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download Best Erik Satie: 3 Gymnopedies & 3 Gnossiennes: Transcriptions for GuitarAuthor Matthew Ellul –

Erik Satie SGymnopediesGnossienes With Standard Notation Tab Online Audio Erik Satie S Famous Gymnopedies And Gnossiennes Make A Great Addition To Any Guitarist S Repertoire These Transcriptions Are Suitable For Beginner To Intermediate Level Guitarists French Composer Erik Satie Was An Influential Figure In The Parisian Avant Garde Scene Of His Time His Work Is Recognized As One Of The Forerunners Of Significant Musical Developments Of The Th Century The Three Gymnop Dies Transcribed Here, For Example, Are A Precursor Of Ambient Music Where The Focus Is On The Overall Atmosphere Rather Than The Traditional Means Of Development And Variation Melody And Harmony, However, Are Still Absolutely Essential The Mild Dissonances Inherent In Them Produce The Characteristic Melancholic Mood That These Three Short Pieces Are Famous For TheGnossiennes Transcribed Here Were Composed About A Decade Later And Are A Continuation Of Satie S Style While The Gymnop Dies Are In Three Four Meter, The Gnossiennes Have No Time Signature This Is Known As Free Time And It Indicates That The Rhythm Is To Flow Freely Rather Than Be Measured Strictly Although There Are A Small Number Of Other Gnossiennes By Satie, Only These Three Form Part Of His Original Set Impossible fingering in some places Not too bad though, overall. I was looking for Gnossienne 1 for guitar This included gymnopedia 1 which my guitar teacher gave me The version my guitat teaxher gave me reguires tuning the 6th string down to D, and tuning the 5th string down to G Mathew Ellul s version does not require the guitar to be retuned, causing the song to have 4 sharps, instead of 2 sharps in the retuned version And these gnossiennes are not divided into measures andlack a key signature I saw the preview page of another version of Gnossienne for guitar which does not require retuning thr 6th string doen to D and has notes high on the neck This does require reuning the 6th string to D, but avoids playing high on the neck I like the other version of Gnossienne I bought the kindle version for 6 It was a total waste of money. Really nice, small, well printed