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I loved Fairy Tale It felt like my own personalized blend of fantasy and reality Sometimes I m a bit leery that fantasy books will be so much fantasy that I will be lost, I need fantasy that is extremely grounded in our own reality and I found that with Fairy Tale It made it all the exciting for me when fantastical elements were introduced I just loved the way the author crafted her story.I loved the three main characters I just got Morgan and her sense of humor And Cam and Pip, can you say a sandwich of cute sweet boys I loved the push and pull between the three of them, and the relationships that grow and change throughout the book.I also found the book to be really touching, what a dilemma these characters face, no matter what happens if Cam stays or goes someone is going to be losing I had an inkling as to what would happen in the end and it did make the most sense but I wasn t really sure which way I wanted it to go, I kind of liked both possibilities The book hooked me in and I basically had to know what was going to happen RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT Ultimately I really liked the ending the author gave us.I think that Fairy Tale would be a great book for someone to start with if they were interested in the Fantasy genre but were a little unsure I loved it Can t wait to see what the author comes up with next Oddly surprising, and I m still debating if that is necessarily good or bad I m leaning towards good though.Morgan and Cam have been together basically their whole lives They live next door to each and even share the same birthday All feels right in Morgan s world She helps people by being able to foresee the future, but as any gift it has its limits and sometimes causes people some pain, herself included Her boyfriend is the star quarter back of the football team, and right now they are planning their big 16th birthday bash That model perfect life isn t as solid as Morgan thinks because as it turns out her utterly amazing boyfriend is a fairy He has to return to the fairy world and serve as the King of that realm Well Morgan will not accept this She may have the disadvantage here but with the help of a human from the fairy world named Pip, she will keep Cam here no matter what happens But questions arise Will Cam be ok with being a fairy in the human world Is their love enough to weather all this Can everybody live with the consequences this will cause The writing had a very distinct teenage voice I was not expecting Lots of brand names, shows, and other pop culture references were in it Actually it felt like it was a bit over the top but it made the book really accessible and easy to read And the author does a good job of making you feel invested in the story I was eager to know how Morgan was going to help Cam, when it seems virtually impossible to do so without hurting somebody The most interesting aspect I d say was the transformations of both the guys Pip was my favorite character Who is so genuine and honest, probably too much for his own good Morgan tries her hardest to understand and help Cam, but it becomes apparent fairly quickly she may be in over her head At times the book felt like it lacked a sense of urgency There is a deadline and small window of opportunity to make this happen and that didn t always come through I would also have liked to have seen of Cam and what he went through Then I thought her gift of seeing the future actually didn t add too much to the story I understand why it was put there, but it didn t play a bigger role like I thought it would.Weirdly enough I was ok with how it ended Throughout the whole book I kept thinking I was not going to be ok with any ending It was going to make me sad, and though it has a twinge of sadness in it isn t anything I couldn t live with It s a such a sweet and original story, and I m positive other readers will love it than I do It just didn t quite do it for me, but now I ll be on the lookout for what other stories Cyn Balog has to tell. Fairy Tale is Cyn Balog s debut novel I must admit that I loved the original title Fairy Lust, but novel was fantastic no matter the title I m a huge fan on the fairy fae genre, so I m always on the lookout for fairy related literature Fairy Tale is in the lighter side of the genre compared to say the darker content of Melissa Marr Holly Black I d group Fairy Tale with Wondrous Strange by Lelsey Livingston and Lament by Maggie Stiefvater.This novel was addicting I absolutely loved Balog s writing style It had a wonderful flow and was easy to read, plus it told an incredible story There are always similarities amongst stories featuring fairies, but I thought Balog s attempt was notably unique I also enjoyed that the story was told through the eyes of Morgan the human, rather than Cam who was experiencing the changes Balog s character s were impressive I loved Morgan s character, she was a charming and relatable character She totally underestimates herself, but her humbleness makes her even appealing And Cam and Pip, their stories of transformation were captivating If I had to name a villain it would probably be Dawn, but Balog somehow makes even her conniving character worthy of empathy Awesome debut novel, awesome fairy novel. Most ya fiction captures the deep emotion of teenage life without the drama queen narcissism This book is not one of them If you can imagine a gaggle of self absorbed girls jabbering away in high pitched squeal, you d have a good grasp on the voice It s like nails on a chalkboard to me By the end of the first chapter I was ready to gag and chapters two and three were even worse I nearly gave up at that point it s hard to read a book in a POV you cannot relate to Fortunately, there is some funny internal commentary to Morgan that redeems her and makes her less annoying as the book progresses.The plot is about a girl with a fairy tale life complete with star quarterback drop dead gorgeous boyfriend who so happens to be her next door neighbor since birth look up Westermark effect and so happens to have the same birthday as her A little too perfect, but it all comes tumbling down when her boyfriend discovers that he s actually a fairy and at their upcoming sweet sixteen birthday party he s supposed to go back and be king in fairy world It s not a charming romance between an ordinary girl and a magical fairy, but a struggling one where they are fighting to keep the relationship and their hearts together while these worlds are driving them apart It starts off romantic and cheesy and falls apart I like that.Besides the voice, I had a few issues with the book I found it implausible that Cam could be a fairy his whole life and not sprout wings and start shrinking until about a week before he gets his fairy powers I also thought there were unanswered questions about Pip s history in Otherworld why he was really hurt how exactly do the portals work and Morgan s psychic ability I thought that was going to play into some twist at the end There s a lot of inference to the enchantress mystery with no answers it s just part of the story so Morgan could see Dawn and Cam s changes And if fairy magic did not work on Morgan, how come Pip was starting to look hot to her Plus if Pip is supposed to be Cam s replacement, shouldn t he take his name too The were also a few minor inconsistencies within the story, but not anything that would distract the target market in for a light read This is definitely not crossover fiction for adults, and with references to things like The OC and Sevens, it assuredly dates the novel, but I think girls today will enjoy it and relate to the protagonist It s not deep or profound, but it is a fun read It d categorize the book as young adult chick lit I liked that Balog didn t pull out an inconceivable ending to a story that seems to have no happy resolution Although the ending is predictable I still found it satisfying and thought Balog did a good job of getting the reader to change course and want the ending that isn t exactly happy but it isn t exactly sad it s just what s meant to be. Summary Morgan and Cameron have been together since birth But a week before their joint birthdays, Cam s cousin Pip appears out of nowhere To add fuel to the fire, he s here to take Cam s place in the life Why Because for Cam s 16th birthday his present is to take over the throne as Fairy King Slowly Cam transforms into a winged fairy and Pip is turning, well hot With the help of Dawn, Cam s guide to the other world but also his betrothed, he learns to accept his destiny But where does this leave Morgan She ll do anything to save Cam and keep him here in their world, even if it defies fate or what they truly desire Review When I first heard about Fairy Tale, I knew right away I just had to get this book Fairy Tale was a fun read from start to finish What I love about this book was how it was not too overly dramatic The emotions there were real and understanding and never once over the top, like water works sprouting every half page Some of the highlight characters for me were definitely Pip and Dawn Pip had this guy next book type of vibe, this adorable yet hot persona I love his chivalrous attitude and devotion of love that he shows to Morgan Dawn as well was a great character for me Despite the fact that she s the so called villain in the novel, I just could not help but empathize with her The ending is also love for me It was bittersweet but definitely well done Again nicely executed and nothing too over the top It fell right in place with the overall storyline Bravo Since the ending can either make or break the book sometimes.But I have some problems with this book Some parts of Fairy Tale gave me a reminiscence of Wondrous Strange A Cam is the prince to the Otherworld Kelly was the princess B They both involved something being stolen in their cribs and placed in the other world Aside from this, I had a few questions regarding the novel Say by day, Cam is slowly changing into a fairy, but no one notices, however Pip is changing as well Do people notice his sudden growth change What about going back and forth from the fairy world They mention it s an invisible portal but that doesn t really explain the details of it And how did they, the fairies, know that Cam was still alive I am not entirely saying that Fairy Tale was completely the same as Wondrous Strange That, my dear, is called plagiarizing Fairy Tale still brings a new voice to the ever growing category Overall These are all small little details that the reader will not really notice unless you want to nick and pick And overall Fairy Tale was a fun read. Morgan and Cam have always been together Their fun and easy friendship naturally transitioned into a comfortable and loving relationship Everything is perfect They seem to be a match made in heaven They even share the same birthday and Morgan and Cam have been planning a big sweet sixteen birthday bash for months.A week before the big event things start to change A stranger named Pip moves in with Cam and there seems to be secrets surrounding the reason for his appearance Morgan begins to get a glimpse of what is going on when Cam drags her into an empty classroom at school and reveals a pair of wings ready to burst out of their encasement on his back.Cam is a fairy He is the heir to the throne of Otherworld and the Fairy King wants him back to start preparing for his future This isn t how Morgan saw her life at all How is she going to spend the rest of her life with Cam if he is a fairy More importantly, how is she supposed to plan and enjoy a sweet sixteen party when it s the same night Cam is supposed to go over to Otherworld Cyn Balog has done something interesting She has written a wonderful fairy story, but we get to experience it through Morgan s human point of view The characters are loveable and the story is unique Fans of Melissa Marr s WICKED LOVELY and Cassandra Clare s MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series will definitely want to read FAIRY LUST. A quick, sweet and fun read.Girl and boy grows up together and falls in love Girl finds out boy is really a fairy changeling Another cute boy, the human boy who was kidnapped by fairies returns to the human world to take his place back Love triangle is formed Girl has to choose between fairy boy and human boy Morgan is the 15 year old girl Fairy changeling is Cam Human boy is Pip All three have the same birthdays and are turning 16 on October 15th For Morgan, turning 16 means the world to her For Cam, it means that he ll get his full powers as a Fairy and that the portal to his world, Otherworld, will open up for him and is the only time he could go back For Pip, it could mean that he has to return to Otherworld to take Cam s place if Cam decides to stay with Morgan and live in the human world But Pip can t possibly return there because he is considered low class, a slave, and was beaten when he lived in the fairy world Going back to Otherworld means a huge sacrifice on his part I really enjoyed the sweet and poignant story of these three characters It was a quick, fun, and uncomplicated read It was nice to read a fantastical paranormal stand alone book for a change and could just be appreciated as is I still wonder about Morgan though I think there s to her than meets the eye with her ability to withstand fairy magic and actually see the Fairies And what if it s true that she was the reason why Cam was able to live this long and healthy when he was predicted to die young And there s of course her ability to tell the future Pip s called her an enchantress a few times What is she really But I guess now we ll never know But in this case, a little mystery for me isn t such a bad thing As for Cam and Pip, I think Cam is better off embracing his true nature especially if it comes with the power to heal and make a difference in other people s lives And Pip I love his character There s something so adorable about him and I just love his selflessness He s the most giving person in this story and it warms me to always read about it Just a charming book about teen romance with a touch of magic 1 2 3 Boo Cam and Morgan have been together as long as either of them can remember Neighbors, best friends, and sweethearts for life When Cam s cousin Pip comes for a visit, suddenly Morgan s never failing visions of the future show a changed Cam, and then no Cam at all When Cam comes clean with Morgan about what is really going on with him, it turns out to be, well, his own real life Fairy Tale Cam was born a fairy, he was accidentally switched at birth with a mortal infant Pip Now something has happened to his fairy brother and heir to the throne, and the fairies are demanding Cam return to rule Otherworld as their king Cam, Morgan, and Pip are forced to take a difficult look at their situation Instead of the strapping , capable athlete Cam once was, he is physically diminishing even though due to fairy magic only Morgan can see it Cam s fairy training is taking up his time and attention His focus has changed Cam has changed Morgan has always loved Cam 1 2 3 , and she always will Still, if she loves him can she really be so selfish as to deny him his destiny because she is afraid to be without him Especially, when for the first time in her life, she is experiencing feelings for someone else Pip Although painfully awkward upon his arrival on earth, Pip has evolved into someone quite Cam like, so naturally that it seems his birthright Having never fit into Otherworld, in fact he lived a lonely existence of abuse and alienation Pip is inexplicably ready to sacrifice his happiness for Morgan s for her true love The thing is, things often don t turn out according to plan Sometimes the detour is better than the route laid out in detail on the map of your future.Sometimes fairy tales do come true This book was horrible The main character had every bad female characteristic I could possibly imagine it actually made me angry She was sarcastic, selfish, and a cry baby The only reason I finished the book was that I was praying she would redeem herself in the end and make me feel better Actually, it only got worse The only good thing associated with this book was that my 13 year old daughter, who was reading it at the same time as me, hated her even if that is possible and couldn t finish the book This is the longest review I have ever written but I feel a responsiblity to warn everyone especially self respecting girls and women away from this book. Morgan Sparks Has Always Known That She And Her Boyfriend, Cam, Are Made For Each Other But When Cam S Cousin Pip Comes To Stay With The Family, Cam Seems Depressed Finally Cam Confesses To Morgan What S Going On Cam Is A Fairy The Night He Was Born, Fairies Came Down And Switched Him With A Healthy Human Boy Nobody Expected Cam To Live, And Nobody Expected His Biological Brother, Heir To The Fairy Throne, To Die But Both Things Happened, And Now The Fairies Want Cam Back To Take His Rightful Place As Fairy KingEven As Cam Physically Changes, Becoming Miserable Each Day, He And Morgan Pledge To Fool The Fairies And Stay Together Forever But By The Time Cam Has To Decide Once And For All What To Do, Morgan S No Longer Sure What S Best For Everyone, Or Whether Her And Cam S Love Can Weather An Uncertain Future