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[[ Download epub ]] Guitar Fretboard: Memorize The Fretboard In Less Than 24 Hours: 35+ Tips And Exercises Included (English Edition)Author Guitar Head –

Learning All The Notes On The Fretboard Taking Too Long Or Worse Seems Impossible This Book Will Unlock All The Notes InSimple Steps Why Should I Learn The Fretboard Throughout My Years Of Experience With The Guitar, I Have Come Across Multiple Pro Guitarists Who Cannot Name The Note They Just Played Learning Guitar Theory With No Knowledge About The Names Of The Fretboard Is Comparable To Learning Complex Arithmetic Equations Without Knowing Numbers This Book Will Make Sure You Don T End Up Like One Of Those Guitarists Here Is Why You Should Learn The Fretboard Understand How Notes Are Arranged On The FretboardCreate A Mind Map To Navigate Through The FretboardCommunicate The Ideas You Have In Your Head To Written Format Or To Other MusiciansCreate Various Visual References To Make The Fretboard Less DauntingAnd Lots Why Should I Buy This Book It S Only Fair To Ask Yourself This Question Before Spending Your Hard Earned Money On Anything Here Is What You Ll Find Inside The Whole Process Of Learning The Fretboard Simplified IntoEasy StepsA Step By Step Approach Which Will Give You Results Even If You Are A Complete Beginner Exercises And Tips To Make Sure You Get Results As Fast As Humanly PossibleThe Theory Behind Every Concept For Those Who Need ItCountless Memory Techniques To Make The Process As Simple As PossibleBeginner Friendly No Prior Music Experience RequiredAll This Taught In Less Than A Day Why This Book From Among TheOthers I Know There Are Multiple Books Out There That Teaches You The Exact Same Things They Have A Lot Reviews And Have Been Out For Longer Than This Book But Here Is How This Book Is Different Unique Memory Techniques Which Cannot Be Found ElsewhereHigh Quality Pictures And Diagrams To Give You The Whole PictureFree Bonus Material Including Fretboard Diagrams, Flash Cards, Reference Material And Lots Gives You Results Faster Than Any Book Out There I Hope That Was Enough Reasons To Make You Jump Onto The Book So, What Are You Waiting For Scroll Up And Click The BUY NOW Button To Get Access To Such A Goldmine

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    I ve been playing picking on a guitar for well over 40 years and never learned to read music or it s theory This has always been a stumbling block for me when trying to play with advanced performers This book helped me quickly realize and understand patterns where so many others have left me scratching my head.

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    The first clue that this book was not worth the 5 I spent on it once you get past the cover, table of contents and introduction to Chapter 1 you are already 18% through the entire book Yes, almost one fifth Chapter 1 is fluff why should I learn the notes The author notes you probably bought the book for exactly that reason but then goes on to burn another page explaining why So far, nothing but fluff and filler, which brings us to 26% through the book Chapter 2 Basic music theory that assumes no knowledge, but then attempts to explain music theory in TWO PAGES Subsequent chapters take you painfully up the fret board on the various strings For the D G B strings, the author makes a huge deal of what they call the L Rule, then has to backtrack and explain why it doesn t work for the B string But if you ve gotten this far,you pretty much have read the book in 13 minutes, a total of 42% of the entire book on the meat of the subject The rest of the book consists of practice tips and games followed by a bit of advanced learning At this point you are marginally closer to learning the fret board than you were 18 minutes earlier Then the author gives you the truth PRACTICE That s how you learn the fret board learn the theory behind it and then practice.I should mention, I hate giving bad reviews, and very seldom do But this book deserves one out of the three books on this subject I have bought, this is the worst.

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    The content of this little book delivers on the promise of its title Easy to follow and well thought through Yes, there are typos and the grammar could be better I wasn t looking for a text on grammar One note the reverse L position is a 3 string jump, not 2.

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    This is of a pamphlet than a book, and it teaches you the position of notes relative to other notes on other strings So when you re done you ll be able to figure out the note on the 7th fret of the 3rd string by remembering what a particular note on the 5th string is after applying a rule the author teaches you Frankly you re better off just buying some index cards and making flash cards for yourself There are only 60 notes to memorize, 35 if you just memorize whole notes.

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    Good method for learning and memorizing the fretboard, but too much cross selling in the process, and in order to download the free aids for this book, you have to get on one of those annoying every day mailing lists I d rather pay a little and not feel coerced into an extended sales pitch Sell me on the merits of the book and I ll buy Nobody likes to be nagged into buying anything, no matter how cute the copy is written.