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❮PDF❯ ✮ Greek Mythology: Tales of Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Monsters & Mythical Beasts ❤ Author Lucas Wright –

With The Vast Number Of Translations And Versions From Many Authors, It Can Be Difficult To Find A Comprehensive Collection Of Tales And Epics Regarding Greek Mythology With This Audiobook, Listeners No Longer Have To Consult Numerous Sources To Get Their Dose Of Ancient Mythology Detailing Major Events Including The Titanomachy And The Trojan War, You Will Be Able To Learn And, Perhaps, Even Relive The Stories About Some Of The Greatest Heroes And The Greatest Gods That Reigned During This Time It S Not Just The Legends Or The Gods You Will Learn About, But Also The Other Interesting And Bizarre Creatures Of Myth Listeners Will Also Get Descriptions On Some Of The Epic Heroes Such As Jason, Perseus, And Theseus Follow In The Footsteps And Learn About The Quests They Participated In And What Made Them Become Who They Are Here S A Preview Of What S In This Audiobook Greek Heroes Greek Titans The Titanomachy The Trojan War Creation MythsGods Of Olympus Much, Much Buy Your Copy Of This Fantastic Audiobook And Start Listening Today

8 thoughts on “Greek Mythology: Tales of Greek Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Monsters & Mythical Beasts

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    Very short in detail, no depth to any of the stories Not sure if the book has been auto translated, but multiple sentences do not make sense Not worth the money Very disappointing Only 77 pages.

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    Read the whole book in a few days, whilst away on holiday I was so engaged in the stories and information on Greek mythology, I ve not been engaged on a book for a while it s a great little book It s short but covers everything you want to know about Greek mythology in simple context Would recommend to anyone who likes ancient gods or even some that like interesting stories.

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    This isn t really the actual myths themselves in their full lenght, but a quick summary of myths Still, it is well written and allows the reader to understand the gist of the stories quickly.

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    Wish I could give it better stars The book itself is a great tool for knowledge buut it s so confusing names coming out of nowhere Eventually they make sense but gets hard to follow

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    This book is truly written like a fifth grade book report Terrible grammar and sentence structure from the first page onward Thankfully I only spent 1.06 on the Kindle version, but I m sorely disappointed that this is even allowed to be on Please don t purchase this book, folks.

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    Got this for my grandchildren because of all of the hoopla surrounding DC and Marvel comic book movies They both avidly read it and learned of the classical background of the characters.

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    too short it was a good read though

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    I really enjoyed this one