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{Audible} How to Analyze People Quickly Ultimate Guide: Master Speed Reading Humans, Body Language, Personality Types and Behavioral PsychologyAuthor Jason Gale –

This book does not have a clear message or thesis at any point There are no sources Grammar is not complete The author tends to state obvious signs of a particular emotion and then tack some sort of reason for it I would suggestediting for grammar and clarity Also use other people s ideas unless you want people to think all this info was made up along the way.TLDR Not worth 4 as a guide to human behavior. Pretty obvious too. great Has too many grammatical errors, to the point you have to guess what word belongs in the sentence so that it can make any sense. This Is Your Ultimate Guide On How To Quickly Analyze People I Want To Give You My Latest Audiobook Installment, My Second Audiobook In This Series Of How To Analyze People Ultimate Guide Your, My Valued Avid Listeners, All Have Been Eagerly Asking Me When My New Audiobook In The Series Was Going To Be Released I Have Been Working Hard And Tirelessly On This New Audiobook, And I Am Proud To Say It Is Finally Ready I Strongly Believe It Will Impact Your Lives In A Positive Way And Teach You From Where You Last Left Off In My Previous Guide Do You Ever Wish You Could Guess What The Person Next To You Is Thinking, Perhaps Read People S Minds Sounds Like Something Out Of A Science Fiction Movie, Right Now This Audiobook Will Not Make You A Mind Reader However, You Will Learn How To Effectively Analyze People Through Nonverbal And Verbal Clues, Body Language, Learn To Identify Personality Types, Psychology, And Much The Aim Of This Audiobook Is To Teach You What You Don T Learn In Conventional Schools Or Colleges These Are Essential Life Skills Needed For People In All Walks Of Life And Is Practical In All Aspects Whether At Your Workplace, Home, Among Friends, Parties, Etc You Will Gain In Depth Insights On Human Behavior And The Inner Psychology Behind Why People Do The Things That They Do You Will Become An Expert In Speed Reading People In No Time But Just Remember This Will Take Conscious Effort, Discipline, Observation, And Practice If You Re Willing To Make A Collection Effort, I Can Assure You That You Won T Be Disappointed And Will Find Yourself Exceptionally Sharp And Posses A Higher Degree Of Emotional Intelligence Compared To The General Public So Buy And Listen Now PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio