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SOME NIGHTMARES NEVER ENDFor Janie And Cabel, Real Life Is Getting Tougher Than The Dreams They Re Just Trying To Carve Out A Little Secret Time Together, But No Such LuckDisturbing Things Are Happening At Fieldridge High, Yet Nobody S Talking When Janie Taps Into A Classmate S Violent Nightmares, The Case Finally Breaks Open But Nothing Goes As Planned Not Even Close Janie S In Way Over Her Head, And Cabe S Shocking Behavior Has Grave Consequences For Them BothWorse Yet, Janie Learns The Truth About Herself And Her Ability And It S Bleak Seriously, Brutally Bleak Not Only Is Her Fate As A Dream Catcher Sealed, But What S To Come Is Way Darker Than She D Feared From The Inside Of ISBN

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    How sad and moving is this book I loved it so much than its predecessor and the worst thing about is that I am refusing to read the conclusion to the trilogy Gone I feel that the stage I am at seems to need some kind of conclusion and I desperately want to read but, on the other hand, I refuse to ruin a story that has so far held me captivated by its depth of emotion and well built mysteries with an ending that is mediocre.And I have read enough reviews by trusted goodreads friends to know this ending will not be the one I wanted But it s than that, sometimes it takes a very brave author to create an ending that will upset the readers I could just about handle a change in where it seems the story is headed, but what I can t and won t accept is a poorly written and dragging end which I ve read is all that can be expected here I don t want to put you off starting this series in fact, the reason I m not reading on is because of how much I liked Wake and Fade This book was particularly good Janie and Cabe s relationship is so sweet and touching that you can t help but be caught up in their romance regardless of whether or not you re usually a fan of romances There s something about the story of two outsiders who find comfort in one another that gets me every time it did the same in Numbers and I found myself blinking back tears during parts of the novel.It s also about far than just the difficulties of finding love when you have a weird, supernatural ability Fade has a very dark and sometimes scary mystery story going on as well Janie is sent to investigate the case of a sexual predator amongst the teaching staff at her high school It leads to some very frightening and creepy scenes with drugs and attempted rapes plus, the whole scene towards the end of the party had me completely on edge and made my skin crawl.This book is truly fantastic and I would recommend it to everyone I d also like to point out that I nearly gave up on the series in Wake because the 3rd person present tense reads like stage directions and it was driving me crazy, but trust me and stick with it it s than worth it in the end.

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    Janie is still learning to control change deal with the dreams she enters but it got deeper in this second installment She doesnt only go into their dreams but we get to know the people outside of their dreams Janie is less of a scared little girl and brave and outgoing Not only did her abilities develop but her personality too I dont like it, well i do but i dont because its rude when she is in a dream and we dont know its a dream we think this is really happening, why the heck is this happening then she says it must be a dream and im like well damn dont give me a heart attack.It could have been a duology because it ended so perfectly So im nervous and excited for the final book.

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    I love this series I have been waiting to read Fade since I sped through the last few pages of Wake, and I was not disappointed Everything that I attracted me to the first novel is still there, simplicity of McMann s writing, quick pace and realistic dialogue Fade divulges about Janie s ability which was fascinating and unimaginable at the same time The unique relationship between Janie and Cabel is also taken to a new level I usually don t comment on the content within a novel, but I know there were a few comments on my review of Wake that said they had a problem with the language So yes, there are cuss words in this book, and if that is going to bother you, keep in mind this novel is about catching a sexual predator.

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    Just like Wake, the first book in the trilogy Fade did not disappoint I loved the route Janie and Cable s relationship took I love Janie as a character and I feel like Cable is a great supporting character as well They kind of just vibe and it shows through Lisa McMann s writing I m anxious to see how Gone wraps up this trilogy What will ultimately be the consequences and what price will Janie have to pay for something she can t even control I m scared, I m anxious, but I m excited I gave it 3 stars because at times the story took a slower pace and at other times it feels like I was crammed with information so thick it was hard to dissolve it all Lisa McMann is a great author, but I feel her pacing can sometimes be a bit off Maybe start the race off at a decent pace rather than a sprint, because by the end, the story does slows down a little bit Over all it was a unique read I love the concept of it The writing style is hard to get used to at first, but once you re accustomed to it, you begin to actually enjoy the way it s written 3 out of 5 stars from me

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    Second reading of Fade confirmed that this second book is the best in the series Not only does it develop marvelously the relationship between Janie and Cabel which was a central theme of Wake , but it also brings in an excellent mystery story line The case Cabe and Janie work on in this book is dark and disturbing and the final party scene is remarkable in its intensity and realness Now, having read Gone, the final book in the trilogy, I strongly recommend to stop reading the series after Fade Gone just doesn t deliver a highly climatic conclusion to Jamie and Cabel s story we all expect to get after finishing Fade.

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    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comAs one case closes another one opens Janie Hannagan returns, this time using her abilities of being swept into a person s dreams to solve a sex scandal at her school Several calls have been made on Fieldridge High School s anonymous phone line Although inaudible at times, the messages result in the assumption that certain faculty members and students at Fieldridge have been fooling around So Captain and her agents use their closest resources to try and crack the case, meaning Janie and Cabel will have to figure out what is going on Objection at first by Cabel, but Janie gives the final decision and both are on the case While the investigation continues, Janie is given the chance to finally see what lies ahead for her Hardly given any information about her ability, Captain gives Janie a box full of papers written by Martha Stubin that not only contains her secrets and past, but the positive and negative effects of helping others with their dreams Although she may have a clue with what these effects are, Janie isn t so sure she is ready to confirm what she already knows With the intensity of the case and her outcome, Cabel isn t so sure he can handle the danger that Janie puts herself in, and their relationship begins to weaken Will they be able to get through this case peacefully or will it tear them apart As a highly anticipated sequel to WAKE, FADE certainly lives up to expectations Along with Janie, readers will be able to delve deeper into the enormity of Janie s ability and the strain that it causes not only on her but also on Cabel The simplicity of the writing and the creativity of the plot will leave an imprint of the reader, causing it to never FADE from their mind.

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    Fade continues the story begun in Wake and if you try reading this one first, you re likely to be a little confused.In Wake, we met Janie, a girl with the ability to be a dream catcher This means she can enter other people s dreams Wake was about Janie coming to terms with her new power Fade is concerned with Janie learning the responsible use of her power and the consequences of being a dream catcher It sets up things for a third and final installment of the series that, quite frankly, can t come soon enough for my liking.Also in Fade we find Janie working undercover to find a sexual predator at her high school Janie s work, and the toll is takes on her new found relationship with fellow undercover informant Caleb, drive much of the narrative of the story As with Wake, McCann writes in short sentences that help power the story forward The novel has a dreamlike quality to it that helps draw in the reader and really allows us to experience from Janie s persepctive While the story is told in the third person, the narrative focus never shifts from Janie That helps the reader identity with the joys, fears and frustration Janie feels as the novel unfolds.

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    Like with the first book of this series, I read Fade in a matter of hours Fade is the second book in Lisa McMann s Wake Trilogy and just as good as the first one.In Fade, Janie learns about her dream catching abilities She works with the cops, undercover, with her boyfriend Cabel In the last book, they work together to bust a drug dealer, but in this novel, Captain wants their help in busting a sexual predator in their school Using Janie as bait Let s just say that Cabel does not approve of Janie s decision to act as the bait In the end, they discover that her Chem 2, Psychology, and PE teachers are all sexual predators and Captain has them arrested However, in the glory of the bust, Cabe and Janie go through a rough patch In the end, though, they work it out and decide to go through their problems as they come.Again, I loved Cabel s character I understood his apprehension about Janie s situation, not only because it was a dangerous one, but because of all the loss he has faced in his life He was, at times, overprotective of her, but that was, again, understandable I didn t appreciate him practically bolting after they busted the teachers, but I was glad when he finally talked to her about what was doing with him Despite that, though, I couldn t get over how much of a cutie he was and how much I loved him still.Janie was an even interesting character in this book She has developed since her time in Wake I was interested in learning about her powers and was glad when she finally read that green notebook It seemed like she was constantly yelling at Cabe in this book, though, and I didn t really appreciate that When they worked out their stuff, though, at the end, I was glad she stood up to him and demanded to know why he was pushing her away.I hated when Janie had the GHB in here That was the worst part for me because of everything that happened with the teachers when she was under the influence of the date rape drug.One thing that was particularly satisfying Janie and Cabel finally had sex I was glad they finally did The Deed because, both in Wake and Fade, there was allll kinds of pent up sexual tension that needed to be taken care of and let out.Again, I lovelovelove this book and eagerly await the time when I get my hands on Gone, the third book in the trilogy, even though I ll be very sad to see the trilogy end.

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    I m reviewing this one after reading the whole trilogy There won t be any spoilers but that fact shapes the way I see this book, making me like it .This trilogy is short, very short I m sure that the word count of the three books added together barely exceeds that of most average length novels So it s easier for me to think of this trilogy as just one book with three parts Fade reads like all second parts do in this kind of books you already have the events and players set up in part one, now it s time to get down to business.The case they re working on is far interesting and involved that the one in Wake Also, the strain it puts on Janie and Cabel s relationship seems less contrived than in Wake there s actual danger this time and seeing them work through those issues without much of the usual angst there is some but this is YA after all or stooping to the use of clich s such as the overused loveless love triangle was refreshing.One of the things that I liked most about the story was the way Janie handled herself regarding the case The author uses her to analyze the ways and tricks of sexual predators with a remarkable clarity without making the common mistake of overdoing it by making the character preachy or prude or just stupidly na ve.Oh, one last thing I don t exactly know why but I enjoyed the timetable format much this time around I m sure that, in part, it s because I got used to it but I think it has to do with a sense of urgency throughout the whole book that just wasn t there for me in Wake.The ending would work equally well for closing the whole story instead of just this book Reading Gone after this is not only unnecessary but also a bit anticlimactic I d still tell you to go for it, just be warned that it s a long epilogue than a book on its own right.