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Re reading of Hogfather , one of my all time favorite books, or so I thought It s almost 20 years since I read it the first time and I estimate that I ve read about 3000 books in the interlude Nope, all of them are not on goodreads, my memory isn t that good and I ve only been keeping track the past nine years Despite the number of new books under my belt, this held up incredibly well.Susan, the non biological grand daughter of Death, is employed as a nanny and trying to be normal This is made difficult as she regularly needs to literally bash in the heads of the children s monsters with a poker Her fragile attempts at normality end when she feels the need to investigate why her father has decided to dress up as the Hogfather the Discworld s variation of Santa Claus Where has the real Hogfather gone And why are all sorts of magical creatures popping into existence The first third of the book is incredibly funny I had forgotten the finesse of Pratchett at his finest Okay, not always finesse, but hilarious none the less The end of the book has one of the best quotes ever All right said Susan I m not stupid You re saying humans need fantasies to make life bearable REALLY AS IF IT WAS SOME KIND OF PINK PILL NO HUMAN NEED FANTASY TO BE HUMAN TO BE THE PLACE WHERE THE FALLING ANGEL MEETS THE RISING APE Tooth fairies Hogfathers Little YES AS PRACTICE YOU AHVE TO START OUT BE LEARNING OT BELIEVE THE LITTLE LIES So we can believe the big ones YES JUSTICE MERCY DUTY THAT SORT OF THING They re not the same at all YOU THINK SO THEN TAKE THE UNIVERSE AND GRIND IT DOWN TO THE FINEST POWDER AND SIEVE IT THROUGH THE FINEST SIEVE AND THEN SHOW ME ONE ATOM OF JUSTICE, ONE MOLECULE OF MERCY AND YET Death waved a hand AND YET YOU ACT AS IF THERE IS SOME IDEAL ORDER IN THE WORLD, AS IF THERE IS SOME SOME RIGHTNESS IN THE UNIVERSE BY WHICH IT MAY BE JUDGED Yes, but people have got to believe that, or what s the point MY POINT EXACTLY This was the first Pratchett book I ever read I was quite sceptical Within six months after finishing this book, I had read every other Discworld novel to that date Hogfather is an amazing fairy tale for every grown up that still nourishes the child in them This is a book that can be read at several levels, if nothing else, then simply for the humour This book is hilarious Re read on Xmas And it couldn t have better timing Who else would like to see Death taking on the role of Discworld s Santa Or better yet, have Susan get involved Or have a hit put out on the Hogfather while Death flies with the pigs OR HAVE TO DEAL WITH RIDCULLY s BATH shudder Well, here s to ants in the AI I ve just upped my score on this one to a full five For some reason, this Pratchett tickled me in all the best places. Susan Had Never Hung Up A Stocking She D Never Put A Tooth Under Her Pillow In The Serious Expectation That A Dentally Inclined Fairy Would Turn Up It Wasn T That Her Parents Didn T Believe In Such Things They Didn T Needto Believe In Them They Know They Existed They Just Wished They Didn TThere Are Those Who Believe And Those Who Don T Through The Ages, Superstition Has Had Its Uses Nowhere So Than In The Discworld Where It S Helped To Maintain The Status Quo Anything That Undermines Superstition Has To Be Viewed With Some Caution There May Be Consequences, Particularly On The Last Night Of The Year When The Time Is Turning When Those Consequences Turn Out To Be The End Of The World, You Need To Be Prepared You Might Even Want Standing Between You And Oblivion Than A Mere Slip Of A Girl Even If She Has Looked Death In The Face On Numerous Occasions Charity ain t giving people what you wants to give, it s giving people what they need to get There s a tip, though Just ho, ho, ho will do Don t say, Cower, brief mortals unless you want them to grow up to be moneylenders or some suchIT IS THE NIGHT OF HOGSWATCH Terry Pratchett s answer to Christmas when all children around DISCWORLD have hung up their stockings and waiting for the Hogfather aka Father Christmas to arrive on his sleigh drawn by 4 hogs and bring their presents.If they were not asleep, they would find that instead of the FAT MAN, a rather thin looking skeleton with false beard and a pillow underneath the red garments, arrives to deliver the prezzies with a very old, ugly, reluctant and drunk pixie in tow And the reason why Death has to jump in and save the day or the night in this particular case is that The Hogfather went missing as well as a toothfairy Strange and evil powers are at large to eliminate all beliefs and superstitions in the world and Death with the help of his granddaughter Susan and the oh god of hangovers is out to save humanity I first read the Hogfather in 2010 and it became a favourite by page 15 or maybe page 10 I have reread it before during Xmas ever since to get into out of the spirit of things.It is an awesome book never stops to amaze entertain me even after the Nth rereadYou can t give her that she screamed It s not safe IT S A SWORD, said the Hogfather THEY RE NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE She s a child shouted Crumley.IT S EDUCATIONAL What if she cuts herself THAT WILL BE AN IMPORTANT LESSON IT S THE EXPRESSION ON THEIR LITTLE FACES I LIKE, said the Hogfather You mean sort of fear and awe and not knowing whether to laugh or cry or wet their pants YES NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL BELIEF What I love about it Everything, but especially The scene with Lord Downey the auditors Death dressing up as the Hogfather Albert as pixie Hex, Archchancellor Ridcully the wizards of UU Bloody Stupid Johnson s bathroom design The oh God of Hangovers, Bilious, how the wizards cure the world s greatest hangover How the book holds a not so very distorted mirror reflecting upon our spirit of Christmas How all the layers of Hogswatch Xmas are removed explored one by one to get to the long forgotten origins of this festival how cleverly it is connected with other beliefs tooth fairy, controlling someone through teeth fingernail hair What I don t like No such thing COWER BRIEF MORTALS HO.HO.HO. IT GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN, LIFE, said Death, stepping forward, SPEAKING METAPHORICALLY, OF COURSE IT S A HABIT THAT S HARD TO GIVE UP ONE PUFF OF BREATH IS NEVER ENOUGH YOU LL FIND YOU WANT TO TAKE ANOTHER When it comes to favourite Christmas reads, Terry Pratchett s Hogfather is as perfect as they come for me It certainly beats Charles Dickens when comes to spreading seasonal cheer and tell an uplifting tale of what makes humans human Hogfather has got all the classical elements of stories of woe and hardship appealing to our collective social conscience, it has charming wintry scenes, it has a fat man climbing down chimneys to deliver presents But it is also a lot of fun And it has auditors, assassins, DEATH, and a passive aggressive raven And, yet, all the wizards, fairies, gnomes, bogeymen, and ant driven computing machines cannot take away any of the depths that line the story of how DEATH s love of humans saves the world from eternal meaninglessness The sun rose The light streamed over Susan like a silent gale It was dazzling She crouched back, raising her forearm to cover her eyes The great red ball turned frost to fire along the winter branches Gold light slammed into the mountain peaks, making every one a blinding, silent volcano It rolled onward, gushing into the valleys and thundering up the slopes, unstoppable. This book is hilarious.The Auditors have decided that they need to remove the Hog Fatherso they contact the Assassin s guild and Mr Teatime pronounce it Teh ah tim eh is sent to inhum him but Hog Father isn t human As you can imagine chaos ensues With Death taking over the Hog Father s role to keep belief in him alive, while Mr Teatime pronounce it Teh ah tim eh and Susan Deaths grand daughter are in the realm of the tooth fairyTeatime trying to use what s there to assassinate the Hog Father and Susan trying to stop him, while Death is taking children s Hog Watch wishes very literally While all this is going on we haven t even talked about the wizards andwell you get the idea.Pratchett at his best and that s saying something Read this.or the Verruca Gnome might show up think about it. This is the 20th Discworld novel so, technically, I ve read this out of order I haven t read 19 yet but it being Christmas made me and my fellow buddy readers mix it up a little because it was too good an opportunity to pass up.It is almost Hogwatch Night, the Discworld s version of Christmas and the Hogfather Santa is a little different For starters, he s gone And when he does show up after all, he s a skeleton and his pixie is well, Albert plus a considerable number of sherries Death has taken over from the original Hogfather in order to save the universe, sort of.The Death of Rats is getting Susan, because if anyone can stop true catastrophe from striking which it will if order isn t restored since Death isn t too good at being human or, rather, too good at it , it s the half human half Death governness with the poker that makes any monster run for cover Oh, and he s aided by the raven he befriended last time.After a brief period of denial, she goes with the pair to look after her grandfather After all, he did expressly forbid her from getting involved.Unfortunately, there s a very creative assassin, too, and the Auditors are egging him on they really should know better from their last plot And Ridcully and the wizards along with Hex have their hands full as well when helping both Death and Susan.Each and every group of characters was hilarious From Hex only working when it s given its teddy bear and the ever complaining raven, to the terrified monsters and Death of Rats squeaking excitedly Then there are also the contemplative musings of Death with Albert and or Susan There was fun, there was suspense, there was the signature humour as sharp as Death s scythe, In short another perfect addition to the series.For a better look at what I mean when I say this novel is very deep and contemplative, please have a look at all the quotes I highlighted because I scarcely have words.Moreover, this had a peculiar seasonal feel to it what with all the magical beings coming into the world and us seeing our own traditions and customs through the distorted lens of this flat but oh so well rounded world. 2 14 2008Inseparable in my mind from a Futurama Christmas episode Which is not a bad thing at all 6 21 2014Winter solstice holiday book at the summer solstice, why not A wintry book can be just the thing on a day it is too hot to move, let alone go outside.Here is Death, trying to maintain faith in the jolly man in the red suit, Albert along to coach and play elf, while Susan is diverted from her job as a governess to try and hunt the down the missing big guy There is the creepiest assassin ever, a tooth fairy, the ohgod of hangovers, and strange things afoot at the Unseen University There s also a contemporary feel, with Pratchett riffing on Miracle on 34th Street, and A Christmas Story, as well as modern retail jokes The particular winter holiday of the story is a Dickensian sort of event in the home where Susan s working, but the overall effect is part of the general trend of bringing a medieval Londonish fantasy setting up to the modern day Once again, Pratchett shows how the stories we tell are a huge part of what makes us human.It is a delightful treat.Personal copy. IT IS THE THINGS YOU BELIEVE IN WHICH MAKE YOU HUMAN GOOD THINGS AND BAD THINGS, IT S ALL THE SAME Hogfather itself concerns the Discworld, where there are things that control the Universe called The Auditors and they do not like Humans, because Humans are messy Well, they did invent dullness And Death is meddling again His grand daughter Susan is trying to be normal, but how normal is hitting bogeymen with a poker, really And we haven t even mentioned the one eyed Assassin yet, or the fact that no one seems to believe in the Hogfather any.Terry Pratchett s 20th Discworld novel is their version of a Yuletide story, complete with many deaths, lots of Death and some of the most thought provoking conversations I ve ever come across He has other books that are better written, although I think you d be hard pressed to find any mistakes here The depth of characters considering how many there actually are is astounding and is brought forward in such a way that you don t really notice it until you close the book and realise that you know about Ridcully than you do your own Nan.The humour is typical early Discworld It is the same that runs through the entire series, but here it is a bit less rounded than elsewhere It can often be subtle, or it can very much in your face It is very much an English kind of Humour book.What you take from this particular novel, however, is just how important belief is to Human Beings It is not enough to say that we tell children to believe in Father Christmas just so that they don t understand the value of money and have to work it out later on or because it s tradition , but it s so we can understand that beliefs are the most important thing to us If we did not believe, what would we be I m not sure how, but my third read of this made me upgrade it to a full 5 stars Am I getting in to the Christmas Hogswatch spirit Every year I read this Every year I love it and I am incapable of putting in to words my utter love for this book and everything contained within First read 9th June, 2013 3 stars.Second read 19th December, 2015 4 stars.Third Read 21st December, 2016 5 stars.Fourth Read 16th December, 2017 5 stars Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy Humans need fantasy to be human To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape From Discworld s inception, readers have known that Sir Terry Pratchett has fired a shot across the bow of convention, especially religious institutions, with his concept of a flat world atop four elephants who themselves stood atop of great turtle Hogfather, his 20th Discworld novel first published in 1996, takes off where 1992 s Small Gods his 13th leaves off Hello, inner child, I m the inner babysitter Hogfather, Discworld s swinerific version of Jolly Old Saint Nick, has gone missing and Death has taken over while things get sorted out But that s only the beginning of the fun Terry has in store for us as Susan, the Wizards, The Librarian Oook , Nobby Nobs, Foul Old Ron and a host of Discworld favorites join in to make this one of the best Discworld novels DO I DETECT A NOTE OF UNSEASONAL GRUMPINESS said Death NO SUGAR PIGGYWIGGY FOR YOU, ALBERT Belief is difficult at best in our world, but in Pratchett s Discworld, the complexities of belief in a theological personification can take on a whole other sort of intricacy When the Auditors get sideways and we start seeing deific entities like an Oh god of Hangovers and Eaters of Socks, we get to explore absurdities the likes of which only Pratchett could pull off This is very similar to the suggestion put forward by the Quirmian philosopher Ventre, who said, Possibly the gods exist, and possibly they do not So why not believe in them in any case If it s all true you ll go to a lovely place when you die, and if it isn t then you ve lost nothing, right When he died he woke up in a circle of gods holding nasty looking sticks and one of them said, We re going to show you what we think of Mr Clever Dick in these parts Pratchett takes on the Gaimanesque idea that gods and mythical creatures exist and gain sustenance from belief nine years before Neil s masterpiece American Gods Then Terry goes one step further and satirizes the concept of belief and fear and studies themes of faith, psychological need, and fundamental fairness in his special and unique way Fairness, when discussed between Death and Albert, is one of the high points in the entire Discworld universe and is an archetypal moment in his prose One of his best, a MUST read for Discworld fans and maybe a good start for the series by those not yet initiated Some things are fairly obvious when it s a seven foot skeleton with a scythe telling you them