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When I started reading Chelsea Cain s Heartsick I didn t really expect to enjoy it Cain isn t a fantastic writer, she gets very caught up in over describing her characters, her environment and everything in between I m in great agreement with Stephen King who wrote in his book On Writing that the building of a scene in a book is collaborative and that if an author describes every detail in that scene they take away from the reader and their role in the collaboration Cain uses description as a crutch and Heartsick is a poorer book because of it But while Cain isn t a fantastic writer, she does have some really strong core skills In Heartsick there is a relationship between a cop and a serial killer that is simply fantastic The essential connection of these two characters is a strong foundation on which the book is built on Cain interweaves flashbacks into a story about the hunt for a serial killer and the reporter who is trying to cover it This overused device actually works here and the stronger story, told in flashback, really does help to bolster the weaker main story The back story is so strong that I often wondered while reading this book if it shouldn t have been the main story While the twists and turns in the book aren t exactly surprising, the book moves along at a near page turner pace due to the peppering of the back story I found myself interested in what would happen between the cop and the serial killer than who was the actual killer in the main story Faults aside, I do think this is a descent debut novel, it gives a peek into the possibilities that Cain has as a writer and so I ll be interested to see where she goes in the sequel to this book Sweetheart. Serial killer thrillers are a dime a dozen any, but this one added just enough of a twist to make it halfway interesting It will also make you cringe slightly whenever you have to handle a bottle of drain cleaner for a while after reading.The main mystery is pretty conventional with a quirky female reporter getting pulled into a police investigation If that s all there was too it, then it wouldn t be worth reading.However, the interesting portion revolves around the relationship between a female serial killer, Gretchen Lowell, and the detective, Archie Sheridan, that she tortured before being captured The author reportedly got tips on writing violence from Chuck Palanhuik, the author of Fight Club, and that may explain why the gore in the torture flashbacks seems horrific than the rest of the book.To the author s credit, she avoids turning this into a Silence of the Lambs type of story, and the mystery of what happened while Archie was Gretchen s captive is what will keep you turning the pages rather than the weaker main story. Amazing E Book, Heartsick By Chelsea Cain This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Heartsick, Essay By Chelsea Cain Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is my second go around with this series and this time I m reading it in its proper order I started this series years ago but for some reason or another I never finished it, so I ve made it my mission to read the whole series before the end of summer This is easier said then done because I have a jam packed summer reading list The first time I read this series I as I mentioned earlier read it out of order, I actually bought the second book Sweetheart and was halfway through it before it dawned on me that I was reading the second book in a series So naturally after I finished Sweetheart I went out a bought book one Heartsick and book 3 Evil At Heart and read them too I don t remember why I never finished reading the series, I know I always intended to butLife Heartsick is my kind of book its very dark and its extremely disturbing An added bonus is that this book features an evil but brilliant female serial killer Why aren t there thrillers featuring female serial killers Gretchen Lowell our killer plays a cat and mouse game with Detective Archie Sheridan reminiscent of Hannibal Lector and Will Graham In Heartsick we find Archie returning to work 2 years after he was kidnapped and tortured for days but Gretchen Lowell, to hunt another serial killer Archie is not a well man, he is battling a serious addiction to pain pills and severe psychological problems As he hunts this new killer named The After School Killer because he kidnaps 15 year old brunettes as they make their way home from school, he is joined by eager but self conscious reporter Susan Ward who has been assigned to write a puff piece about him Heartsick is a can t put it down read Chelsea Cain is an incisive and terrifying writer This book is fast paced, the characters are compelling even the B characters This is a very dark and gory read so if that s not your thing, I d avoid this one For everyone else please add this to your TBR you won t be sorry Around The Year In 52 Books A book with a body part in the title..Hooked On Books YA Bookaholics Read A Thons I m not a big reader of books in the crime genre, but I was in the mood for this sort of thing after bingeing my way through the last few seasons of Dexter on Netflix Heartsick had one of those gripping and exciting sounding blurbs The story never quite matched the promise of the blurb, but I did find the plot engaging and the characters the right mix of likeable and intriguing The main focus of this story was on two characters, though we did get multiple scenes from lesser characters along the way Archie Sheridan led the Beauty Killer task force for over ten years before they finally caught the killer Only it was not so simple as that as the killer, Gretchen Lowell, actually caught Archie and tortured him for 10 days before turning herself into the police Archie survived the ordeal, but was left badly damaged by it He has spent the last two years on medical leave and has an addiction to his pain pills Worse still he still has to deal with Gretchen as she has spent the time feeding the police names and locations of her victims, and she will speak to no one but Archie Archie is convinced to return to lead another task force when a new serial killer starts leaving a trail of bodies in Portland Susan Ward is a young and hungry newspaper reporter who catches a break when she is given the task of writing a feature report on Archie and his return to active duty The story was engaging enough There was plenty going on to keep the attention of the reader between the investigation into the current killings, the flashbacks to Archie s time as a victim of Gretchen s, and with Susan s own story All in all this was an entertaining story and I ll definitely be reading the sequel Rating 3.5 stars.Audio Note Carolyn McCormick did an excellent job with the audio narration. 3.5 BITCH IS CRAY CRAY STARSI want them to know that I m hurting you.I want them to know that and not be able to find you.And then I want to kill you Gretchen,I fucking loved your serial killer ass Okay, why am I talking to a fictional character Whatever Gretchen is psychoticPsychotically entertaining UNFORTUNATELY there wasn t enough of Gretchen in the story Wait, I m lying There are a lot of fucked up memories regarding her wrong doing THANK YOU Archie, but I wanted Had the story solely been about Gretchen and Archie s 10 days of fantastic torture, this would be 5 starsEASILY I found myself not giving a rats ass about the current killing spree DON T JUDGE me, Gretchen is that fucking badassYou ll still dream about me You won t be able to touch another woman without thinking of me You ll think about me tonight, won t you When you re all alone in the dark Your cock in your hand Okay,.Whatever, Gretchen is the Bombloondizzle.If you re in the mood to read about a woman that can give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money, your quest ends here. A doctor who is a serial killer kidnaps a detective who is working on the very case to catch her, the serial killer He has been getting her help as a consultant on the case for months The man who walked into her trap will never be the same man ever again A great but gruesome story that goes back and forth in time until it all comes together at the end Looking forward to the next book in the series. I find it difficult to rate this one It was like two books in one The backstory of Detective Archie Sheridan and his relationship with Gretchen Lowell, the most gorgeous, intelligent and downright evil serial you ll ever come across was incredibly compelling But the actual mystery, the case Archie is currently working on in the book, I found extremely weak and obvious From the moment they were introduced, there was no question in my mind who the killer was I really laboured through those chapters, and I only did so because I wanted of Gretchen.I will be checking out the next in the series in hopes that the mystery is stronger and am really looking forward to seeing where the Archie Gretchen storyline goes from here, but my expectations have most definitely been lowered.3.5 5 Stars Serial killer stories are a dime a dozen but Chelsea Cain sHeartSickis a cut above the rest no pun intended Not only is this novel a real page turner, but it s also very well written with characters you believe in and sympathize with, even when they re doing things you suspect are definitely not in their best interests The book opens with Detective Archie Sheridan s moments too late realization that he s fallen into the clutches of a serial killer, the beautiful, sociopathic Gretchen Lowell who has tortured to death 199 people and plans to make Archie number 200 She drugs and imprisons Archie, then begins a brutal and flinch worthy regimen of torture and this is just in the first chapter Archie knows he is probably going to die He counts the days until he s either found alive by his task force, or finally murdered Flash forward a few years chapter two and we discover that Archie did actually survive his ten day ordeal at the hands of a psychopath only after Gretchen called 9 1 1 and turned herself in But did Archie really survive His life in shambles and addicted to pain killers, Archie returns to detective work a very different man, breaking his work hiatus only because a new serial killer, one targeting sopho girls, is on the loose in Portland The chilling Gretchen Lowell sits behind bars in a maximum security prison, but every Sunday Archie goes to visit her and in a sick and symbiotic relationship, Gretchen reveals the location of of the bodies she dumped years past while continuing to torture Archie mentally As the current serial killer investigation team rushes to find the new murderer, Archie allows a young reporter, Susan Ward, to shadow him and write exclusives on the hero cop who has returned addicted, as Susan soon learns to the force Susan has her own issues, Archie his, and the imprisoned Gretchen Lowell seems deadlier than ever as she manipulates the world from behind bars.I was surpised at how absolutely satisfying this book was I d read and enjoyed Cain s first novel, a Nancy Drew parody for adults entitledConfessions of a Teen Sleuthwhich is just about as entirely different fromHeartSickas one could possibly get, and I wasn t sure if I d enjoy her second book I did, I did, I did And now I will be encouraging people to go out and enjoy it too I just looked up Chelsea Cain on and there is an interview with her aboutHeartSickin which I learned that she has already written a second book in this series Normally I m not a series reader, but I will definitely be looking forSweetheartwhen it becomes available. Posted to The Literary A Guilty 5 Stars I enjoyed Heartsick as much as any thriller I have read in a few years The main character was damaged and broken but managed to be effective and rational The counterpoint was the jailed serial killer Gretchen who was pulling on some psychological and mental strings in Archie s mind and soul I found it to be engaging, entertaining and chilling That said, there are issues with novel The holier than thou reviewer in me want to give this four stars but the reader inside of me says that I enjoyed this too much to give it less than for stars The reader inside of me won out, or maybe Gretchen has ahold of me as well Plot Outline When I saw this was a cop and serial killer story, I immediately assumed we were going to have aSilence of the Lambsrelationship Thankfully, that is not the case and in fact, the author takes some time to poke fun at that notion In the story, a series of young girls have been murdered As they appear to be related, Archie Sheridan is called out of a medical leave to lead a taskforce to solve this crime Archie has previously lead this same task force for 10 years as he sought to catch another notorious serial killer We immediately learn that Archie was captured and tortured by that serial killer He survived the ordeal and the serial killer was put behind bars Despite surving, the reader knows that the Killer, Gretchen Lowell, is still exerting some control over Archie The detail of this are not immediately clear Given the high profile nature of the case and Archie s history, Susan Ward, a reporter, is tasked to follow Archie and write a profile on him, his past history, and his current condition The investigation becomes personal for all parties involved and the storylines coalesce in an exciting and original finish The Good Into the Mind of a Killer and Victim This story dealt exceptionally well with psychological condition of the characters As the story progresses, we learn bits and pieces of Archie s experience at the hands of Gretchen Lowell As this occurs, we get begin to understand his current mental condition while we get a glimpse into the depraved and broken mind of Gretchen Lowell.Since we are talking about Gretchen, I have to say that she is one of the most interesting characters I have read in recent memory Although it takes a while for us to be introduced to this character, we glimpse her legacy and personality thorough Archie When we do meet her, she is everything we hoped for She is well drawn, well imagined and both charming and frightening, intoxicating and nauseating I have high hopes for this series and these characters make for exciting counterparts No Plot Abandonment While I was absorbed in the Gretchen and Archie storyline, I was equally interested in the murder mystery which was the parallel storyline The other characters that moved this story along were interesting and well drawn The character of Susan Ward, the reporter, was well drawn and interesting Portions of the story were told from her perspective which made for multiple interesting perspectives to the issues The subplot, which was the relationship between Archie and Gretchen, was nicely balanced with main plot allowing each to be dealt with and understood The Bad I Don t Believe You Some of the plots elements were difficult to believe Multiple times I found myself saying that I couldn t see the character doing that and some of the elements felt contrived Even the initial set up a reporter following around the lead investigator while he was searching for a serial killer was contrived and hard to believe Additionally, the final reveal of the main plot felt a bit contrived While some readers will have issue with some plot development, expertly drawn characters trumped any plot issues for me Final Thoughts This is not a perfect novel but it is a very entertaining novel The flaws were completely overshadowed by my enjoyment of the story and the characters If the rest of the series is written in such an entertaining way, this will threaten to become a favorite series Fingers Crossed It is difficult to find commentary on the sex violence language content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Disclaimer I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read I am simply giving approximations.Scale 1 Lowest 5 Highest Sex 2 There were a few sexual elements in the story One character is actively involved in an affair There is some sex between them but it is not graphic There are other sexualized elements but nothing is graphic or explicit Language 3 There is a moderate amount adult language Moderate usage of mild obscenities and low to moderate use of the f word Violence 4 Violence is a pervasive theme and some elements are graphic There are multiple murder and the descriptions of the condition of the bodies is at time explicit There is extensive use of flashbacks to Archie s capture and it involves elements of torture This occurs throughout the book and it is graphic at times The fact is, there is violence or descriptions of violence in most every chapter If you don t like violence, you won t like this book