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Prime For the Love of Jade Author Diamond Drake –

It took me awhile to get into this book It didn t get interstin for me until the middle of the book I was up til three this AM readin it, and cryin my eyes out SMH Jade and Pierce have a love that most people can only dream of havin they couldn t keep they re hands off each other The trials they encountered were so tryin and sad I liked that Diamond Drake made her characters seem very real From the conversations that they had, to the drama they lived and the events they went through were realistic Pierce s sisters were a mess but they were still a lovin family Tamara is the type of BFF a woman needs in her life Landon, Landon, Landon sighs what can I say He was a good big bro, and those kids were too cute I enjoyed it Thank you Diamond Drake for givin me this good read. All I can say is have a roll of tissue handy cause you gonna need it I went through every emotion humanly possible with this book It was happy sad funny devastating heartfelt and real I loved it I read it right after Imagined Love cause I HAD to know what happened next Diamond didn t disappoint Definitely a fan. Diamond S Debut Novel Will Leave You Thirsty For Wanda B Campbell, Best Selling Author Of Illusions This Book Is One You Will Fall In Love With Erika Miller, DOT Magazine Columnist I Truly Enjoyed Reading Imagined Love Turning Pages Book ClubJADE, Now A Stay Home Wife And Mother Of Three Is Caught In The Middle Of The Two Men She Loves Most Her Husband And The Man He Believes Is In Love With Her In Between The Parties And Family Events She Organizes, Jade Toils To Keep The Peace And Just When She Thinks She S Done So, Another Man Enters Her Life Vying For A Piece Of Her Heart It S Enough To Stress Her Out Though, Nothing Could Ve Prepared Jade For The Devastating Tragedy And Unexpected Betrayal That Will Leave Her Questioning Whether True Love Really Exists With The Cast Of Characters From Imagined Love, Drake Delves Deep Into Matters Of The Heart And Shows What Others Are Willing To Do For The Love Of Jade I loved the first book I read by this author so going into this one, my expectations were through the roof and I was not disappointed I love the authors writing style I also love the fact that she doesn t elaborate about a lot of thing that aren t necessary She gives you just the right amount of information needed I recommend this book 5 STARS Diamond Drake keep up the good work I can t wait to read by you. LOVED ITANOTHER 5 STAR FOR DIAMOND DRAKE Ohhhh this was a great story You know a book is good when an author can bring you to tears This is my second book by Diamond Drake, and I m officially a fan Not only do I recommend this book, but I also recommend having a box of Kleenex nearby when you read it. Jade Caldwell fell in love the moment she saw Pierce Jamison, but her past experience with men left her leery So many times she had loved and trusted a man only to have her heart ripped out Finally Pierce wore her down, they dating and then elope as he didn t want to wait After they said their vows, Jade agreed to give up her wedding planner business she had with her brother when the children came They could hardly keep their hands off of each other and they had two children back to back and then there was his son Dane Jade had wrote stories to read to her children and then her brother Landon talked her into publishing her stories.Pierce Jamison was very angry when Landon broke his plan to them Landon had done all the work before he ever ask Jade Weren t writers suppose to travel to promote their books He had the store to run although he didn t need the money as he was well off and besides Jade had promised He never liked her brother as he knew Landon wanted her for himselfSTARS, what a great story that read like a soap opera with so many plots, silly games, betrayal, counter plots, death, and a whole lot of laughter that I couldn t put this down Copied from reviews Standing ovation profoundly moved by this novel , September 4, 2012By MW This review is from For The Love Of Jade Paperback This well written, well paced, novel profoundly touched my heart I experienced every emotion while reading For the Love of Jade It s a seamless sequel to Imagined Love , but it s also great as a stand alone novel As customary, Diamond Drake s complex characters and plots kept me on the edge of my seat I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys being completely enveloped into a book because you won t be able to put this one down Emotional, emotional, emotional , February 15, 2012By M.T.This review is from For The Love Of Jade Paperback For the Love of Jade is the emotional sequel to Diamond Drake s Imagined Love There were a lot of unexpected twists that left me breathless It s hard to really say anything without giving away the plot but it was definitely a wonderful read You ll never look at butterflies the same way again Trust me, once you read For the Love of Jade you ll understand what that means I can t wait to see what s next from this author. Diamond Drake s For the Love of Jade was an excellent novel to read Just when you think you ve discovered each character s role in the story, you are given and meat to nourish you very being The heroine, Jade, was the glue that kept me turning each page because she was just as flawed as her family, and friends Don t get her mad because she will strike like the rest Tamara, Pierce, Willa, Alexandra, Diana, Justin, etc This book depicts us all as individuals with an angel on one shoulder and of course the devil on the other making you wonder who will win in this journal formatted story I cried, laughed, cursed and said to myself if that ain t me who is she talking about Drake sold me on this story and I highly recommend this multicultural book BTW, although For the Love of Jade is the sequel to Imagine Love, it can be read alone because Drake is very descriptive and gives great details of the past happenings 5 stars Wow That s all I can say I m not very good at writing these reviews, but I will say this author is awesome I love her writing style This book was just as good as this first one I laughed, I cried It was just a very good part 2 to a book Usually if there are then one book the 2nd one is never as good as the first In this case the 2nd part is just as good as the first part I m going being telling everybody I know that reads to read these books I loved them I haven t read books this good in a while All I can say is if your reading this review go pick up every book by Diamond Drake they are a guaranteed good read.