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Book Expert Brooklyn Wainwright Discovers That Murder Is Always A Bestseller In The First Novel In The New York Times Bestselling Bibliophile Mystery SeriesBrooklyn Wainwright Is A Skilled Surgeon Sure, Her Patients Might Smell Like Mold And Have Spines Made Of Leather, But No Ailing Book Is Going To Die On Her Watch The Same Can T Be Said Of Abraham Karastovsky, Brooklyn S Friend And Former Employer On The Eve Of A Celebration For His Latest Book Restoration, Brooklyn Finds Her Mentor Lying In A Pool Of His Own Blood With His Final Breath Abraham Leaves Brooklyn With A Cryptic Message, Remember The Devil, And Gives Her A Priceless And Supposedly Cursed Copy Of Goethe S Faust For Safe Keeping Brooklyn Suddenly Finds Herself Accused Of Murder And Theft, Thanks To Derek Stone, The Humorless And Annoyingly Attractive British Security Officer Who Found Her Kneeling Over The Body Now She Has To Read The Clues Left Behind By Her Mentor If She Is Going To Restore Justice

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    I have to admit to being a bit disappointed as I did have high hopes for this one A mystery where the main character is a book restorer sounds good to me Well there was a reasonably intriguing mystery and a couple of murders, and the main character did restore books for a living So far so good.However the book fell down with its style Our smart, book restoring main character was written as some kind of idiot with a death wish who nevertheless had sexy, good looking men falling over her The dialogue was supposed to be smart and funny but it never quite hit the mark and it certainly did not match with the serious bits when she occasionally got down to her job.Basically the book was okay and I read it through to the end The last few pages were really odd I guess I am supposed to go on to the next book but I probably will not.

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    Maybe I m too picky Maybe I tend to read books as a writer than a casual reader Maybe I m nuts I don t know But I do know that Kate Carlisle s Homicide in Hardcover didn t live up to my expectations.The story is set in the world of book restoration and bibliophiles, literary museums and high brows But Carlisle has chosen to write the book in an almost chick lit style Her protagonist the book is written in first person drops cutesy cliches left and right and indulges in way to much soul searching This fluffy, flirty tone just doesn t tally with the elegant, sophisticated, upper crust world of first editions and gallery openings Granted, the reader learns a bit about the process of restoring old books responsibly but, in the words of the protagonist, this process comes across as a little girl playing grown up than as a professional sharing work she enjoys.I gave this book two stars rather than one because, despite the problems with the overall tone of the book Carlisle has created a fairly interesting cast of characters Although I don t think it was necessary for her to introduce all 25 of them within the first two chapters It would have been much effective had she introduced each character at his or her natural entry into the narrative.I m keeping in mind that this is a first novel in a series I will probably even read the second installment despite my disappointment in this book because of the characters and to see Carlisle grow as an author All in all, this was an acceptable first novel but I do believe that with a slight change in tone and one or two additional drafts it could have been much better.

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    3.5 starsHomicide in Hardcover is a cute, quirky start to a mystery series.This isn t a cozy about a bookshop owner, but a book restorer who repairs valuable tomes that have degraded with age and abuse It opens with a touching scene where she reunites with her mentor, her friend, only to find him brutally murdered moments later.Her internal monologue and family left me giggling, giving the series needed humor as it breaks between the tragedy of the murder I loved the protagonist s quick wit and comebacks, her sarcasm in relationships and life beliefs, her introverted personality and work obsessed personality The far out new age family and circle is a fun accompaniment The writing style is a winner.The mystery side is decent there s some worthy misdirecting, a little actual investigating, and of course tricky tangling with some colorful detectives It wasn t obvious who the murderer was, but the villain made sense in the end when the veil is lifted away There s a tense scene or two that made the book hard to put down, but overall this is a rather sedate mystery pace.Despite humor and quirk, the book balances the subject of murder and investigating evenly enough I think I ll like the series, but the book didn t engross me yet I m thinking the next, especially considering how fun the characters are, will do the trick I hope so since I bought the next three books already Maybe a risky gamble, but how can a book lover and mystery lover resists a bibliophile mystery series

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    There are spoilers Don t read this review if you don t want to know.I really wanted to like this book because the protagonist is bookbinder and I find that subject area interesting I like intelligence in my hero heroine and Brooklyn Wainwright is just too stupid to live This book is allegedly a mystery but she spent most of the book doing the following activities a eating b fainting at the sight of blood c getting rescued by men and d committing book theft Right before she discovers the body she comes across several people, but never questions any of them at any point in the book as to why they were there One of those people is her mother You would think if someone you cared about was just murdered and you wanted to find out who the killer was you would question the people who were last at the scene especially if you had access to them This book is fluff Not good fluff like cotton candy at the state fair Not thrilling fluff like emptying the lint filter on your dryer It is the lint between your toes fluff you get from wearing socks, it is meh fluff In this book two people die from getting shot, yet the main character, who finally solves the mystery when she understands her friend s dying words decides to antagonize the killer and meet him her All I could think was, Seriously You re going to aggravate the killer and set up a meeting with them without some sort of weapon or backup Then she gets saved by a pizza box Seriously If your definition of mystery is someone gets murdered at the beginning of the story and you find out who is the murderer at the end of the book, then this book is a mystery If your definition of mystery is a book where the protagonist solves a mystery using clues, logic and their intelligence not when they suddenly remember the meaning of their friend s cryptic last words then this is not a mystery.Also her family is made up of twee new agey commune dwellers that I ve only seen in Hollywood movies.I will not read any books by this author mystery or otherwise.

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    I enjoyed this cozy mystery and I like the lead character Brooklyn I think this will be another series that I will start to reading of I also like the character Derek The information regarding how Brooklyn grew up in what sounds like a hippie commune sounded interesting and made the lead character a bit interesting.

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    Homicide in hardcover by Kate Carlisle is the first book in the Bibliophile Mystery series Brooklyn Wainwright is a book restorer and when reconnecting with her mentor and teacher Abraham Karatovsky, she finds him dying of a gunshot wound With his dying breath he tells her to beware the devil and gives her a priceless copy of Goethe s Faust for safe keeping An excellent start to the series which I enjoyed very much I loved meeting Brooklyn and her quirky family and I learnt a lot about book restoration I was a bit let down with some of the main characters actions which were a bit silly Otherwise a very interesting mystery.

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    After reading A High End Finish I had high hopes for this book Unfortunately it never quite manages to shine I really liked heroine of the story, Brooklyn, despite her occasional TSTL moment but she s about all I liked The hero was honestly a bit of a douche but at least I noticed him Most of the characters were just plain forgettable, and yes I did forget one of the characters and it took me a few chapters to remember who she was.

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    I suppose it s partially my fault, but they did lie to me.See, I m a sucker for biblio mysteries, and this book has A Bibliophile Mystery on the cover I m a bibliophile I like mysteries It also is categorized as Obsidian Mystery on the spine this is the lie Half truth at best I swear I read the back cover copy, but I somehow missed the key phrase that would have set off my internal warning system That phrase the humorless and annoyingly attractive British security officer That s it Every book I ve read that has anything to that effect in the blurb has been a romance novel in denial Plot gives way to tingly nonsense, ridiculous complications, etc That s fine if the book is categorized as Romantic Suspense or something similar, because then I can place it back on the shelf, move along, thank you very much, nothing to see here Also, lest you think me curmudgeonly, I DON T HATE TINGLY NONSENSE With the right person, I m quite the fan I just don t want or need to read about it when I m trying to enjoy my biblio mysteries, ok Really, we can all just get along As long as publishers label their goddam books properly.

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    Pretty fun read I was in a mood to read fluffy amateur female sleuth books and heard about this one in BookTube and thought I d give it a shot It was pretty fast paced and funny It is very tropey, a young white female who is attractive but doesn t seem to consider herself so randomly becomes amateur sleuth and begins to fall for some sexy strong man with connections to law enforcement It sometimes gets a little redundant with the author randomly describing things that don t really matter to the story but that s not too much of a set back Overall it s fun, nothing marvelous but I will probably continue with the series.

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    Interlibrary loan courtesy of the Everett Public Library, Everett WAA much better than average cozy mystery I really enjoyed it There was a lot of action, quirky characters, humor, and than the average dollop of romance And books The only thing that would improve it was if there had been dogs But, no, just cats Ugh Highly recommend it, I will definitely be reading in this series.