikayesini, Harry nin Hogwarts boyunca b y me ser venini sevenler Tiffany ile mutlaka tan mal Diskd nya daki en en en ok sevdi im alt seri Tiffany e aittir.

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    Terry Pratchett is a genius This book is the fourth in the Tiffany Aching Adventures, and my favorite so far, I think Tiffany is a sixteen year old witch, self assured and very wise beyond her years, yet still down to earth or, in her case, chalk and still sixteen She is once again joined by her small, blue, kilted, ale drinking, fist fighting, hygienically challenged, oft invisible clan of Nac Mac Feegles who provide the story s comic relief Her nemesis this time is the Cunning Man the pure, stinking essence of evil left eons ago when a witch burning fanatic was drawn into the flames himself by one of his young victims Tiffany realizes that a bit of him exists in all of us as the seed of doubt, fear and xenophobia that can grow into hatred, prejudice and mob violence all too easily She finds herself facing off against him at a time of change and transition the old Baron has died peacefully, just a few days before his son, Roland, is to be married Several of Tiffany s witch sisters arrive for the occasion including Mistress Weatherwax, her severe but ultimately caring mentor, and the bawdy Nanny Ogg who most willingly fills the bride to be in on some wedding night secrets and advice, wink wink nudge nudge As usual, Pratchett had me in alternating tears of hilarity and tenderness and empathy And, as always, the book ends with the reader feeling a cathartic cleansing, and the sense that Tiffany Aching is in her place, doing her job the best she knows how, and all is right with the world.

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    I don t find many books that I d gladly give to my girl and say this, this is what being human is In the Tiffany Aching series, Pratchett nailed it and in this, the final book which can be read alone , Pratchett nails the story too The others have featured metaphors come to life as antagonists, but they were very active antagonists In this book, the antagonist is in the background he exists, there s pursuit, but it s all playing second fiddle to Tiffany s battle with her feelings and the prejudices of others.There aren t enough stars for this character and this book You might not like Pratchett s style or his sense of humour but his sense of humanity, and what it means to be human, is unparalleled He makes us find sympathy for people even as he unveils their ugly side, and writes as though he loves us, warts and all.Loved it to the point of being all teary at the end because of just how fucking perfect it was.