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Emily Dickinson's Poems: As She Preserved Them epub –

Emily Dickinson S Poems As She Preserved Them Is A Major New Edition Of Dickinson S Verse Intended For The Scholar, Student, And General Reader It Foregrounds The Copies Of Poems That Dickinson Retained For Herself During Her Lifetime, In The Form She Retained Them This Is The Only Edition Of Dickinson S Complete Poems To Distinguish In Easy Visual Form The Approximately , Poems She Took Pains To Copy Carefully Onto Folded Sheets In Fair Hand Arguably To Preserve Them For Posterity From The Poems She Kept In Rougher Form Or Apparently Did Not Retain It Is The First Edition To Include The Alternate Words And Phrases Dickinson Wrote On Copies Of The Poems She Retained Readers Can See, And Determine For Themselves, The Extent To Which A Poem Is Resolved Or FluidWith Its Clear And Uncluttered Pages, The Volume Recommends Itself As A Valuable Resource For The Classroom And To General Readers A Dickinson Scholar, Cristanne Miller Supplies Helpful Notes That Gloss The Poet S Quotations And Allusions And The Contexts Of Her Writing Miller S Introduction Describes Dickinson S Practices In Copying And Circulating Poems And Summarizes Contentious Debates Within Dickinson Scholarship Emily Dickinson S Poems As She Preserved Them Brings Us Closer To The Writing Practice Of A Crucially Important American Poet And Provides New Ways Of Thinking About Dickinson, Allowing Us To See Fully Her Methods Of Composing, Circulating, And Copying Than Previous Editions Have Allowed It Will Be Valued By All Readers Of Dickinson S Poetry

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    This is it If you want only one book presenting all of Emily Dickinson s poems, this is the book for you.I acquired the Johnson one volume edition The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson on March 3, 1989, and that was my only Dickinson until I got Shurr s New Poems New Poems of Emily Dickinson on July 12, 1994 Eventually, I acquired the Franklin one volume edition The Poems of Emily Dickinson Reading Edition Belknap on December 13, 2010 Finally, I got this Miller edition on July 21, 2016.The Johnson and Miller editions are the only complete editions that I ve read straight through I spent nine weeks this summer 2016 reading the Miller edition, and I enjoyed every page.The chief difference between Franklin s and Johnson s is the order of the poems Franklin concluded that Johnson had dated many of the poems wrongly since each edition presents the poems in roughly chronological order according to the editor s best judgement, the order of poems in Franklin s book differs markedly from that of Johnson s.Miller s differs even dramatically in the order of the poems Miller generally accepts Franklin s dating of the poems, but presents them in five sections based on how Emily preserved them The first section presents the poems that Emily herself had assembled into little booklets called fascicles the second section presents poems that Emily herself had saved on unbound sheets joined together with a brass fastener though we don t know whether Emily herself did the fastening the third section presents loose poems that Emily had kept in her possession the fourth section presents poems transcribed by others for which no manuscript in Emily s hand has been found finally, the fifth and last section presents poems not retained by the poet herself but given to others The first three sections are by far the longest, and a majority of the poems appear in the first two sections.One wouldn t go far wrong getting any of the three complete editions Johnson, Franklin, or Miller I think Miller s is best, though, in three respects First, simply because most of the poems are presented by Miller in fairly small groups sheets, leaves whereas the only division of poems in Johnson s and Franklin s books are by year, which makes for a run on effect after reading for a while Second, Miller also presents variant readings alternative lines and words written by the poet herself on the manuscript pages Thus, we get the most significant aspects of a variorum edition in a reader s edition Third, Miller footnotes to whom if anyone the poet shared each poem and provides some helpful annotation about possible sources, references, and allusions, in endnotes.Miller s index of first lines provides the Johnson and Franklin numbers for cross referencing those older complete editions alas, though, she provides no numbering system for the poems in her own edition, a deliberate choice that I think was imprudent I myself have resorted to referring to the poems in Miller s edition by page and poem number For instance, one of my favorites, The Life we have is very great, is Johnson 1162, Franklin 1178, and Miller number 707.3 A magnificent work of scholarship, and a very enjoyable read This is it P.S This is only the fourth review of this book here I don t provide many reviews, and this is the first time I ve been one of the earliest reviewers.

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    This should now be the definitive book of Emily Dickinson s poetry It is important to know the sequence in which she wrote her poetry And helps even if you have read The Life of Emily Dickinson by Richard B Sewell, a wonderful biography of her life There are so many books of poetry out there supposed to be her poetry, but instead are poems doctored by well meaning family and friends I have yet to read the entire book, as it is long, but I intend to compare it to the prior authoritative version of her poetry by R W Franklin.I had thought from the advertisement of the book that it would have photographs of her actual handwritten poetry fragments However, there weren t very many of such illustrations I might add that I also have the book, Emily Dickinson The Gorgeous Nothings, by Marta Werner andJen Bervin which includes multiple photographs of her handwritten poems or scraps of them However, this book has its own problems as the poems from which they are drawn is listed in the end of the book as a Directory of the Envelope Writings rather than with the photographs of her writing in the main part of the book The scraps photographed themselves do not necessarily help identify the actual poems by themselves.

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    Dickinson s Poems restored to their unedited state Large volume of her complete poems with annotations A great book to just thumb through and read Dickinson s short yet poignant poems Not necessarily a book to read from beginning to end A great daily poem resource.

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    This is a wonderful collection of poems I am doing PhD work on Dickinson, and have been a fan of hers for years I have a few smaller collections of her poems, but nothing like this one Everything from the cover and pages is great quality, and the organization of the poems totally makes it feel like a fresh new discovery of my favorite poet If you re a fan of Emily, this is a necessary collection to own.

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    I love Emily Dickinson s poetry, and this is such a stunning collection I appreciate the fact that scholars have gone through her work and structured it in the ways that Dickinson wanted to have her poetry presented, and I really love the beauty of her work.