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[[ Free Best ]] Greater Than Rubies (The Jewel Trilogy, #1.5) Author Hallee Bridgeman –

Robin Bartlett Said, Yes Will She Say, I Do, When The Big Day Arrives From His Cultured Handsome Looks To His Vast Fortune, Antonio Tony Viscolli Is Every Girl S Dream Robin Comes From A Blistering Past, Struggling For Survival In A Cold, Cruel World Robin Never Had A Chance To Dream Of A White Wedding Gown Or A Prince Charming Instead, Her Dreams Were Nightmares Dark And Clouded With Fear And Desperation By The Time Tony Thaws Her Heart, She Has Known Hunger, Poverty, Violence, And WantFor Months, Tony Courted The Blond Beauty With The Sapphire Eyes He Showered With Attention, Respect, And Charm And Covered Her In Diamonds, Sapphires, And Rubies Finally, Robin Came To Understand God S Love For Her As Imitated By The Unconditional Love Tony Freely Offered On A Sunny Florida Beach, Tony ProposedBack In Bitter Cold Boston, Doubts About Becoming A Billionaire S Bride Begin To Burden Her Hopes For Happiness Robin Struggles To Cope With The Never Ending Details Of The Shower, Ceremony, Reception, And Honeymoon The Prospects Of Changing Her Name And Relocating And The Very Public Image She Must Suddenly Adopt All While Dealing With Her Father S Very Serious Legal ProblemsAs The Date Draws Inexorably Near And The Pressure Mounts, Robin Questions Whether She Is Truly The Woman God Has Made For Him Is She The Girl Of His Dreams His Vast Material Wealth Begins To Overwhelm Her Nightmares From A Forgotten Past Return In Full Force, Reminding Robin Of An Even Deeper And Terrifying Prospect Will She Give In To Her Insecurities And Cancel Boston S Royal Wedding For Good Or, With God S Guidance, Can Tony Sacrifice Everything To Prove To His Beloved Robin Her True Worth

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    This was a good Christian romance novel, as many would be able to guess simply from the title and cover It is a companion to a book in a trilogy, and the author does a good job making this book stand on its own if you haven t read the other book, which I have not As usual, the Christian man is portrayed as quite perfect, without any flaws other than some in his past which he has, of course, overcome I don t mean anything against the author just that so many of the men in Christian romance are so perfect that they don t quite seem real I ve met many wonderful Christian men and am married to one, and yet I don t know that any are up to the perfection shown in so many books like this In spite of that, this was an excellent book The main characters both came from poverty filled with abuse, and through Christ they overcame their pasts, but not without struggle that was VERY realistic I thought the author did a beautiful job of showing that healing is possible Again, it seemed to happen quite quickly and easily, but not having experienced it for myself, and knowing that this is a fiction novel meant to represent and not lead through every step of the healing process, I think that it did what it was meant to do very well give hope to people who have experienced suffering, and know that it is possible to overcome it through Jesus.

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    Halle Bridgeman gave every woman who read her series, the finish it needed What woman doesn t like to imagine all the details of a fabulous, no restrictions wedding The usual wedding jitters abound When Robin decides to cancel the wedding, her sisters, Maxine and Sarah step to her side in support This is a perfect addition to the Jewel Series.

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    A great Christian romance that I really enjoyed reading This is the first book I have read from this series but I am definitely going to read the other books I can t wait to read Maxi s story and Sarah s story

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    This was a perfect complement to the rest of the Jewel Trilogy series The characters are real, with real emotions, doubts, and reactions to the situations they find themselves in I recommend it highly, along with the other books in the series You will come to love these characters

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    This was a great postscript for SAPPHIRE ICE The dedication is to the author s daughter who read the original book and wanted to see the wedding, so thank you to her The perfect wedding for these characters.

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    This novella is a wonderful addition to the Jewel Trilogy I couldn t stop reading This novella is wonderful on its own.

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    Title Greater Than RubiesAuthor Hallee BridgemanPages 198Year 2012Publisher Olivia Kimbrell Press Note I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from Greater Than Rubies is a novella that continues the storyline started in Sapphire Ice, both authored by Hallee Bridgeman First, let me share about the author Hallee Bridgeman has two websites that share her passions, shares about her novels and cooking the other site is of course the title of the site helps you understand her second passion Hallee Bridgeman is a very personal author, writer and homemaker whose passion is for others to meet Christ personally To learn about this wonderful woman whom I have had the pleasure of recently meeting via the Book Club Network, Inc., visit her websites and connect with her, perhaps even send her a message Now, let me tell you about the novella Robin and Tony are preparing for their wedding while continuing to keep their lives focused on Christ Prayer is the instant lifeline used as well as reaching out to other people and helping them establish new lives in Christ it also provides employment to pay for their living expenses Robin is helping her dad, whom she just met, get employment until his sentencing hearing in a few months Tony has reached out to a youth from his old stomping grounds, inviting him to live with Tony, work and become established in a new life rather than living on the streets There is so much to the story to accompany a wonderfully written theme about redemption and God s eternal love As I read, I thought of the Song of Solomon and Hosea, both of which share a unique aspect of the character and heart of God I loved how the novel shares the sacrifice each man and woman make when they come to the altar and become one in Christ The novels are written with the truth of the Word, and the reality that we all come to Christ broken Another truth shared is that while we may not meet our own standards in life or others , it reminds us that the only One we need to please is God Redemption is major thread woven in each page as well as the characters created and portrayed in both Sapphire Ice followed by Greater Then Rubies The depth, width and breath of God s amazing, unconditional and everlasting love can be found in these stories written to encourage readers as they turn each page Perhaps after you read the aforementioned books, God will bring someone to mind that may need to read and know about God If the Lord does that, please obey the Spirit and share His truth with that person My rating is 5 stars.Note The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility Other reviews can be read at Also follow me on Twitter lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at

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    Is a great book to read

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    Greater Than Rubies is the story of Tony and Robin s engagement, wedding planning and wedding day I absolutely loved this book I thought Sapphire Ice was wonderful as well, however, Greater Than Rubies adds to the story splendidly and gives me just the right amount of insight into their lives Robin s anxiety over marrying Tony grows daily as she feels inadequate to be the wife of such a wealthy and powerful man She also is dealing with anxiety over the upcoming wedding night, since her only experiences were ones of rape She loves Tony completely but does not feel worthy of him in any way I really enjoyed the other characters in the book, such as Derrick, and of course Robin s sisters, Maxine and Sarah I look forward to reading their stories in the author s other books in this trilogy I received this book for free as part of a two book bundle from the author, through in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.

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    This story continues where Sapphire Ice ends, but is also a wonderful story as a stand alone Ms Bridgeman is a very talented storyteller, capturing the reader s attention right from page 1 Each chapter is full of reality, faith and surprises to keep you reading chapter after chapter This novella also brings the reader into of the other two sisters lives so you can t wait to read their stories as the trilogy continues A complete work, in itself, but a great accompaniment to book one in the jewel trilogy I received this book from in return for my honest opinion