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Having grown up in a large family I could instantly identify with Rin She is the youngest agget kin and just does not know where she fits So she imitates How many of us do this We try to figure out what our parents, brothers, sisters, friends want us to be and we try to imitate that Rin was grown up for her age of 15 She was introspective and aware that she is not the only one that matters Very unlike normal teenagers I enjoyed this book the most out of the bayern series I feel like I have watched the characters grow up and change Isi has become a mother and a queen, Enna has learned to love herself and others, Razo has come to understand that even normal people hold great power, and finally Rin learned that it is the person who makes gifts what they are, not the gift itself.Shannon Hale writes fairy tales for the teenage girl And frequently her message is that we can do hard things That is something lost in our culture I also believe that there are people who have people speaking I have met them, and they will destroy those that are closest to them Yet, the ones they hurt keep coming back I wish when I was a teenager I could have spotted these people better and then I could have avoided them A very worthwhile read Move over Cinderella and Snow White There are new girls in town and they can actually kick butt. Belabored Drawn out Page after page saying the same plot piece Characters re enacting their same idiosyncrasies endlessly every time they open their mouths One of the characters was so repetitious and persistent, that I skimmed whatever he said toward the end of the book There is also a very strong and frightening co dependency that is only given a passing nod rather than actually being dealt with Through most of the book, the main character is addressed in a condescending, mocking, or set apart manner like she s not a real person Her brother is the worst culprit, yet she s supposed to love him than anyone.The humor in the book tries way too hard It s like every time Hale wrote a line that could be interpreted in a different way, she turned it into a joke It gets old Fast And the joking manner of the females and how the males love them best when they are angry or murderous not funny either Condescending toward all the women, again The writing is loose and baggy it reads like an early draft The great thing about her first novel, Goose Girl, was that she had obviously reworked the story and rewritten it until it was truly finished Not this one Slap dash In short, Hale s editor failed her Her editor should have said, This is a good idea Shannon Go rewrite it a few times and then we ll see if it s fully formed You have some good moments But instead, her editor said, Great, another book Let s get it in print and make money I think I m done with Hale Unless someone whose taste I trust recommends something by her, I think I ll just let her go by now Too many disappointments in a row Goose Girl is still her best book BY FAR. A disappointing end to the Books of Bayern quartet Having heard about Razo s little sister Rinna in earlier books, I was looking forward to seeing what she was like as a character I don t have River Secrets to hand, but in that book Razo describes his sister as someone annoying that you can t help loving From that, I assumed that Rin would actually have a personality, but no She was completely bland How can you identify with someone who s determined to be nothing and changes her personality to fit in with whoever she s speaking to I think the book would have been far interesting if Hale had focused on Rin s people speaking and explored what it s like having such power when you want to be a good person Instead it was all about Rin s tree speaking, which given that trees are inanimate objects led to lots of one sided rumination on Rin s part And by rumination I mean wangst Her internal struggle that runs through most of the book was desperately boring.Rin discovering that she could move in slow motion seemed utterly ridiculous Why did tree speaking even have to have a power in the first place Just so Hale could write a climactic scene like something out of the Matrix, I suspect Also, the idea of tree speaking balancing out people speaking didn t sit quite right with me.But I like that Forest Born was about trusting yourself and allowing yourself to blossom and walk in the sunlight and be powerful, especially after so long of hiding in the shadows and pretending to be nothing That s a good message It s just a shame it was smothered by a dull and repetitive story.I have to say, I was as impressed as Razo by the term fire sisters I cringed every time I read it Not that Razo was much better Love the lips, not the ribs Seriously Speaking of cringing, I m not fond of reading scenes with young children, like when Tusken is all, Win Win to get Rin s attention There were endless descriptions of Rin cuddling kissing him and the games they played all day long Considering this is a teen book, it seemed out of place.And now for the big spoiler I HATED that it was Selia Selia was behind everything Selia started the war, Selia did this, Selia did that It made everything from the previous books seem cheap Revealing that there was a big villain behind the scenes all along made it less real Instead of there being larger forces at work the Tiran war, Ledel training his own fire speakers it was all down to Selia It s such a cop out Whatever happened to shades of grey, and everyone having their own motivation Selia can t be the only evil person in the world Before this revelation it felt like there was a whole WORLD in these books, with hundreds of stories and threads and plot intertwining and now Now it was all Selia, lol I don t know why every single time I pick up one of these books I m always surprised that it draws me in so quickly After I turned the last page I decided right there and then that one day I m going to re read the whole series again, and cross my fingers that Shannon Hale will get the notion to makeoneThough I should add, that really like with the other books it can stand alone and ends well.For the fourth book of Bayern we get to explore the life of Razo s little sister, Rin Rin is the good girl, Ma s favorite child and Razo s best friend She can do no wrong but Rin knows the truth Rin can listen to the trees but what really eats her is a secret that she s been hiding for too long Unbeknownst to her, that secret she harbors will be a key part in saving the great Kingdom of Bayern.Hale is just perfect at world building She gets better every time Every book a building block in the knowledge of this world I feel like this place actually exists, and that really is creating magic Rin s story was a bit difficult to read because at one point you just feel just as defeated as her and beat down, but you just know that somehow they all will figure something out Plenty of Razo, Finn, Geric, Dasha, Enna and Isi to go around in this story, and I appreciated that You kind of grow up with them and see how they ve changed but also keep true to themselves The plot had great pacing but I won t go into that so you can be good and surprised once you read it.I feel in a way that I have a kinship to Bayern and will always root for them I love the pride that Rin, Razo, Enna and Finn have being Forest born, as they should By the end of the story Forest born Rin learns that being your true self sometimes takes time to find out, but that s ok and just part of the road we all go through. I m sad to say that this was the last of Shannon Hales Books of Bayern series However, I really enjoyed it.Razo and Rin are and will always be two of my most favorite characters Razo is hilarious The two share a strong brother sister bond which is really cool.You did a GREAT job, Shannon Hale I will always be a fan Oh and Enna and Finn finally get married Edit 1 14 18 I just finished reading this book a second time through I loved this book so much I m proud to own a copy now Rin and Razo will forever be my favorite characters I almost feel guilty giving this five stars after reading Shannon s latest blogs on star ratings, but I can t help myself This book oh my goodness Let me try to put this into words.Shannon Hale has outdone herself again I cannot BELIEVE how much I loved this book It was different then her other books so much internal conflict I felt like she wrote this book specifically for me it s taken such a special part in my heart.The writing was wonderful Of course Enough said.The story was original, intriguing, and the POV made the feeling absolutely relatable, heart wrenching, and magical Rin was a wonderful character who I absolutely love She was a very different voice in the series.What I love, is even after their books are over, Shannon s supporting characters continue to grow For example, in this book, you see how Isi has kept growing Same with Enna, and Razo, and Finn, and Dasha, and even Conrad makes an appearance in this book that I appreciated So overall, absolutely amazing I suggest it to any fan of the series, and if you haven t read the Book of Bayern yet, I highly suggest you pick them up next time you re at the library. Best EPub, Forest Born Author Shannon Hale This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Forest Born, Essay By Shannon Hale Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Another Bayern book, which I wasn t really wild aboutbut then again I didn t love Enna and River right away, so it might grow on me to be a 4 star review My problem was that Rin was such a non character, in the beginning She is quite literally a shadow who eventually takes form And it s hard to identify with a shadow I will not spoil the two big twists Shannon Hale has said not to spoil, because that s just mean I will say that I felt the book had too many cliches, Isi has a baby, baby in jeopardy time, and old enemies always return for the sequel.Full Review Rin is sure that something is wrong with her something really bad Something that is keeping her from feeling at home in the Forest homestead where she s lived all her life Something that is keeping her from trusting herself with anyone at all When her brother Razo returns from the city for a visit, she accompanies him to the palace, hoping that she can find peace away from home But war has come to Bayern again, and Rin is compelled to join the queen and her closest allies magical girls Rin thinks of as the Fire Sisters as they venture into the Forest toward Kel, the land where someone seems to want them all dead Many beloved Bayern characters reappear in this story, but it is Rin s own journey of discovering how to balance the good and the bad in herself that drives this compelling adventure Shannon Hale has been a very busy writer, since her last Bayern book was released in 2006 She has written two adult books, another adaptation of a fairy tale and a graphic novel But with Forest Born she finally gives us readers what we have been waiting for, a return to Bayern In this book we follow Rin, Razo s little sister Her abilities are far different to any of the fire sisters we have seen before, which also leads to a new free flowing, train of thought writing when we are in Rin s mind We see all the characters we love and learn what has been happening in their lives But I had problems with Rin as the focal point of all these intertwined lives Rin is such a non character, in the beginning, and she was obviously written as such She is quite literally a shadow who eventually takes form But it is hard to befriend a shadow It is hard to identify with a wraith It is hard to take a girl into your heart who you aren t sure who she is But then again she doesn t know who she is either, and therefore your unease with her mirrors her own feelings about herself very well I found Rin and her powers fascinating, but I think her progress could have been rapid in parts It takes awhile to face your demons, but sometimes narratively they should be faced faster.The journeys contained within the book, both of body and mind lead our characters to Kel There they do valiant deeds and Rin discovers about herself than she originally bargained for when she followed Razo to the great city I will not spoil anything as per the author s request, but I felt that Shannon Hale relied too much on a few cliched conventions in this book then her previous ventures When I went to WisCon back in May I attended a panel entitled Kick Ass Moms wherein the authors discussed the habit of when you have a mother the cliched thing to do is to put that child in danger Baby jeopardy is a big theme which is overused, and Shannon Hale does use this in Forest Born She does handle it better than I was expecting, but still, I m not sure it works as a driving plot force for a teen book Also she uses the old trick of old enemies always return for the sequel It felt a bit like that last scene in Bruce Campbell s film, My Name is Bruce, where they have just defeated Guan Di, and then the sequel set up is literally two seconds later While the end result is great, it still felt a little worn.But in the final analysis I loved seeing where our friends in Bayern have ended up and even if I wasn t wild about Forest Born the first read through, it got the same rating I gave Enna Burning the first time, and I now love Enna So Forest Born might grow on me to be a four star review, now that I know Rin I d be willing to give it another chance But it is strongly recommended for all those who love the denizens of Bayern. It was the most twisted plot I loved it It had so much excitement I didn t like thou that Rin never found love. I first read this book years ago, as a galley, and I haven t reread it since In the interval I ve changed my own self perception a lot, both via the normal self exploration of college and via diagnoses for depression and anxiety so it was weirdly comforting to come back to this book and remember that, years ago before I realized what was going on in my brain, I read Rin s story as an allegory for depression, and that it still holds true now.I know there are some people who don t find this book very engaging, either for the passivity of the protagonist or the slowness of its movement, but for me those aspects are really key All of Hale s leading ladies struggle with internal conflict, but Rin s is one of the most complex simply because she has so little sense of self She s not like Isi, whose conflicts are mirrored directly by external factors, or like Enna s dramatic troubles Rin is in the painful position of not knowing much about who she is except the parts she hates, and that draws her inward to a greater degree than any of the other Bayern protagonists As someone who often feels like there s nothing good to me, that really resonates Rin s slow path to self acceptance and forward progress, while resolved a bit neatly than actual depression, was genuinely comforting to read, and I appreciated that her emotional resolution didn t come through the resolution of the external plot but from intense reflection.Another factor that I loved about this book and one of the things that keeps me coming back to this series is the complete narrative dominance of the heroines There are several points where they literally send their male love interests away because the women are capable of handling the problems at hand than the men This isn t to say that the male characters aren t good at things, but that it s refreshing to read books where ladies take the lead and their beaus serve in support roles, since it s so often the other way around Not only that, but the friendship between the fire sisters and Rin is one of the central emotional touchstones of the book, and most of the external catalysts for Rin s growth are female characters Shannon Hale really does do a great job of writing not only diverse, compelling female characters but also of writing friendships and support between them, and that is so important and so rare view spoiler I would be remiss not to mention Selia s presence here, which I honestly loved Seeing her from Rin s perspective made her much rounded and nuanced, and Rin s analysis of where her endless desire for power came from made me almost sympathetic towards her Her ending was a bit ignominious, but I can see the rationale for not letting any of the main characters kill her, and it did resolve the plot neatly hide spoiler