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Where There S Smoke, There S FireSince , Brooklyn Firefighter Griff Muir Has Wrestled With Impossible Feelings For His Best Friend And Partner At Ladder , Dante Anastagio Unfortunately, Dante Is Strictly A Ladies Man, And The FDNY Isn T Exactly Gay Friendly For Ten Years, Griff Has Hidden His Heart In A Half Life Of Public Heroics And Private AnguishGriff S Caution And Dante S Cockiness Make Them An Unbeatable Team To Protect His Buddy, There S Nothing Griff Wouldn T Do Until A Nearly Bankrupt Dante Proposes The Worst Possible Solution HotHead, A Gay Porn Website Where Uniformed Hunks Get Down And Dirty And Dante Wants Them To Appear There Together Griff May Have To Guard His Heart And Live Out His Darkest Fantasies On Camera Can He Rescue The Man He Loves Without Wrecking Their Careers, Their Families, Or Their Friendship Griff you big cutie 4.25It s a kilt, dumbassstars He fiddled with the pleats of his kilt and strangled on his cowardice.Griff and Dante have been friends for years, and then, eventually, worked together in the same fire station and truck Griff starts having some strange feelings for Dante, he starts pulling away because he doesn t know how Dante would act if he knewGriff has been part of the Anastagio family for years, being drawn in because of his fathers unaffectionate behaviour Griff spends a lot of time with Dante, in his job, and out Heck they ve even had sex at the same time, in the same bed They re close as they can be Griff begins to have thoughts about Dante, ones where he imagines them kissing among other things Dante is having money troubles, he s going to lose his house, he comes up with an idea masturbate for a gay porn site easy money Alek, the owner of asks him if he would bring a friend he would pay him money So Dante asks and Griff can t help but say yes he would, after all, be able to kiss Dante, and he would never know that his real motivation wasn t the moneyI hadn t actually read the blurb, I wanted to start reading without knowing what it was about And I m happy as a bumble bee that I didn t read it The porn website came as an absolute shock to me But I loved it anyway Hot Head the audio book was incredibly hard to rate It was really hard to focus on what the narrator was saying if you were doing something else It was hard to tell who was talking and whether it was inner monologue or actually being spoken although the narrator did a top notch job And it was hard to tell whether the story had jumped a little or whether you just missed that part Which all, unfortunately reduced my rating slightly Maybe would have been 4.5 4.75 if I had read it myself We are first ish introduced to the Dante and Griff, and I burst out laughing it may have been because of the narrator singing, or it may have been to do with what other things he was sayingGriff snuck a glance, and sure enough, a clump of frisky bedbunnies was drifting toward his best friend hippety hoppity, pussy on its way.I really enjoyed the slow development of their relationship, I absolutely hate insta love albeit a little too slow But he was also coming to terms with being gay himself Tommy likes dudes And I think maybe I like dudes Definitely one dude, at least.And when Dante and Griff were doing the scenes, I could tell they were so into each other It was cute, in a smoking hot kind of way view spoiler And afterwards, when they were actually together, ado view spoiler oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hide spoiler 5 eternally burning stars Review edited February 29, 2016Where there s smoke, there s fire.Thoughtful Passionate Emotional Evocative Raw Just beautiful.I read Hot Head for the first time back in 2012 and distinctly remember that a certain part of the blurb put me off It s the part about the gay porn website However, don t let this little detail deter you from reading this fabulous story Besides, the porn formance part is bloody amazing and off the charts hot And since I was so absorbed by the smexylicious Dante and Griff, there was simply no time to ponder over possible porn vibes anyway On the other hand, it s quite possible that the steamy sex scenes will melt your panties Ahem do you have a fire extinguisher stashed somewhere at your home That tool might come in handy because Damon s writing might melt than your girlie bits Also, I must say that Alek was the opposite of a sleazy scumbag To my surprise, he turned out to be an honest and very likable guy.Since Dante was in serious financial distress I get it that he wanted to take the easy way out to deal with his money problem Then again, I was really pleased when Dante told Griff why he wanted to work for Alex in the first place, and why he wanted Griff to come along with him view spoiler It was not only a money issue, after all It s such a sweet secret Dante wanted to test the waters, and he really intended to make a move on Griff Yet he didn t actually know how Griff would react, and he was afraid Griff would turn him down hide spoiler FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED I LOVE GRIFFIN MUIR That is all I know he s got red hair but that picture was just perfect I have a HUGE stupid grin in my face every time I think about this book Why did it end Griff Dante are besties, they work together as firemen, madre mia, we don t have those firemen in Spain From the beginning of their story we know Griff is confused about his feelings for Dante He doesn t know if he is gay but he knows he gets a boner every time Dante is close He is got lousy taste about women Eventually you lose the taste Dante is a womanizer, he is a hot guy, typical Italian, you know, a Casanova My fuckin hero Yeah, that s Dante, he flirts with everyone, Griff included.And one night, after a silly fight between them Dante kissed Griff on his cheek andCLICK , something happened inside Griff.The thing is, Dante is having cash problems and needs money to pay his mortgage If he doesn t get money PRONTO he will lose his house So he has a great idea He gets an extra job as a model on a gay porn website At the beginning he just needs to touch himself and talk dirty in front of the camera Everyone knows I was born defective They didn t install you until later Awwwww, don t tell me that s not sweet Griff wants to avoid watching Dante on that website, he is like denying what he really feels but he finally succumbs to temptation and boy, what a hand job Sometimes I get so horny I have to get off three or four times a day Ya know Even when I m fucking chicks regular,I gotta beat the bone just to take the edge off, so I don t squirt in my shorts riding in the rig Yeah, you are right, you are going to need a few COLD showers while reading this Awwww,G I loved this I seriously LOVED this view spoiler I knew G was for Griff yayyyyy hide spoiler I love you,Dante Inigo Anastagio.You ll never know how much Yes,I was so,so afraid that Dante will never know how much Griff loved him.I was afraid that Dante will never know what he meant to Griff.Readers let me introduce you to Griffin and Dante The world s greatest idiots who are AMAZING, ADORABLE,extremely HOT firemen and just plain BEAUTIFUL Polar opposites of each other and yet linked together in an intangible way.Griff had been brought up by his Dad,who had all the warmth of a Siberian winter.Dante has a huge and boisterous family full of warmth and love.Dante s family sort of adopted Griff and he is like a son to them.Griff and Dante are BROTHERS,BEST FRIENDS,and CHAMPIONS of each other.Griff s the fire and Dante s the smoke.One is responsible and the other reckless.They had grown up together and were a family.But Griff had not realized that Dante was his other half,his soulmate until 9 11 Insanity in the streets.Smoke everywhere.Ash falling.Jumpers.Carnage.Streets muffled under shredded paper,shin deep.People wandering dazed,covered in grit,stumbling in thick grey blizzard.There were victims everywhere.Some barely alive and some dead.And Dante,no one knew where he was.No one had seen Dante since a call from the second tower.And Griffhe kept asking and looking and listening for that one name,day and night and day He kept looking for thirty seven hours with no sleep.He tore his hand open,but didn t realize.He couldn t feel anything.He was told to go home but insteadhe went looking through Hell for Dante At last he found him in a hospital banged up but safeThank you,God.Thank you,God He leaned over that tired face just to hear him breathing,the exact music of Dante s breath It was then Griff knew that everything would be all right.Dante became his axis after that.A vital organ necessary for his survival.Griff s wife left him,but he couldn t blame her.Because after that he truly felt alive when Dante was with himEven though they were two guys the thought of losing him felt like amputation using a fork with no anesthesia And so for ten years Griff struggled with his feelings for Dante,which had also taken a sexual turn.He loved Dante and Dante would never know.Because he was afraid of losing his job,he was afraid of losing the respect of a narrow minded society and.he was terrified of losing his best friend.But unbeknownst to Griff,Dante was also struggling with his feelings for Griff.And then came their salvation Hothead.comWhat is Oh,it s a porn site for gay menHow can a porn site be their salvation I ve already told too much.and you need to grab this book.But let me tell you that whatever comes nextis SIZZLING HOT And than that it s BEAUTIFUL I m sorry,I can t stop using these adjectives Theirs is a love which will leave you breathless.You ll feel stunning pleasure in seeing these two IMPERFECT men become one PERFECT couple.And of course during their 1st kiss I was begging them not to stop sigh There were so many lovable and amazing characters in this book.The author has so nicely and simply put up the struggle of an ordinary man trying to accept who he is.The author has so amazingly put up the cheap,dirty mentality of the people who use terms like queer or fag And of course I can t help being amazed by the fact that even though I am a 20 year old hetero girl from a completely different background,I became Griff,a 31 year old homo man His struggles,his grief,his anger.and even his Dante,they all became mine.Thank you Mr.Suede for this amazing story and Blacky for recommending it to me and Purplegirl549 for introducing me to this wonderful genre