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pdf Horsemanship Through Life: A Trainer's Guide to Better Living and Better RidingAuthor Mark Rashid –

More Than Just Techniques For Horseriding These Are Principles For A Fulfilling Life Here Is A Compelling Meditation From Renowned Horseman Mark Rashid On All The Ways That The Principles We Apply In Our Dealings With Fellow Humans Can Apply To Our Relationships With Our Horses, And Vice Versa Horsemanship Through Life Is About Awareness, Learning, Teaching, Honesty, Integrity, And Much It Is About Than Tips Or Technique It Is About Principles To Live By It Is About Taking Ownership Of And Responsibility For Our Lives And Relationships With Horses And Humans It Doesn T Take Long To Listen To, But Will Be With You For Life Experience The Profound Lessons Of This Nourishing Book

6 thoughts on “Horsemanship Through Life: A Trainer's Guide to Better Living and Better Riding

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    My wife is the horsey one and reading this book was really about making her happy As a leadership coach I thought it might be interesting It was much than that The stories are great and made me think.The relevance of the horse stuff to everyday life is remarkable.It s not technical and even a non horse person like me now feels I know a little about what to do the next time I get on a horse.This book not only made me feel good, it made me want to spend time with people and with horses Now that will make my wife happy.Read this book and enjoy

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    I love Mark Rashid s books and this was no exception I always learn so much from him Amazing.

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    Love all of Mark Rashid s books, definitely worth a read or listen on audible

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    I respect mark s holistic approach which asks us to consider all aspects of ourselves and bring that to our riding

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    Another great book from Mark Rashid

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    A pleasure to read, inspiring in so many ways, made me stop and think about the bigger picture, and you don t always have to act