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Once again I am disappointed not to find out what happened to little Ruth, sister of Isabel In fact this story never learns one thing about Ruth This story is told through the voice of Curzon as the two escape New York and end up in New Jersey fleeing for freedom There we end up following Curzon as he enlists as a free man in the Continental army to fight for the Revolutionists Isabel runs off to find her sister They meet again when they are both imprisoned again as slaves and owned by Bellingham The relationship between Curzon and Isabel is a tug of war between fighting and eventually ends up as caring and loving each other I loved the story of how Curzon got his name and what it means Eventually they manage another daring escape only to have the novel over and once again being left as a cliff hanger for a third novel Will they even look for Ruth Will they be captured again What happens next Frankly despite that the books are good, I want to be able to read a story without needing three books to get the whole story I am getting a bit worn down by the trilogy books RECOMMEND All because he stole something that should have been his to start with This is historical fiction as it ought to be written a vivid portrait of the times woven from many factual threads as well as period appropriate people and ideas But this is no history, rather an engaging, enjoyable fiction Each chapter opens with an epigram from some primary source draw from letters or journals of that time The story also explores the lot of the common soldier encamped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania that brutal winter of 1777 8 My humors fell out of balance, and I became tetchy and sour minded The voice of the protagonist, a young black male fleeing from slavery and joining the fight for American independence, sounds authentic Written to simultaneously capture the attention and persuade young readers Even from his grave, Father could be an annoying fellow A fictional treatment of American slavery risks either sugar coating what was an awful reality or demonizing everyone and everything involved Anderson draws a clear line against slavery while exploring the varying attitudes and justifications of that day The land which we have watered with our tears and blood is now our mother country A good, standalone read, even though it is the sequel to Chains If our luck does not turn for the good on its own, she said, we ll make it turn. The refresher course in American history was my favorite thing about this book Valley Forge, winter of 1777 78 Remember learning about that in school Thousands of men and quite a few women, too starved and froze all winter long, and many died The suffering was largely a result of incompetence and poor planning on the part of their leaders Some things never changeThe continuing story of Curzon and Isabel was enjoyable, if a little contrived I think it will appeal to young people as they imagine what kids their age were facing 230 years ago Many of the soldiers at Valley Forge were really just boys in their early teen years Laurie Halse Anderson s research is impeccable I admire her dedication to accuracy in writing historical novels for young adults Her stories have enough complexity to appeal to mature readers as well Book 3, Ashes, is due out next year I ll be eagerly watching for it. Left hanging as to what happened to Isabel and Curzon in Chains, book one of Seeds of America, the action continues to steamroll with Curzon finding himself in the middle of the British fighting the Patriots during the Revolutionary War Isabel has run off tired of waiting for the two to go find Ruth after fleeing to freedom and Curzon is trying to find her He gets lost and ends up saving the life of Eben a brawny boy his age with a big voice and big heart A series of mishaps leads Curzon to enlisting and making friends with a troop of soldiers Not everyone welcomes a black soldier, but throughout the course of trying to survive Valley Forge, they form a bond that goes beyond prejudices The author is fantastic with historical details making this better than your average historical novel The character development of Curzon is terrific with Eben, but falls off some with Isabel Her reaction to him was cooler than I expected and some of her actions didn t make sense I kept waiting for explanations regarding their fight but it never comes and as a result the romance seemed rushed Eben and his fight with Curzon, for instance, was interesting because it showed him having to face his prejudices and think about not going along with common opinion that was another human being owning a person based solely on the color of his or her skin When Curzon arrives at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777, the author captures the ill prepared army and dire conditions the soldiers had to survive in during subzero temperatures Lacking shoes, shelter and food, thousands of men died that winter Curzon s descriptions of eating firecakes is unforgettable Animals suffered as well One chapter describes the supply wagon arriving and the horse dying shortly thereafter And just like in Chains, Halse Anderson captures the dilemma facing black soldiers such as Curzon who are lied to by masters or told they are free and then find they are not because the white man selfishly wants to enslave them for his own needs Injustices abound and even so for Isabel that is forced to wear an iron collar The plot has some conveniences that seem contrived, but for the most part there is plenty of action and adventure When Eben and Curzon fight, Curzon asks him if only white man can be free Eben says of course not thinking of the free black men he grew up with at home When Curzon asks if slaves can be free and Eben says of course not because they are owned by a master, Curzon says this is an unnatural law and compares it to the Patriots fighting against the British government and their unfair laws Eben gets mad at him for the comparison and the two don t speak, but Curzon has planted the seed of equality in Eben who is a fair and just person It is not surprising at the end when he has empathy for Curzon and changes his mind Again this story ends on an exciting cliffhanger Another winner by Hale Anderson. This is the second book in a trilogy I enjoyed Chains than this, probably because it is Curzon s story, not Isabel s, and so I will likely be reading the 3rd book in order to get the rest of the story The author does a great job of making history come alive. Every bit as powerful, heart poundingly suspenseful, fascinating, and honest as CHAINS I am in love with this series Curzon s voice is so solidly written, and every time you think you can put the book down, something unthinkable happens and you have to keep reading Not that this is a bad thing, it can just keep you up later than you d like and make you extend your lunch breaks, etcThis made me think a lot especially since yesterday was Veteran s Day about how many soldiers camped in miserable conditions at Valley Forge, things I cannot imagine enduring, like going shoeless in the snow, eating burnt flour morning and night, and having to watch so many die of disease or infection or undergo amputations, all to win freedom for America, and yet African American soldiers could not count on freedom for themselves I investigated the wars where soldiers died of disease than of battle wounds and discovered that this is true for essentially every war in history up through World War I because of the Spanish Flu outbreak So yesterday I felt thankful for all of the medical advances that have been made, but sad that human intelligence has not yet advanced past war or past the idea that not all of us are created equal I remain hopeful that both of these advancements will one day be made..Thank you to Laurie Halse Anderson for keeping these topics so relevant through your work. Honestly I thought it was great having my favorite character from the first book as the main character in this one. Forge,the outstanding sequel to Chains, by truly gifted YA author Laurie Halse Anderson, will turn even reluctant readers into lovers of historical fiction and make history buffs out of even the most resistant student young or old The very accurate descriptions of the horrid living conditions in the colonial military camps during the winter of 1777 sound like something out of holocaust history The battle scenes are equally accurate, equally horrifying and action packed Anderson also does a great job of capturing the idealism, optimism and courage of the young inexperienced colonial fighters Even gripping than the story of the war is the story of the slaves who were promised freedom if they enlisted for the colonies and were also promised freedom and riches if they spied on their masters for the British Adult readers know neither side has any intention of keeping its promise, but YA readers with their strong sense of fairness and clearly defined ideas of right and wrong will be shocked at the callousness and cruelty of the slave owners and some of the soldiers I loved that Anderson begins each chapter with quotes from letters actually written by people involved in the Revolution and the events of the novel Some of the quotes are from leaders like Thomas Payne and Abigail Adams, and some are from ordinary colonists Forge will be a great movie and a classic YA novel. After escaping with Isabel, both her and Curzon are on the run As both are still property of their white owners, they must move fast and stay out of sight However, tensions between Isabel and Curzon cause that this pair go their separate ways Unaware of Isabel s whereabouts, Curzon moves on eventually joining the Continental Army Soon Curzon finds himself in Valley Forge, preparing to face the British The greatetest enemy, however, that he has to face are the natural elements that welcome the ill prepared American side As he struggles to survive the winter, Isabel is not far from Curzon s thoughts.The sequel to Chains , Forge is told from Curzon s point of view After Isabel helps free Curzon from jail, both of them run and hope to find Ruth Isabel s sister Being on the run, however, raises the tension between this pair and they part ways Curzon moves on and finds himself amid a battle between the patriots and the loyalists He helps save Eben, a soldier for the American side What follows is that Curzon signs up in the Continental Army despite the fact that he is not free While aimed at a younger audience, Anderson greatly depicts the struggles and difficulties of war She again, brings up slavery and race and that lingering question of how can the Americans fight for freedom when they are reluctant to free their slaves The prose is well written and the tone complicated yet hopeful Anderson transported the reader to Valley Forge in the midst of winter Delivering a historically accurate and moving narrative, this was good read.Valley Forge was an iconic landmark during the war George Washington choose this land for its strategic location to Philadelphia What he did not take into account was the winter and the bitter cold Because of that the 12,000 people that marched into Valley Forge were ill prepared The soldiers had to build their lodgings, did not the proper clothing to sustain the winter and had very little in the way of food Surviving mainly on firecakes flour and water mixed togther, then cooked on heated stones , the soldiers labored under harsh conditions Because of the terrible road conditions, it was near impossible for food and supplies to reach the camp Thousands died due to starvation, cold and disease Many lost limbs due to frostbite and its important to remember that many of the soldiers were young boys Anderson portarys this in the narrative vividly. In This Compelling Sequel To Chains, A National Book Award Finalist And Winner Of The Scott O Dell Award For Historical Fiction, Acclaimed Author Laurie Halse Anderson Shifts Perspective From Isabel To Curzon And Brings To The Page The Tale Of What It Takes For Runaway Slaves To Forge Their Own Paths In A World Of Obstacles And In The Midst Of The American Revolution The Patriot Army Was Shaped And Strengthened By The Desperate Circumstances Of The Valley Forge Winter This Is Where Curzon The Boy Becomes Curzon The Young Man In Addition To The Hardships Of Soldiering, He Lives With The Fear Of Discovery, For He Is An Escaped Slave Passing For Free And Then There Is Isabel, Who Is Also At Valley Forge Against Her Will She And Curzon Have To Sort Out The Tangled Threads Of Their Friendship While Figuring Out What Stands Between The Two Of Them And True Freedom