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Read eBook I Am the Mummy Heb-NefertAuthor Eve Bunting –

Although this book wasn t my favorite, it was interesting It followed the process of an Egyptian woman becoming a mummy, but the view point was from her even after she passed away So it may be a bit confusing and scary for young children. Although this book lacks some historical information when Heb Nefert lived, what kind of person she was, why she apparently died so young the rich illustrations and poetic text are vivid reminders that ancient history has stories to tell us Told by the mummy, Heb Nefert, the text begins with the mummy as we see it and then moves backward through time to tell the story of the woman s life It focuses primarily on how she was dressed and what she would have looked like, rather than on her political status or achievements, but the story touches on social class distinctions, death rituals, and leisure time in ancient Egypt. Clad In Flowing Linen Robes, Adorned With Jewels, Pampered By Servants, Heb Nefert Led A Life Of Leisure And Joy With Her Royal Husband On The Banks Of The Nile Now She Lies, A Mummy, Encased In Glass In A Museum, And Recalls The Days Of Long Ago A Mummy S Moving Soliloquy On Youth, Love And The Fleeting Nature Of Life Is The Centerpiece Of This Hauntingly Beautiful Picture Book Publishers Weekly I didn t realize this was a childrens book when I got it, but it is still beautifully written I picked up this book because I love mummies I loved the poetic form and the delicate descriptions of Heb Nefert s belief in life after death I would read this to children starting in grade five up to college The concepts would be a bit hard to grasp for younger audiences, but there is a lot to learn from this book. I love the way this book is written it is very poetic This book tells the reader what it was like for Heb Nefert being an Egyptian princess, but it lacked a lot of historical topics for being a biography in my opinion It didn t tell us much about who she was and what she did in her life or even how she died for that matter, all it told about was how beautiful and in love she was and what her day to day activities were I think this book may be hard for younger children to stay interested in. My favorite of Eve Bunting s books, not quite a picture book, almost poetry, it s a very evocative tale of an Egyptian woman told from the after life Narrated in the first person, it has an eerie tone to it making a wonderful read aloud for older elementary or adolescents Like a poem, there is much to be understood between the lines A pleasure to read aloud. Gave me chills Ever seen a mummy in the museum and thought Gross This book is from the perspective of the mummy and reminds us that what we are seeing is someone who once lived as we do, and that we too will go the way of the earth Good to read before the next mummy museum trip I once was beautiful. I love picture books for children I have collected them for years The term for children is a little incorrect Everyone can love them, and this book is no exception The prose is lyrical, though melancholy, and it could stand alone.The illustrations, however, take the cake David Christensen will check and correct is familiar to me The colors, the forms, the mood, all are wonderful, lyrical, satisfying. I m not sure this is a book a child would pick up unless they loved studying ancient Egypt Good example of a higher level short text written in verse or an exemplar text for beautiful language choice I think it would build background knowledge, but you also need a great deal of background knowledge to understand some portions Great opportunities for teaching inference with text evidence.