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[KINDLE] ❃ Eyes Like Stars By Lisa Mantchev –

Eyes Like MEH.I think the only things I enjoyed was Ariel and the idea of resetting Hamlet which, once again, was another plot that hyped the reader It also didn t help that Bertie acted like an idiot at times, and she was so RUDE to everyone There were so many times when she told people off when they were honestly trying to help her Then she pitted people against one another for her own gain She never took responsibility for her actions, and to top it all off, I never got the chemistry between her and her two points on the love triangle She treated everyone, especially her so called crushes like crap, and at the end, I wanted her booted out on her ass. One of the most unique books I ve ever read, with a strong girl hero, a fascinating setting in the ultimate theater, and real fairies on wires What s not to like All Her World S A Stage Bertie Shakespeare Smith Is Not An Actress, Yet She Lives In A TheaterShe S Not An Orphan, But She Has No ParentsShe Knows Every Part, But She Has No Lines Of Her OwnThat Is, Until Now Enter Stage Right NATE Dashing Pirate Will Do Anything To Protect Bertie COBWEB, MOTH, MUSTARDSEED, And PEASEBLOSSOM Four Tiny And Incredibly Annoying Fairies BERTIE S Sidekicks ARIEL Seductive Air Spirit And Bertie S Weakness The Symbol Of Impending Doom BERTIE Our Heroine Welcome To The Th Tre Illuminata, Where The Actors Of Every Play Ever Written Can Be Found Behind The Curtain They Were Born To Play Their Parts, And Are Bound To The Th Tre By The Book, An Ancient And Magical Tome Of Scripts Bertie Is Not One Of Them, But They Are Her Family, And She Is About To Lose Them All And The Only Home She Has Ever Known Lisa Mantchev Has Written A Debut Novel That Is Dramatic, Romantic, And Witty, With An Irresistible And Irreverent Cast Of Characters Who Are Sure To Enchant The Audience Open Curtain Can imagine it as an animated film Hayao Miyazaki comes to mind. While reading Eyes Like Stars, here are some words that kept coming to mind Creative Fun Original Whimsical Hysterical but most importantly CLEVER The world of the Theatre that Mantchev has created is utterly and deliciously clever Everything about the book was enjoyable for me I was a little skeptical of the book s premise that all theater characters not just the Shakespearean ones live in the same magical theater, but Mantchev handled it really well and kept the story simple she didn t overextend herself or make things too complicated In regards to the MC, Bertie, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I actually liked her, from page 1 until the very end of the story She has an excellent, wry sense of humor that I found very refreshing She was a little on the bossy side, but her good humor and her spirit of determination proved stronger traits Bertie s four fairy friends Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed, and Peaseblossom were adorable all throughout the story, and I loved them all I wish I had little fairy sidekicks And this is almost unprecedented, but as to the two leading men characters, Ariel from The Tempest and Nate, a pirate from The Little Mermaid, I love both of them Equally Well, maybe I like Ariel just a little That s so weird I am notoriously grouchy when it comes to love triangles, but in ELS, it totally worked Maybe it s because Lisa Mantchev doesn t beat you over the head with over the top drama and forced feelings, and also she doesn t put a lot of focus on this aspect of the story It just came together very nicely, and I m not just saying that, because like I said, I m usually grouchy about love triangles.One thing I really want to harp on Lisa Mantchev s writing style a little bit, because in all honesty I think this is a part of storytelling that doesn t get as much recognition as it should Her writing style is absolutely 100% G T clever A lot of times authors can get by on just entertainment alone, and so you have books and sorry to say, I think this happens in YA way than adult fiction that are entertaining and present an interesting engaging story, but the writing is nothing special The narrative voice, the VOCABULARY, the toneeverything was just beautiful and superb If you haven t read Eyes Like Stars yet, but plan on it in the future, I really want you to pay attention to the quality of Mantchev s writing. What a magical story From the way its written in context of a play, to the magical way the Theatre works, to the many different actors and actresses that are actually fairies and mermaids and kings and queens who have come to be a part of this magical Theatre And among them all is Bertie, or Beatrice Shakespeare Smith She is a wild child who has grown up in the Theatre with no recollection of how she got there or who her parents are But none the less she has grown up into a beautiful and creative young woman with so much life and beauty to contribute to the magical place in which she lives And that BEAUTIFUL cover OMG I want to see the entire book drawn by the artist who made that cover because just wow I loved her bedroom and how it was actually just a set on stage that disappeared each and ever day only to reappear in time for her to go back to bed I loved her friends the fairies from midsummer nights dream I loved that instead of a normal bath in the bathroom she instead would call on a set of a greek bath house, or instead of cleaning up her mess she could just call on a stormy scene to wash away the stage The little things like that made this book so different and creative that I could hardly keep myself from reading the whole thing at once I wish I knew a little about theater and playwriting because that would only help me to appreciate this book From the way that certain parts of the book were sections of scenes To the How Bertie Came to the Theatre play that Bertie wrote herself There are so many details to account for that I probably didn t notice but would appreciate that much if I only knew to look for them.All in all this was a great book, super sweet and full of magic I could picture each scene so vividly, and the characters really did come to life in my mind I am excited to see where it goes in the second book in the trilogy I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has any theater knowledge or interest, or anyone who loves Shakespeare and his plays They will appreciate it that much knowing where all the inspiration for this book originated.Onto the next Happy Reading I have to get something off my chest takes deep breath I bought this book for it s cover I didn t even read the description first.This book takes place entirely in an enchanted theater ran by The Book The Book is what bounds the Players to the roles they were born to play, and it domineers over the magical scene changes 17 yr old Bertie is not a Player nor a crew member, but has called the Theater her home for the past 10 years, not knowing where she came from Bertie and her companions, the four mischievous fairies from A Midsummer Night s Dream and Nate, a minor pirate from The Little Mermaid, have been known to get into trouble After a particularly bad incident, it looks like Bertie s time in the Theater has finally come to pass But Bertie has one final chance to prove that she can contribute become a Director and sell out a performance Of course, not everything goes smoothly as the Players become and unsettled with their given roles Bertie, while kind of immature for a 17 year old, is strong and funny in her own right How can you expect a girl who grows up with the most dramatic characters ever to grace the stage not to be colorful And I love her choice of hair color The fairies that follow Bertie around and join her in her antics are some of the funnest and funniest characters I have ever experienced I want one for myself I ll just have to remember to hide my Twinkies Nate is a little dry, but sweet enough I just hope Mantchev fleshes him out Ariel s name bothers me I think of a red haired mermaid This made things difficult for me when the romantic tension was being built The setting was easily the best part of the book, even though some times I had no idea what was going on It s not a point of pride for me, but sometimes I couldn t follow the action It seemed to jump from one point to the other without much of a bridge in between I liked the book Not as much as I could have, but I m definitely glad that lush cover pulled me in And the cover also helped in my visualization of Bertie and the fairies Alexa, I agree with you This book would be awesome as a animated film by Mr Miyazaki.I will read the sequel when I have the chance I m looking forward to being drawn into such an imaginative world again. Disclosure Lisa Mantchev is a friend and I ve been reading drafts of this book since before she found it s name Also, I freelance as her sidekick and occasional ninja Yes, I am bragging She s worth bragging about In Eyes Like Stars, Lisa Mantchev tells a simple story, about a found orphan struggling to save her home.Except that Bertie s home is a theater And not just a theater, but the theatre, where all the characters of all the works of all humanity make their home She s grown up amidst pirates, magicians, brigands and elementals Her best friends in the world are fairies The stage sets are doorways that let her live and play anywhere and anywhen she wishes to go.But now she s going to lose it all Unless she can find a way to keep it.And all of that That s chapter one.As I ve mentioned, I ve read a few versions of this book, a few times And despite the repetition, I still get sucked into the book and have trouble putting it down It s funny though with the fairies sugar fixated intensity that may have been inevitable It s well written, with great imagery, and the pace is relentless, but leaving me feeling that I m being force fed.And the biggest win, to me, is that this is a book with fantastic characters.The fairies are hilariously insane, of course Bertie s friends are loyal, in their various ways, but without seeming untrue to their own nature Bertie herself is a heroine who feels very real, through the variety of adventures she progresses through I m plagued by dear young female relatives who fall around Bertie s age and evince a lot of the same dynamic range God help us all if they ever find fairies And the villains of the piece are realized characters too It s a point of personal frustration to read fabulous stories with bad guys who exist for the sole purpose of opposing the Heroine, and that extra bit of depth really gave the story that something that makes me want to reread it.Of course, that won t be what you remember about the book You ll remember the fairies You ll remember Bertie You ll remember the headlong rush as she throws everything she is and has at trying to save her one place in the world And you ll laugh It s a fun, funny book.Then you ll scowl Because you ll be at the end of the book, a good non cliffhanger end The problem is that it s an good end to a good book, but not the end of the story Which means that you ll be stuck, like me, waiting for the next book to find out what Bertie does next.The icing on this cake is Jason Chan s stunning cover art You know why Because I m NOT the target audience for this book I like fantasy, but I m not so compelled by faeries and I just don t have the connection to the theater that would make me reach for this book first But that cover would have snagged me Heck, the book could be a whole lot worse and I wouldn t mind just for the cover Fortunately we don t have to deal with that scenario And because it s funny that it s been exactly two years, here s the blurb that I gave Lisa when this process was just getting started A bold, genre busting tale of derring do, of pathos, of bitter conflict, and lasting friendships, Lisa Mantchev s ScrimshawEyes Like Stars is a brilliantly executed tour de force, a rousing romp, where all the world s the stage, and only the players can save it.It s a good book I recommend it without hesitation.You can preorder it from various places at the book s website, at theatre In fact, there s a contest running for free advance review copies, so go check it out. I feel like the village idiot, because half of the time I had no idea what the hell was going on So much stuff happened at the same time and for some reason I kept getting confused because of all the scene changes Am I really getting that old I liked Bertie a lot her hair is awesome and the 4 faeries are hilarious I even laughed out loud a few times I don t really understand her fixation on Ariel I kept getting distracted by an image of the Ariel the mermaid though, there really isn t much to like besides his face Nate is much interesting but when I think about it Neither of those boys have a lot of depth in their characters, which is too bad.Oh and last but not least the cover is gorgeous. I loved it then, I love it now.