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Before Rapunzel S Birth, Her Mother Made A Dangerous Deal With The Sorceress Melisande If She Could Not Love Newborn Rapunzel Just As She Appeared, She Would Surrender The Child To Melisande When Rapunzel Was Born Completely Bald And Without Hope Of Ever Growing Hair, Her Horrified Mother Sent Her Away With The Sorceress To An Uncertain FutureAfter Sixteen Years Of Raising Rapunzel As Her Own Child, Melisande Reveals That She Has Another Daughter, Rue, Who Was Cursed By A Wizard Years Ago And Needs Rapunzel S Help Rue And Rapunzel Have Precisely Two Nights And The Day That Falls Between To Break The Enchantment But Bitterness And Envy Come Between The Girls, And If They Fail To Work Together, Rue Will Remain Cursedforever

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    I wanted to hug this book literally when I was done Perfect Exactly what a true fairy tale should be I m seriously thinking about reading ALL Rapunzel retellings to see if there is one out there that can do it better than Dokey Rapunzel is bald What Yeah I didn t think I could get on board with this but it worked The sorceress isn t evil and Rapunzel doesn t end up with a prince per say So some major changes Unlike last time with Sunlight and Shadow the length didn t hurt the book Rapunzel is spunky and her relationship with Harry is what really shines in this story There is of course the sappy message, but you know it made sense in a real life level The author supplied the best love at first sight explanation I ve encountered in a book I won t attempt to explain, it s done better in the book If you love fairy tales a definite must read, if you despise them steer clear But who really hates fairy tales Can t say that would convey correctly how much gladness I felt after reading this You ll just have to experience it yourself

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    This is an amazing retelling of the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel For you see, in this story the roles are reversed Rapunzel is bald and lives with her stepmother who is actually a nice person, and her stepmother also has the gift to see into other people s hearts I personally can not call her a witch, because she never seemed to be one to me Anyhow, I do not want to give too many spoilers for this enchanting book You will just have to see how the role of Rapunzel is reversed when you read this wonderful book.

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    This short, lovely adaptation just leapt to the top of my list in this series It s an original, well developed twist on the classic tale and the ending is fantastic The heroine is not the princess in the tower, but rather, a strong, intelligent woman who isn t afraid to let her voice be heard Admittedly, there isn t much Grimm here and no real villains per say but I honestly feel that the heroine s personality and strength redeem the bubble gum sweet story that I otherwise would have scoffed at Nicely played

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    I have no real complaints about this book It is the most satisfying book I ve read of the series so far I ve read 3 of them just so you know.Rapunzel starts off by telling us that the tale we have grown up with about her is inaccurate and she precedes to tell us the real story The story sure has its differences Rapunzel is bald, the sorceress is good, a prince is involved but isn t the only one to take credit in saving Rapuzel, and Rapunzel doesn t get stuck in a tower until near the last quarter of the book.Like the other Dokey books you hear a lot about the heart but it didn t bother me like it did in the other one Plus the whole love at first sight thing was sort of clarified I d never been a none believer of love at first sight but I never really thought about it in deapth till now Dokey described it in a way that made sense to me I enjoyed Rapunzel s character For being so distant from people, she wasn t strange if you don t count that she s bald and she had a backbone I liked that she didn t think of herself as ugly just because she was bald although she did want hair.This book gives me lots of hope for the others in the series Its a great fast, light hearted read.

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    I would really give this 2 1 2 stars if I could I was really enjoying the first half I liked the depth that the Rapunzel story had been given and loved the character of Rapunzel However, once it got the second half with the enchanted tower and the witch s daughter, Rue, it started to fall apart for me SPOILER ALERT Rue was supposedly locked in the tower until someone, besides her mother, came along that truly loved her The witch has always thought Rapunzel would be the one to break the spell and so she brings her to the tower Rapunzel and Rue don t get along at first and I was assuming that they would learn to love each other and that would break the spell However, the prince rides up, and in a Cyrano de Bergerac type move, falls in love with the beauty of Rue while he s actually talking to Rapunzel and the next day asks her to marry him, without ever climbing up the tower and really getting to know her, and voila, the spell is broken For the climactic event it certainly didn t carry much moral or emotional depth.

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    Rapunzel is, well, perhaps not what you d expect As bald as an egg, raised by a sorceress, and actually not the most polite young lady ever to pull all the carrots out of a garden But she does have the ability to see the truth And into the hearts of almost everyone.Except herself.And maybe that of the tinker s boy who insists upon calling her Parsley.Quite a bit of fun and a surprisingly radical tale for one so often stuck up in a tower.

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    Rapunzel is my favorite fairy tale, so you can imagine my skepticism learning the Rapunzel in this version has no hair Absolutely none at all But I was charmed by the author s way with words, and by the end, she had me with her version of this story even if I loved it for very different reasons than I love the original tale I read the whole thing in about an hour and a half It s not very long, but it packs a nice little punch Well worth the effort.There are other changes to the tale, both of the superficial nature and a bit significant Rapunzel s mother does crave an herb from a witch s garden, and her father does steal that herb for her, but in this version the witch is not evil, although she does take Rapunzel from her parents In this case, it s because she believes the vain mother who herself possesses vast quantities of beautiful golden hair will not be capable of loving her daughter, who has aforementioned zero hair The witch takes Rapunzel and raises her as her own child When Rapunzel has grown up, however, the story takes a left turn, involving a tinker, witch hunting, and a spell placed on the witch s daughter.In Dokey s hands, the story of Rapunzel becomes one about different kinds of love, especially the love between a parent and a child Dokey is also really good at taking fairy tale constructs and turning them into fleshed out characters I knew exactly who all of these characters were by the end of the book I did check this book out originally as part of a fairy tale retelling anthology called Once, featuring two other stories Dokey had written, re telling Cinderella and Mulan I didn t have time to read them before I returned the book to the library, but I enjoyed this story enough that I am very likely to check out of her stuff in the future.

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    I liked the idea of this book, but I didn t really like the book itself Mostly, my problem came from the writing style which was overly complicated to no end It basically felt to me that the author took a story of no than 50 pages and whipped it up into a longer tale by making the sentences convoluted and long winded than necessary AS for the story itself, I liked the original premise, but I felt it wasn t developed correctlythe first half and the second half felt like entirely different stories, with the first showing a great deal of promise until it was suddenly mashed into the second, rapunzel themed part I thought it was very unclear why rapunzel needed to be the one saving the girl, and how she went about it was equally random Finally, the wizard who set the curse in the first place reacted completely out of proportion, and in doing so ruined many livesand no one seems to think that he should be hunted down and made to answer which I find suspect Might appeal to teens as a remake of rapunzel, but i don t see what sets it apart from other retold tales that would make me recommend this one in particular.

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    A perfect retelling of a story I loved the alternate twist and the reason for it Everyone knows the girl in the tower with the long, long golden hair, but no one knows the Rapunzel of this story Why Because there is another girl.

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    3.5 stars. I m giving this an extra 0.5 star on Goodreads, however, because this novel is quite dear to me I don t know how many times I ve read this ever since I got hold of it way back in 2010 the purchase of it was utterly random, though who would have thought that I would love it this much Have you ever read a book wherein, once you dissect its elements, you realize how, to say the least, awful it is on many levels How it sometimes doesn t seem to make the slightest sense, how the plot sometimes seems off and even ludicrous And yet, despite all these, you find yourself unable to hate this accursed novel completely, even going so far as to proclaim that you like it Well, dear reader, that is precisely how I feel about this one When I was younger, what really appealed to me was the tone of the story, and the very spunky character of Rapunzel I even aspired to be like her, then Her bravery was really admirable Maybe that s the reason why I still love this my perception of it is already colored by the intensity of my feelings then Or perhaps I found a thread of connection between Rapunzel and me I would never know Golden is a retelling of Rapunzel, but, as with every retelling, there s a twist Scratch the image of the Rapunzel you know the one with the lustrous golden mane, flowing down the length of the rustic tower she s entrapped in This Rapunzel is bald as an egg, and she s not your typical damsel in distress either In fact, she s the one who does the saving in the story She is, in the truest sense of the word, the heroine of this tale.Seems quite promising I perfectly understand why my younger self was really in love with this book Upon reading it again after quite a while, however, I was finally able to see some things in it that I had not noticed before or, perhaps, deliberately ignored Here are some issues that I came across view spoiler 1 For some reason, Melisande knew that the couple s baby would be a girl In fact, judging from how she made the woman promise, it seemed like she was aware of what Rapunzel would turn out to be that is, bald And yet, later on, she said that she could not really see the future How does this explain her very prophetic behavior earlier, then 2 The author tends to tell, not show In a way, it seems like the narrator is forcing us to feel a certain way about something Instead of giving us the barest facts and letting us judge for ourselves, the narrator and consequently, the author imposes her views A perfect example is when Rapunzel meets Harry again after three years, saying that he was going to be a heartbreaker and stuff like that 3 The wizard thing It just seems so childish to me come on, you re going to put such a massive curse on someone just because of that 4 When Harry seems to fall in love with Rue after seeing her for the first time Just no Though I must admit that that scene really got me 5 When Rapunzel was so hurt because Harry misunderstood him Oh, for crying out loud Give the guy a break How on earth was he supposed to interpret you just did, after having witnessed everything himself If Rapunzel just paused for a while and kept her emotions at bay, she might have realized that Harry s actions only meant that he really did love her.6 The entire prince business It just doesn t seem believable And the readers can see how Rapunzel placed prime importance on Rue s looks, as if that solved everything, as if physical appearance was the most important thing in the world 7 The prince is just such a shallow character Too 2 dimensional for my taste And a bit of an idiot Come on, you re talking about marriage you re talking about entrusting your kingdom to another person, which, in this case, turns out to be a complete stranger But never mind, she s pretty anyway Never mind, too, that you ve only spoken for minutes prior to the marriage proposal.8 What happened to Rapunzel s mother, by the way Was it ever mentioned 9 Oh, and before I forget it The sorcerer business It just isn t as clear as I hoped it would be The people s sentiments towards a sorceress is just a bit too conflicting and confusing for my liking I will never know if it s fear or something else hide spoiler