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[[ Read Best ]] Guitar Signature Licks: Best Of Jazz GuitarAuthor Wolf Marshall –

Signature Licks Guitar Explore The Music Of The World S Greatest Jazz Guitarists In This Book Auduo Pack, Wolf Marshall Provides A Hands On Analysis OfOf The Most Frequently Played Tunes In The Jazz Genre, As Played By The Leading Guitarists Of All Time Features St Thomas Performed By Jim Hall, Tal Farlow And Kenny Burrell All Blues Performed By George Benson, Kenny Burrell And Pat Martino Satin Doll Performed By Howard Roberts And Joe Pass I Ll Remember April Performed By Johnny Smith And Grant Green And Each Selection Includes Technical Analysis And Performance Notes, Biographical Sketches, And Authentic Matching Audio With Backing Tracks This Is A Wonderful Undertaking A Good Selection Of Music Well Played To Hear And Study All The Jazz Guitar Greats Of Yesterday And Today Like This Will Be Of Immense Value To All Players Herb Ellis Audio Is Accessed Online Using The Unique Code Inside The Book And Can Be Streamed Or Downloaded The Audio Files Include PLAYBACK , A Multi Functional Audio Player That Allows You To Slow Down Audio Without Changing Pitch, Set Loop Points, Change Keys, And Pan Left Or Right

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    At least one reviewer noted that there s nothing better than doing your own transcriptions Sure, that is a great exercise, but sometimes a little help is valuable do, however, listen closely to the original recordings as you study these, as a reviewer suggested I ve only looked at the Martino How Insensitive so far which is what I bought this for , but it s excellent and better than versions available on the web and the prefatory text with each piece is excellent It s especially interesting to have two different versions of this classic bossa nova to compare in this book Also of interest are the details provided on the type of guitar, strings, picks, and amplifiers used by the various musicians Highly recommended I haven t listened to the CD, but it s not really necessary.

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    If your a rock, blues, country player..or even a budding jazz player who wants an intro to the world of jazz guitar then this is your book You are bound to come away from this book CD a better, well rounded player Man, the CD is worth the price alone If you don t read music no worries the TAB is fantastic I only wish I had had this 20 yrs ago Another Wolf masterpiece Thanks Wolf

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    Wolf Marshall s Best of Jazz Guitar book has accurate transcriptions of 10 jazz standards played by the greats, and includes TAB and a CD for reference Whether you play out these solos like a classical piece or just work on specific lines and phrases, this is a great way to build your skills as a jazz guitarist.

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    Was a gift

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    Wow, great book, full of the jazz masters put together very well If your new to jazz, the songs in here will add some serious phrasing to your repertoire Really recommended for anyone who plays guitar