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Discworld S Only Demonology Hacker, Eric, Is About To Make Life Very Difficult For The Rest Of Ankh Morpork S Denizens This Would Be Faust Is Very Badat His Work, That Is All He Wants Is To Fulfill Three Little Wishes To Live Forever, To Be Master Of The Universe, And To Have A Stylin Hot BabeBut Eric Isn T Even Good At Getting His Own Way Instead Of A Powerful Demon, He Conjures, Well, Rincewind, A Wizard Whose Incompetence Is Matched Only By Eric S And As If That Wasn T Bad Enough, That Lovable Travel Accessory The Luggage Has Arrived, Too Accompanied By His Best Friends, There S Only One Thing Eric Wishes Now That He D Never Been Born

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    I felt surprisingly lukewarm about this book, given that it s written by one of my favorite authors of all time Part of this was the fact that it s some of his earlier work It s odd to think of an author s 9th book in a series as early work In my opinion his later stuff was much, much stronger Also, I feel I should mention here that this isn t my first time reading Eric Not my second time, either It was, however, my first time reading this particular version, the illustrated version.And honestly, I think that s the large part of my lukewarm reaction Not only is this book much shorter than usual, because it s illustrated But it s illustrated by Josh Kirby, Pratchett s first illustrator While Kirby s illustrations were on the cover of the first Pratchett book I ever picked up Sourcerey, back around 1990 I don t feel much nostalgia for them Instead, I ve grown amazingly attached to Paul Kidby, the illustrator who worked with him on The Last Hero, and countless other projects Is this book worth your time Yeah But honestly, I wouldn t go out of your way to find the illustrated version The simple text version is just as good, if not even better, as there s nothing to distract from the story And I did find Kirby s illustrations again, not to be confused with Kidby s to be distracting That s just my opinion though I don t claim to be unbiased.

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    Sir Terry Pratchett s 1990 Discworld offering and 9th in the series sees a return of Rincewind in this most Douglas Adamsesque of his books.A subtle parody of Goethe s Faust, we find a young Ankh Morpork demonologist, Eric, who has drawn a magic circle to summon a demon and instead brings Rincewind to his home Discworld fans and readers may recall that Pratchett left Rincewind in the dungeon dimensions at the end of his 1988 novel Sourcery.This may be my favorite Rincewind novel We also get to see Death and the Luggage again and that is a always a bonus.All of Pratchett s signature prosaic dry wit and wordplay is here as well as his gift for satire and playful social, political and economic commentary.A fun adventure for fans of the Discworld.

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    Jam s pens que dir a esto, pero qu placer reencontrarme con Rincewind Su subsaga, y por ende la de los magos, siempre ha sido mi menos favorita de Mundodisco, pero este libro ha sido toda una delicia, lleno de aventuras sin parar Hac a tiempo que no ten a que parar la lectura de un libro de Mundodisco para re rme, y este lo ha conseguido Parodia, por ejemplo, el Fausto de Goethe, o La Odisea, a la par que ense a c mo gestionar el Infierno para que sea productivo Engancha mucho Ha sido una buena forma de empezar mi a o lector, la confirmaci n de lo que ya s desde hace tiempo Mundodisco es uno de mis hogares literarios, uno de esos sitios a los que volver una y otra vez.

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    Eric is an oddity Although it s the ninth Discworld novel to be published, it feels curiously scrappy and unfinished, like a fragment of juvenilia It s set up as a parody of Faust it feels like there s a lot that could have been done with the novel based on this premise In fact, it feels like there is a lot set up to happen from this premise, but it never comes about Eric is one of the most barely sketched in of all of the Discworld characters, for all that he is the person whose actions get the book rolling Some of this is no doubt due to the fact that the page count is a meagre 155 pages though that itself is curious, given that most Discworld novels are about twice that length.There are some amusing moments, and Pratchett s trademark dry wit and voluminous injokes and references are there as well It s definitely not as funny as the other Discworld novels, and doesn t have as much to hook the reader particularly if you re not a huge fan of Rincewind It s not one I d recommend for a newcomer to the series, and it s probably only one for completists at that.

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    What a romp And I mean that in the best possible way The last book featuring Rincewind wasn t too much to my liking but this much shorter novel was perfect from start to finish.It s about the titular Eric, who is a teenager who dabbles in the art of summoning demons like his grandfather For some reason unknown at the beginning, the demon he summons is the wizard Rincewind, who was left in the Dungeon Dimensions in the 5th Discworld novel However, the 13 year old isn t well isn t the brightest candle in the chandelier so he doesn t believe Rincewind that he isn t a demon The fact that Rincewind snapping his fingers is actually sort of making Eric s wishes come true, isn t helping.Thus, the two go on a journey from murdering civilisations in jungles to wars of times long past and even to Hell We meet DEATH and his bees yes, he s a beekeeper , a truly badly behaving parrot, Rincewind s ancestor, ancient armies, wooden horses, a host of demons who just want the hell that is bureaucracy to end, and Luggage is of course not far behind its master and everyone equally I like its bloodthirstiness.The readers get treated to some great insights and social comments along the way, not to mention all the fantastically comical situations when Rincewind just tries to stay alive long enough to, well, survive It is his specialty after all.I particularly liked the journey through a much transformed Hell and how the various demons complained and were basically tortured than the damned souls down there thanks to all the new workplace rules handed out by the King of Hades the Devil lol We all just want to find happiness after all so as Pratchett said while they might be evil, they are never bad.This is a much shorter book than the other volumes but it is packed with references and laugh out loud scenes and I enjoyed myself immensely So much so that on top of the audio version I was listening to, I have now also bought the illustrated paperback.

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    This is my second read and my reaction is pretty much the same as the first time.Rincewind is funny.Or rather, the situations he always gets into showcases the Discworld in awesomely epic ways and we always get vast adventures Usually with some kind of weird sidekick and a healthy dose of Death.All true, sure, but what if Rincewind was mistaken for a demon, summoned by a nerdy kid who insists that he is, because, after all, Rincewind came at his demon summoning Or how about Discworld s version of Troy Meeting the Creator Seeing the bureaucratic hell that is um hell It s a tongue in cheek romp and while it s quite hilarious and imaginative as hell, I m caught in that unenviable place of having to judge it among all of Pratchett s other works rather than against the backdrop of all humor or fantasy books.It s not my favorite Discworld novel Not by a long shot BUT it is a lot higher than some, and not even close to many of the later novels Even so, I loved having Rincewind back again.

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    Technically I ve read Eric out of sequence, but as anyone who has been following my reread of the greatest sequence of fantasy novels ever written will know, I ve been reading the audiobooks whilst running around in circles and at 126 pages Eric is certainly not suited to such a thing Especially when I am lucky enough to have a first edition paperback complete with beautiful Josh Kirby full colour illustrations My rating will certainly reflect an extra star for being able to enjoy such loveliness.Eric is a tiny little book, a fun idea from a writer who was clearly having a great time with the success his little fantasy series was experiencing It s a parody of Faust and readily admits as much on its cover but really it seems to an excuse to have that old favourite, Rincewind, run through the wringer once whilst highlighting his less whiny characteristics in three funny short scenes.The Rincewind humour certainly works better in this outing than in Sourcery, which is great considering that Pratchett clearly set out to tell some jokes, make funny observations and of those wonderful awful puns.There s obviously no desire to develop any new characters or history of the Disc and as a result titular demonologist Eric is just a cutout intended to move the jokes forward, not really a problem in the context of this one piece of standalone but if comparing to the outstanding moments in the series that surround it you might be disappointed.

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    It s Death, Archchancellor, said the Bursar patiently Eh It s Death, sir You know Tell him we don t want any, said the old wizard, waving his stick.And that s the reason you should read Pratchett..

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    Part of the Pratchett reread with the SpecFic Buddy Reads group For me this is the second time I ve read this, and the first time as a purely text book Back in the day I had a copy of this edition Eric with the Josh Kirby illustrations.Rincewind, last seen in dire peril as always in Sourcery, is summoned from Hell by a teenage demonologist What follows is a typical Rincewind travelogue from ridiculous situation to ridiculous situation all with deeply witty and sarcastic commentary, both around what Rincewind and Eric are doing and the situation in Hell The Rincewind books are possibly my least favorite books of the greater series.However, I think this is one of the stronger books for him largely because the formula kind of works better at the shorter format where the skit comedy style scenarios can play out before they become repetitive and obnoxious.I do have to comment that between Rincewind s long established attitude towards women and the other main character being an over indulged teenage boy, this book represents a nadir in terms of chauvinist jokes.

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    There are really only two things I can say about this novel, both of which count in its favour 1 It s conveniently short and a quick read2 It s very, very funny.