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read online Prime Duets for Electric Guitars: 80 Transcriptions of Baroque and Classical Music PiecesAuthor Sebastien Jean –

Though Widely Available For Wind And String Instruments, Classical Duets Are Not Generally Thought Of As Part Of The Natural Repertoire Of Electric Guitarists However, Whether You Are Just Curious Or Truly Into The Classical Style, Duets Remain A Fabulous Source Of Shared Musical Pleasure Pieces From AboutComposers See Below Were Selected For This Collection, All Representative Of A Certain Period, From The Th To The Th Century Most Of Them Are Original And Were Initially Composed For Two Instruments They Were Selected For Being Particularly Well Suited To The Electric Guitar They Represent Both Convincing Concert Pieces And Interesting Pedagogical Material For Intermediate Guitarists Who Might Wish To Further Their Musical Culture And Instrumental TechniqueAllDuets Have Been Transcribed Into TABs, Including Left Hand Fingering, And Precise Rhythm Notation Downloadable Audio Files Are Also Available Composers J Aubert CPE Bach JS Bach JB Boismortier G Cervetto C Dancla F David F Devienne W Fesch W Finger GG Gabrielli D Gastoldi O Gibbons GF Handel JM Leclair JB Loeillet M Marais J Mattheson T Morley JJ Mouret WA Mozart V Oldis I Pleyel D Popper JP Rameau G Sammartini F Schubert K Stamitz C Tessarini GF Telemann G Torelli J Vierdank A Vivaldi J Walter J Wanhall