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download Pdf جامع العلوم والحكم في شرح حديث سيد العرب و العجمAuthor يحيى بن شرف النووي –

Nice hadith book with detailed commentary. I read this book in Dutch, published by Al Yaqeen I read the version with explanation from our beloved Shaykh Mohammed Ibnoe Saalih al Uthaymeen This book has 268 pages. Buku Hadis Imam Nawawi Ini Adalah Antara Yang Tersendiri Dalam Kelasnya Di Mana Setiap Satu Daripada Hadis Yang Terkandung Dalam Himpunan HADIS Ini Diiringi Dengan Gambar Foto, Pemandangan, Objek, Artifak Dan Grafik Untuk Menguatkan Isi Dan Hujah Serta Huraian Hadis Hadis Hadis Yang Terkandung Dalam Buku Ini Tidak Disertakan Sanadnya Pada Teks Bahasa Arab Supaya Setiap Hadis Itu Menjadi Lebih Pendek, Ringkas Dan Mudah Dihafal Supaya Dengan Itu Hadis Hadis Tersebut Mudah Tersebar Dengan Meluas Serta Mudah Menjadi Sebutan Daripada Lidah Para Da I Walau Bagaimanapun, Sanad Sanad Tersebut Disertakan Dalam Terjemahan Bahasa Melayunya Jadikan Buku Ini Sebagai Bahan Bacaan Seisi Keluarga Di Rumah, Di Pejabat Dan Di Masjid Untuk Diamalkan Dalam Kehidupan I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes A Treasury of Hadith is a compilation of commentaries on Nawawi s selection of 42 Hadith, by Ibn Daqiq al Id translated by Mokrane Guezzou and the title isn t an exaggeration because this book is indeed an invaluable treasure box.Hadith contained in the book are mostly the ones I m familiar with growing up muslim and a few that were new to me but the commentary expanded what I thought I knew of the lessons contained in these Hadith It broadened my mind in a way that doesn t require me to be equipped with certain qualifications so that both Students of knowledge and ordinary Muslims can takeaway a truckload of lessons from itThe commentaries put into consideration the context , event and condition around which each Hadith came into being while backing them up with other prophetic sayings and words from the Quran I unlearned, remembered and learned a lot of things and I cannot emphasize how important this book is on the shelf on every Muslim Without a doubt, 5 stars and I recommend that you read it at intervals instead of at once , to allow for pondering Having a good opinion of God is the result of worshiping Him well Muhammad, God s blessings and peace be upon him. I have memorized them a few years ago, the greatest the most important hadith in its benefit, around which Islam revolves is still All actions are by intentions. I used this book for another class I took and we covered about half of the hadiths I still use this as a reference, it is a great collection I don t have the version with the commentary though, so I can t comment on that. I read this book long ago during secondary school Hadith 40 gathered Muttafaq alaih hadith cited by Bukhori and Muslim I will read this one again with my husband. highly in depth analysis and discussion on the classical collection of imam al nawawi 40 hadith. Very clear explanation of some of the most important sayings of the prophet Muhammed Gives a great idea of what Islam is really about I ve skimmed through this work quickly it is the best edition in terms of translation of this work of the few I ve come across in the English language Reads well, a commendable effort all round translation and publishing.