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Handcuffs and Roses Epub à Handcuffs and PDF/EPUB or

Romance Bondage and Breathtaking Suspense Hard boiled police detective by day Lisa Mayne dreams of being a submissive sex slave to a powerful dom at night She's called in one bleak and wintry Toronto day by the Division Chief to investigate an abduction case involving a young child This case is personal to the Chief and because Lisa also possesses a special psychic gift that can help locate the missing child he wants her on it When she meets her new partner James McGuinn Lisa suddenly wonders if she has met the dom of her dreams Initially because of the discomfort he evokes within her because of her body's involuntary reaction to him Lisa is inclined to blow him off However as they work together and passion blossoms and Lisa discovers James really is a dom and the man she has been waiting for all her life as the two investigate the brutal crime that puts both their lives in danger Here is a thrilling romance of two people who find their fulfillment as master and slave loving under the shadow of death

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