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download Etsy: Launch Your Handmade Empire!: Blueprint to Opening a Storefront on Etsy and Growing Your Business –

Do You Want To Build An Etsy Empire Do You Want To Sell Your Handmade Creations Do You Want Success Selling On Etsy Do You Want The Top Strategies To Making Money On Etsy When You Listen To Etsy Launch Your Handmade Empire Blueprint To Opening A Storefront On Etsy And Growing Your Business, Your Handmade Creations Will Sell Consistently And Daily You Will Discover Everything You Need To Know About Selling On Etsy These Strategies And Pro Tips Will Transform Your Fun Hobby Into Real Dollars You Ll Be Proud To Show Off Your Business Made Off Of Creativity And Business Tactics Whenever Friends And Family Stop To Look At Your Products This book is a complete piece of crap It contains numerous missing words, misspelled words sophisticated writing 0 stars but couldn t. This book is useless There is no specific information There are no concrete tips, checklists, or necessary details Don t waste your money or time. I m very disappointed with this book With the word Blueprint in the title I expected that it was going to go into detail, perhaps even step by step detail in how to get an etsy shop up and running I thought it would have a check list of things to do before launching.some kind of guide..again, since it said it was a blueprint Additionally, the only real social media platform she recommended was Pinterest, and I feel that it was based on her personal opinion and not on facts for a minute I wondered if she was paid by Pinterest to leave out all the others She never even mentioned the newest one, Instagram.Additionally, the language in the book was simple, sometimes awkward in that I would re read a sentence here and there Because I am such a visual person, it was also a bit strange to read, as the print font is larger than usual, as is the space between the lines With these two things in mind, the book is a fast read, because in truth, it isn t very long.In my opinion, it s as if the author very simply summarized this book Etsy Empire Updated Fall 2016 by Eric Michael, which is farinformational, as is his new book, Etsy Empire Strikes Back which I wish I would have seen before I purchasedEtsy Launch Your Handmade Empire she even used the word empire in her title Don t waste your hard earned money on this book.