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Nova Will Do Anything For Her Closest Friend, Mal, Whom She Has Known Since Childhood So When Mal And His Wife, Stephanie, Ask Nova To Be A Surrogate Mother, She Agrees Despite Her Reservations About What It Might Mean For Their Friendship Then Nova S Fears Are Realized Halfway Through The Pregnancy, Stephanie Finds A Text From Her Husband To Nova That Reads Goodnight, Beautiful Already Suspicious Of Their Deep Connection, Stephanie Demands That Mal Cut All Ties To Nova And Their Unborn Baby, Leaving Nova To Raise The Child Alone Eight Years Later, Nova Is Anxiously Waiting For Her Son, Leo, To Wake Up From A Coma, While Childless Stephanie Is Desperately Trying To Save Her Failing Marriage Despite Her Anger And Hurt, Nova Wants Mal To Have The Chance To Know His Son Before It S Too Late Will It Take A Tragedy To Remind Them All How Much They Mean To One Another

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    Again, pure joy of reading Koomson This author has that something making her books be remembered for a long time after you finish reading it sometimes with tears in your eyes but c est la vie Her books are full of emotions mustread etiri zvezdice zbog prevoda koji je lekturom mogao biti izglancan i materijalne gre ke uklonjene A knjiga nije ni videla urednika jer bi i on to mogao da dopravi Imam utisak, da uprkos trudu izdava a objavili su dosad 5 njenih naslova ova autorka i nije ba stekla neku publiku kod nas, pa mi se ini da su odustali od daljeg objavljivanja jer ve godinama ni ta novo njeno nisu objavili Grehota

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    I was really enjoying this book until the last few chapters and the end was so terrible that it just made me mad that I read this whole book for that crummy ending The book centers around best friends Mal and Nova They grew up together and at times one or the other would contemplate taking their friendship to the next level, but were scared to jeopardize their incredible friendship When Mal gets married his wife Stephanie is jealous and suspicious of his relationship with Nova, but since she can t have children she and Mel ask Nova to be their surrogate Even though it s not the best idea Nova agrees simply because she loves Mal and wants him to be happy But, a few months into the pregnancy Stephanie freaks out and forces Mal to choose between her and Nova and the baby and he chooses Stephanie So, years pass without Mal and Nova speaking and Nova raises their son Leo alone Then when Leo is 7 1 2 he has an accident and has to be put into a medically induced coma While Nova waits for Leo to wake up she has to decide whether to let Mal into his son s life at this critical time.This is giving things away a little, but I was so angry that it was so obvious that Mal and Nova really loved each other and should have been together, but time after time they wouldn t take an opportunity Especially at the end no one was happy so who cares if Mal left Stephanie why would they want to punish themselves by still trying to live a normal life together The ending was VERY irritating to me If you re going to build up these two characters and make it so painfully obvious that they should be together GET THEM TOGETHER

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    Repreendo me por todas as vezes em que ia pegar neste livro para ler mas acabei por optar por outra coisa Bons Sonhos, Meu Amor absolutamente fant stico Embora n o tenha sido f cil entrar na hist ria devido ao revezamento entre pontos de vista sem a devida indica o ponto que a escritora melhorou em livros mais recentes , uma vez a par do enredo foi muito dif cil parar de ler Bons Sonhos, Meu Amor mais um exemplo do talento que Dorothy Koomson tem para contar uma hist ria explorando diferentes perspectivas, revelando compassadamente o passado dos seus personagens e fundamentando as suas escolhas, mesmo que estas sejam antag nicas Koomson tem vindo a escrever livros muito bons Bons Sonhos, Meu Amor est entre os meus preferidos de sua autoria porque entrei em completa sintonia com os personagens e com o drama que estes viviam A hist ria, j de si interessante, avan a de forma bem ponderada e satisfat ria at ao final Gostei muito

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    A m e sorriu lhe Ele gostava que ela sorrisse Quando ela sorria, parecia o sol grande, quente e lindo O pai dizia sempre que o sorriso da m e iluminava o mundo

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    Uma das minhas escritoras favoritas Pelas tem ticas que aborda, pela escrita, por raramente ter hist rias e finais expect veis.

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    Seven year old Leo lies in a hospital bed, comatose, after a seemingly minor accident followed by surgery By his bedside, his mother Nova recalls the moments of their lives together But once upon a time, long ago in her own childhood, she and her best friend Mal were like two sides of one coin Their bond was strong and one that they thought would never be broken.Through flashbacks, we see the journey of Nova and Mal, how they gradually forged separate lives in their adulthood, while still maintaining a very strong connection When Mal met Stephanie, however, things changed just a bit And when he married her, Nova knew that their relationship, with its strong friendship bonds, had morphed into something else a friendship that now included the three of them.The collision course that severs the connections between them begins when Stephanie and Mal want a baby, but Stephanie cannot have her own they know that adoption will not be possible because of Stephanie s history and emotional problems They approach Nova, asking her to carry their baby After much thought and considerable anguish, Nova agrees.Eight years later, Nova is raising her son Leo alone What happened and how did everything go wrong Answering those questions fills the pages of this compelling novel that probes below the surface, peeling back the layers to finally reveal the hidden motivations that altered all of their lives.Will Mal finally meet his son and join the others at his bedside Will his presence heal the wounds And will the tragedy finally change the future for all of them The characters were richly detailed, with all the flaws and strengths of real people Sometimes I felt very frustrated with each of them, as their inability to clearly communicate their thoughts and feelings to each other led to the breakdown of their relationships None of them revealed the complete truth When Mal told Nova that he and Stephanie had changed their minds about the baby, he would not or could not tell the whole story When Stephanie said she no longer could take the baby, the reasons she gave were not completely true, either.And afterwards, while Nova was raising her son alone, she didn t share any of the details with her family, her husband Keith whom she married after her son was born , or even her closest friends.Told in the first person narrative of Nova, and then Stephanie, we gradually come to understand each of the women Alternating first person voice is not unusual, but in this novel, each chapter began without anything to identify whose voice was spotlighted Sometimes it took two or three paragraphs to figure it out, which altered my enjoyment of the story The flow was not as smooth as I would have liked.Because of this somewhat confusing writing style, I decided to award four stars I would still recommend it to anyone who enjoys tales of friendship, family, and the defining moments that change our lives.

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    Depressing, very very depressing I think Koomson writes well, but her characters are all a bit overly damaged in my opinion and this book just seemed to be miserable for no real point No one was happily married, no one had a happy family Nothin nice happened to any of the characters ever I was holding out for a bit of a happy ending but it didn t materialise Koomson seems to have a thing for sllghtly f cked up women on their own and there was no change here.The ending was also quite frankly unbelievable but hey ho.Won t be reading it again or recommending that anyone else does either.

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    I must confess that there is an extra air of excitement about this book for me I didn t have anything to do with it, I don t know the author personally or anything, but I entered the drawing to win it from goodreads first reads and low and behold, I won a copy Hopefully this isn t the last book I win from that nifty little program.I very often don t write reviews as soon as I ve finished a book, especially if it is an emotional read There is apart of me that does not understand my feelings and I can be a little harsh in reviewing if the writer has left me with emotions I don t want to deal with If I rate solely on my feelings alone I don t know if it ll be so high, so I take my time, think about things and try to give things a chance to roll around in my head and heart Koomson s story telling, the way she weaves this story with the present and past, is superb It is a sad story of love and loss, but a beautiful one as well, told by a highly talented writer who was able to draw me in and keep me there.Yet, a part of me feels tricked and seduced by Koomson That despite carrying this book around with me everywhere, devouring pages nonstop, reading until the wee hours of the morning, hoping and hoping and hoping the that characters I had grown to like and care for so much would do the things I wanted them to do, say the magic words that needed to be said, make everything well again, wrapped with a happy love drenched bow and leave me feeling lighter, knowing that their lives were set straight and were now quite delightful Koomson made me care about these characters that much And alas, I didn t get what I wanted in the end I got something else, not the predictable fairy tale I hate to admit to wanting, and not the miserable depressing end I m currently making it seem like sorry about that but something else, left kind of open, maybe for me to take which way I want to At least that s how I m looking at it That is why I have to wait to write reviews I m not thinking like a sensible adult but like a child that hasn t gotten what she wanted and now will throw a temper tantrum because of it, hurling harsh words at the keyboard, insulting Koomson and highlighting far fewer stars than deserved and typing the phrase it isn t fair over and over But then again, that is how life is I cried, a lot, but I don t feel angry about it I was at first, but now I m okay and I ve accepted it and I feel Koomson did me a great service by introducing these people into my literary psyche.

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    Bons sonhos, meu amor simplesmente uma hist ria que aborda um dos medos mais tem veis O medo de perdermos um filho.O fim do livro uma do ura, assim como, todas as passagens em que a m e recorda momentos passados com o filhote, em diferentes anos Ficamos a conhecer o pequeno em todas as suas diabruras que levavam a m e a chatear se e em todos os momentos que se ria com ele As brincadeiras entre m e e filho.Temos presente o medo da m e, de n o mais voltar a poder ter momentos com o filho A hist ria do amor eterno entre dois amigos que n o chega a acontecer e que seguem vidas diferentes devido ao acontecimento crucial desta hist ria.Aborda ainda uma doen a, agora, mais falada e conhecida, a bipolaridade Uma doen a grave Que afecta tanto a pessoa a quem lhe foi diagnosticada, como as pessoas que a rodeiam.Aborda ainda, outra doen a, a hemofilia, no seu estado mais grave.A nica raz o porque n o lhe vou atribuir as 5 estrelinhas porque achei partes demasiado longas e que penso que, se fossem mais pequeninas, o livro n o perdia a magia, pelo contr rio.Ent o, assim, um livro que emociona, que me fez chorar, querer conhecer e abra ar todas as personagens, para sentir que tudo vai ficar bem.