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[ Pdf ] Egyptian Mummies: Unraveling the Secrets of an Ancient ArtAuthor Bob Brier –

Egyptian Mummies Results From Research Done In Preparation For The Mummification Of A Human Body, The First To Be Done In The Egyptian Style In Two Thousand Years Through These Studies, Noted Egyptologist Bob Brier Has Unearthed The Gripping Stories Of Grave Robberies And Stolen Mummies, The Forgotten Language Of The Pharaohs, And The Tombs Of The Royal Mummies In An Easily Accesible And Lively Style, Brier Uncovers The Complete Historical Context Of Ancient Egyptian Culture And Offers A Fascinating Contemporary Interpretation Of It Illuminating Their Mysteries, Myths, Sacred Rituals, And Heiroglyphic Writing, Egyptian Mummies Brings The Ancients To Life This book would have been better if Brier had delved further into the actual techniques of mummification and the methods used for modern embalming Perhaps some pictures of the tools used would have enhanced the book I would have liked to have readabout paleopathology I was absolutely enthralled by how so many Egyptians died from tooth decay due to sand getting into their food Nonetheless, considering I FINALLY read this book 16 years after it was published, Brier did an excellent job compiling all of his research on mummies and mummification up to 1994 Too bad he never published his experiences in a book with mummifying a human body at the University of Maryland. I can t say enough how much i enjoyed this book, it had EVERYTHING, Egyptian history, the mummification process, illustrations, pictures, even a chapter at the end illustrating how mummies and Egyptian history has influenced literature in the field, movies.I have read lots of books on Egypt and associated subjects to do with that period of history but i learnt a lot from this that hasn t been dealt with in other books, all the information is told in an informal, easy to read style but the text is not in any way in my opinion patronising to the reader Well worth reading if you are just starting reading about the subject as its a great introduction or it makes wonderful background reading if you have a knowledge of the issues explored.This book has something for everyone at all levels of knowledge and understanding.It actually led me to track down the author s companion book Ancient Egyptian magic. Brilliantly readable and deeply informative, Egyptian Mummies is a fascinating look into the history and process of Egyptian mummification Brier uses the historical record created by ancient papyri and information gathered from paleopathology and archeological documents as a reference to re create the process of mummification at its highest point Although I was mislead slightly by the prologue I had hoped fordiscussion of his own research and experimentation the book was a wonderful reminder of the small part of me that still wants to grow up and become an Egyptologist Interesting, conversational, and information rich, Brier s book strikes the perfect balance between scholarship and literature without being sensational or needlessly macabre 4 5 stars because I still want to know about the results of Brier s personal mummification project. A good summary of Egyptian Mummies Many things have since been discovered such as Hatchepsut s Mummy, and the children of King Tutankhamun have been rediscovered and in a pitiful condition I did see the Nat Geo special and it was good to have the background information from this book Not too gory or horror seeking, but good science and research I also liked the chapter on Mummy media and literature at the end It serves as an enhanced bibliography. I read this book for the first time a long time ago, and at that time I was very, very interested in mummies and knew a lot about them already This book basically rehashed everything I already knew, and the part I was most interested in the mummy that Brier actually made wasn t given much airtime So, for me, this wasn t the greatest book However, as a basic source of info on Egyptian mummies, it s pretty good. My husband Steverino got this for me for my birthday or maybe it was a romantic Valentine s Gift you can never go wrong with diamonds or a good book because he knows my obsession with mummies It all started in Portugal in some museum in which I being a child, turned around and looked into a glass case, and staring back at me with withered eye sockets, was the mummy of a child Well, that just cracked it I ve been scared and fascinated by mummies my whole darn life. Oh, Bob, how I love thee If you have seen any of his TV series, you know he is a nerdy little guy but he knows his stuff and the book is absolutely fascinating It even had me briefly consider studying the topic in grad school. I was an advanced reader at a young age, and with my mother being fascinated by ancient Egypt, she let me read this when I was 9 years old not joking , and I wound up worrying my teachers, as I recall I still love this book, and I ve used it as reference in school essays So informational really enjoyed this book even though its not my perferred period of history