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Rose Has Always Been Different Since The Day She Was Born, It Was Clear She Had A Special Fate Her Superstitious Mother Keeps The Unusual Circumstances Of Rose S Birth A Secret, Hoping To Prevent Her Adventurous Daughter From Leaving Home But She Can T Suppress Rose S True Nature Forever So When An Enormous White Bear Shows Up One Cold Autumn Evening And Asks Teenage Rose To Come Away With It In Exchange For Health And Prosperity For Her Ailing Family She Readily Agrees Rose Travels On The Bear S Broad Back To A Distant And Empty Castle, Where She Is Nightly Joined By A Mysterious Stranger In Discovering His Identity, She Loses Her Heart And Finds Her Purpose And Realizes Her Journey Has Only Just Begun

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    This book was awesome I have never heard of this fairytale, even though it sounded familiar I m glad one of my friends wanted to buddy read it, but now I want to get both books in paperback and the second one comes out in October I always get scared about the cancer coming back if I get too excited about books on down the line Anyway, I recommend to those that love fairytales They journeyed far and the white bear said, Are you afraid No, she replied I am not afraid She would search for him In the land that lay east of the sun and west of the moon But there was no way there She traveled on the back of the North Wind to the very end of the world Happy Reading Mel

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    I absolutely loved this book I ve read it so many times and never has it grown old I love how it shifts views and tells you what other people are doing and how it has many plots that all tie together in the book I love the White Bear and I love reading what he has to say and the riddles and poems he speaks in The chapters weren t long so you could just fly through the book with no trouble I fell inlove with Rose and her personality from the beginning, the first few pages a a little slow, but that is just setting the story Push through them and I promise you will not be disappointed.I also love that it is multiple books in one book, though never meant to be a serise I really enjoyed how the characters evolved over the span of the book Rose is just amazing and you can t help but admiring her persistence Now some people would be disappointed by the romance in the book, or lack there of, but that didn t bother me one bit What Rose and the White Bear had was tender and fragile and real Their relationship was amazing and wasn t all fluffed up Most authors would have Rose run into the arms of the White Bear and they would live perfectly from that moment on But Edith gave the two characters time to grow together She did an amazing job of showing the uncertainty that was felt between the two.All around I would recomend this book to anyone who loves a great adventure story Whenever I have nothing to read, this is the first book I pick up, and I read it all over again.

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    3.5 a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

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    This novel is a retelling of East of the Sun and West of the Moon which is probably one of the most underappreciated fairy tales out there Unfortunately, this retelling doesn t quite do it justice The author chose to use multiple viewpoints, which felt like a gimmick and less like the best way to tell the story especially since I was only really interested in the stories from two of the five narrators Also, no one ever seems to have given Edith that all important advice to show and not tell Despite the novel being almost 500 pages long, reading it feels like skimming a summary than entering a world For example, she uses phrases such as, It was clear they really loved each other, without telling us what made it clear, which makes it sound like it actually wasn t all that clear at all.Her treatment of the white bear and the four winds was interesting, but I didn t really appreciate the latter until I read her own afterward which, incidentally, was interesting than the story itself.Even though it s only a two star book, I find myself holding onto it because I m rather proud of my collection of retold fairy tales.

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    I really wish I had read this in this age range I would have been obsessed with this book Such a captivating story

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    1.99 Kindle sale, Oct 25, 2018 The sequel to this 2005 folktale retelling, West, was just published this week it s still waiting on my Kindle East is a retelling of the Norwegian tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon you can read one version of it here In East, a teenage girl named Rose has a sense of adventure that her worried mother has always tried, unsuccessfully, to quell One day a huge white bear appears at their door and offers to magically to fix the family s dire financial and health problems if Rose will to come away with the bear, and she agrees There s a hard and fast rule to their relationship, though, and when Rose eventually breaks it, the results are far worse than she imagined Rose can go back home to her family or she can try to fix the problem she created.Edith Pattou tells this story with lots of believable details view spoiler As Rose follows the bear s trail north to a hidden kingdom of ice and cruelty, hide spoiler

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    What a GREAT young adult fantasy I loved everything about this book Although it is almost 500 pages, it is a quick read Short chapters, larger print The story is based on the Norwegian fairytale East of the Sun and West of the Moon which I didn t know until I read the author s notes at the end I liked that even though it was a fantasy, it took place in a real time and place 16th Century Norway Read the glossery in the very back for modern names I loved the mother s superstition, her brother, Neddy their love and close relationship, Rose, of course was a brave, smart girl, The White Bear it s amazing how you can start to love an animal in a book, Thor didn t think I d like him but I did Malmo, to whom Rose owes her life in the artic, and Tuki, sweet boy The author titled each chapter after a character to piece together the story from different perspectives She rotated these characters so you really got to know them That, to me, always makes a book interesting This is a great book for all ages I love stories that come to a nice clean end, no questions, no pieces left unturned I am going to read by this author, and soon

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    Rating 4.5 StarsEver since I read the tale of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, I ve longed to give one of its numerous re tellings a try Edith Pattou s version, East, practically fell into my lap when I discovered it in the hidden recess of my Kindle and within moments, I was sucked into the tale For those of you who don t know, East of the Sun, West of the Moon is similar to Beauty and the Beast, only instead of a beast, we have a polar bear, and instead of a wicked witch, there is an evil troll queen Of course, there are a variety of other differences, but the jist of the tale is the same a girl must find it in her to remain with and love a creature who is animal than man And while East isn t the best re telling I ve read, it s nearly perfect in its own right.For me, what makes or breaks a solid re telling is the author s own insight into a traditional fairy tale It s part of the reason why I m so disenchanted with book to movie adaptations I desperately want the director to push the story on screen with his or her interpretations instead of merely following the book word for word or deleting scenes altogether In East, Pattou truly gives so much depth to this intriguing tale For one, the novel is told in alternating perspectives, each chapter shifting from the point of views of Rose, her older brother Neddy, her Father, the Troll Queen, or the Bear himself While, on one hand, I was initially skeptical about this method of story telling, let me reassure you that it works beautifully Not only are we able to gain a much fuller understanding of the entire story at hand, but we are also able to understand these central characters on a much deeper level.Moreover, I love that the villains of this tale are so ambiguous in their evil label The Troll Queen, for instance, is obsessed with the human prince she finds so much so that she fakes his death and is punished for her actions by her father Ironically, though, her punishment entails the imprisonment of the prince she loves And thus, a boy is turned into a bear Further, it is not evil intent that drips from the Troll Queen, but rather a strange, obsessive longing If anything, the Troll Queen is an anomaly among her kind, especially as trolls keep humans as servants The Troll Queen, however, isn t our only villain Rose, the protagonist of our tale, is born facing the North, which indicates both that she will become a traveler and also that she will as her mother s only North child face death at the hands of ice and snow As such, her mother does everything in her power to keep Rose safe, but often times that spells harm than good.I love that this family is painted so realistically Rose is beloved by her brother Neddy, not to mention her father, and while her mother clearly cares for her, there is a distance between them that is written with poise As the last child in a household of seven, not to mention a replacement child for the East daughter who died, Rose and her mother share a strained relationship And yet, Rose s love and affection for her family for all her sisters and brothers is so palpably felt In fact, Rose herself is such a remarkable heroine for the emotion she brings to this tale While her adventurous spirit is one to get behind and her genuine loyalty to be admired, her flaws her curiosity, her homesickness, her inability to follow directions makes her all the realistic Moreover, I love that Rose never gives up No matter how difficult the task before her seems, she keeps barreling forward.Another beautiful aspect to this tale is the romance The White Bear, as Rose comes to call him, is sweet and kind, hopeful that Rose will enjoy her stay at his castle And yet, he too is not all perfect Ultimately, the reason why I grew to love Rose s time in the castle was primarily because of her interactions with the Bear, which were both endearing and exasperating Stuck in a difficult situation, tempers rise just as often as they fall, which made for intriguing reading Once the bear is kidnapped away by the Troll Queen, however, the second half of this story only picks up I appreciated this not so much because of the change of pace, but rather because Rose sets out after the Bear solely because she let him down Of course, she cares for him, but the extent of her feelings are hidden even from herself until much later in the story The romance that brews in East is extraordinarily subtle, only hinting at the depth of affection that lies between Rose and the Bear, but the focus on trust that the novel took was far important as a foundation for their future, fitting perfectly into this tale.If you haven t already, I d encourage you to look into this fairy tale It s an interesting spin, especially as Beauty and the Beast is so well known Moreover, Pattou s rendition of it is than satisfying, going so far as to touch upon Norse mythology and Inuit history Although the ultimate conclusion regarding the Troll Queen seemed to tie up a little too neatly for my tastes, overall, this novel is perfect from beginning to end What Pattou excels at, as a writer, is showing, not telling, which makes this story a true emotional experience I dare you not to become completely enthralled by Rose s tale I promise you, it is impossible You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings.

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    4.5 starsI never would have thought that there could be a whole chapter book retelling of a classic fairy tale other than Shannon Hale s The Goose Girl Well, I have just recently stumbled upon this book called East that happens to be a great retelling of a classic fairy tale East is a retelling of a classic Scandinavian folktale called East of the Sun West of the Moon by Edith Pattou and anyone who is a huge fan of fairy tales will definitely get a kick out of this book Rose is the youngest child of seven children and because she was a born a North born child, according to her mother, she always loved exploring her homeland Njord and getting into trouble One day, however, a mysterious white bear comes in and promises Rose s family that he will make them rich if they agree to let Rose come away with him to his cave At first, Rose s family did not want her to leave with the white bear, but Rose decided to go with the white bear to save her family and so she and the white bear traveled for days until they reached the white bear s magnificent cave where Rose lived for many years During her years with the white bear, Rose realizes that a mysterious stranger has been sleeping in bed next to her and when she discovers the stranger s true identity, she embarks on a journey to save her true love from a terrible curse Beautiful Simply Beautiful I never would have thought that I would have read a retelling of a popular folktale that was written so beautifully Edith Pattou has certainly done an excellent job at retelling the ancient Scandinavian folktale I loved the way that Edith Pattou added elements to this story such as adding background information about each character in the book, especially Rose and we actually get to read about the other point of views of each character associated with Rose s life like her father, her brother Neddy, the White Bear and the Troll Queen What I loved the most about this book is that each chapter is split up into a different character s point of view Like for example, you have one chapter entitled Rose and the chapter is narrated by Rose herself and her point of view on the situation she is thrown into and then another chapter would be entitled White Bear and the white bear is narrating the chapter, and I really love this setup because you can actually get a feel of what each character is thinking about the situation at hand Another thing that I loved about this book was the relationships between all the characters in this book, especially between Rose, Neddy and her father I loved the way that Neddy and Rose s father cared so much about Rose that they were willing to put their lives at stake in order to rescue her from any kind of danger I also loved the fairy tale elements in this story, especially since this story is based off of East of the Sun West of the Moon and I am a huge fan of many fairy tales and folktales, so the fairy tale elements in this story enchantment, epic journey are always relaxing to me I also think many people would enjoy this story if they enjoyed The Golden Compass since this book does have a similar element to The Golden Compass which is a girl riding a white bear on her journey.Now the reason why I gave this book a four and a half star rating instead of a five star rating is because the story tends to drag on too long in certain scenes such as during the scenes where Rose is exploring the cave of the white bear and she is describing every single item she comes across It is alright to describe some items that have significance to the story, but to describe every other item that has nothing to do with the main point of the story does become tiresome really fast.Overall East is truly an absolute masterpiece in its own right as it is filled with drama, fantasy and romance that anyone who is a huge fan of fairy tales will instantly take a liking to.Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    East was written when fantasy could still be fantasy When young adult books weren t required to have a love triangle, a sexy love interest, and a heroine with low self esteem Rose, this novel s main character, is intelligent, resourceful, and courageous She has a strong drive and a true moral compass The plot reminds me of classical fantasy that involves epic journeys over several countries over the course of years The book is chaste and simple, which makes me think its suited to a middle school audience nowadays.Yet, despite the intriguing premise, I found myself bored with it There was little to none action, for instance Since the book had such a large scope in following different characters over an extended period of time, it read like this We journeyed across the tundra Weeks passed not an actual quote It was just very slow pace, and there was telling than showing Also, being a romantic girl, I wanted there to be immediate romance The romance was slow building, about trust and compassion, than about physical lust Which, don t get me wrong, was certainly refreshing, but the novel was slow paced already, and having nothing in the romance department along with nothing in the action department lead for a bored Morgan I did like this book, but when you are used to action y, romance y YA, it can be a bit too slow I do appreciate it though It was an altogether pleasant change of pace.