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Harmony Dissonance Series 2 MOBI Î Harmony Dissonance

Alex and Eli are ready to walk down the aisleOf course their story did not begin with wedding bellsBefore proposals before planning out I dos there was a boy and a girl living in completely different worldsHe thought she was a hot mess She thought he needed an attitude adjustmentHe was burdened by the past She was crumbling under the weight of the presentHe dreamt of something better She had lost the ability to dream at allBefore the bride and groom to be there was a boy who was just trying to get by and a girl who hid her secrets behind a maskNow the boy who fell hard for the girl with all the secrets wants to make her his wifeNow they both want to leave the pain of the past behindNow they are just hoping to reach a blissful wedded harmony

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    It may have come from a fucked up circumstance but I will wear this scar with pride just like I walk through life every day proud of the fact that I have you in itHarmony is the second book in the Dissonance Series by the amazingly talented debut author Drew Elyse and just as I said that she knocked the first book out of the park Eli Alex's story is just as emotional even heartbreaking at times just as gritty and above all completely heartfelt The way in which this author is able to create words in such a way that it brings out a completely emotional response from the reader is amazing and had me feeling like I was in Seattle standing in Eli and Alex's living room going through it right with them This book was 45 green eyed stars for me and I highly highly recommend that you grab this series because I assure you that you don't want to miss outThe reader was introduced to Eli and Alex in Dissonance where the author hinted several times about the way in which they came together as a couple and also everything that they had been through prior to Eli's sister Charlotte coming to live there I was completely intrigued and wondered if any part of their story could match up to the heartbreak and tragedy that Lottie had endured and survived and was extremely surprised to know that Alex's story was just as if not tragic Alex was an actress to her core everything from the way that she dressed how she spoke to her friends and where she partied was all carefully crafted due to her father being a wealthy Senator Keeping up pretenses was the only way that she could survive because no one would believe an ill word about her father not with the reputation that she had gained for sleeping around Not having any real friends because she wasn't able to let them into the sick and twisted family dynamic that plagued her since she was a young girl Alex took a chance when she met Charlotte at a support group Always trying to spend as much time away from the mansion of lies where she lived with her father and older brother was the main goal along with trying to forget to think about what she was truly feeling Drowning her sorrows in booze and men she began to spend many a night at Charlotte's apartment which led to her first disastrous meeting with EliEli was struggling to provide a life for himself and his younger sister Charlotte after their mother died Working two jobs to make ends meet and ensuring that Charlotte was safe and happy was all that he cared about When Alex walked into Charlotte's life and began to take her out to parties getting her out of her shell a little bit made Eli both worried and happy at the same time because he was well aware of Alex's reputation especially that she was wealthy and a Senator's daughter Little did he know that the old saying the grass isn't always greener on the other side is absolutely true One the surface Alex was everything that Eli wanted but hated not having and he was an arrogant ass to her because of it Little did he know that she was hiding behind that mask of perfection to protect herself from the unthinkableWhen Alex goes to Eli for help at Charlotte's instance and he turns her away my heart almost broke for her the courage that it took to ask for help from someone who clearly hated her very being It was only when Eli was scolded by Charlotte and took a look at the real reason why he had such an attitude of hate towards that he realized it was because he was falling for her and feared he wasn't good enough for her families high standardsIt is when Eli admits his true feelings for Alex with her doing the same that the real story begins Healing themselves and each other becoming the rock on which the other leans in good times and in bad and being the family that you always wanted but never had are incredible themes that can be seen throughout this entire story I cannot say enough about this amazing series a series which I devoured each book in one sitting because I was unable to stop reading until I knew how it ended