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[epub pdf] A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir MohamadAuthor Mahathir Mohamad –

Barat Menyifatkannya Sebagai Seorang Yang Keras Kepala, Perkauman, Anti Yahudi Dan Angkuh Negara Membangun Bagaimanapun, Memandang Bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Sebagai Juara Wawasan Dan Pemimpin Luar Biasa Yang Menyuntik Semangat Kepada Setiap Individu Dunia Ketiga Untuk Berdiri Megah Bahkan Pengkritik Beliau Yang Paling Lantang Pun Tidak Dapat Menafikan Bahawa Di Sebalik Semua Ini, Tun Dr Mahathir Memberikan Negara Negara Yang Terpinggir Keberanian Dan Menunjukkan Jalan Ke Arah Masa Depan Yang Penuh HarapanSungguhpun Demikian, Beliau Tidak Terlepas Daripada Kontroversi Selama Tahun Memimpin Negara, Beliau Digambarkan Sebagai Seorang Diktator Dan Juga Perangsang Tidak Ramai Pemimpin Yang Berjaya Mengubah Keseluruhan Negara Daripada Ekonomi Agraria Kepada Kuasa Perindustrian Dalam Tempoh Singkat Selama Dua DekadDi Sini, Dengan Ketepatan Pembedahan, Dr Mahathir Menjejaki Susur Galur Sejarah Dan Menghalusi Peranan Beliau Sendiri Dalam Membentuk Malaysia ModenODATA PENULISDalam Masa Tahun Sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad Mengubah Negaranya Daripada Sebuah Negara Pertanian Yang Mundur Kepada Sebuah Kuasa Perindustrian Dan Negara Perdagangan Ke Terbesar Di DuniaPencapaian Yang Mengagumkan Itu Bagaimanapun, Membawa Bersamanya Kontroversi Wawasan Dr Mahathir Yang Luar Biasa Dan Cengkaman Kuat Beliau Ke Atas Pentadbiran Melahirkan Musuh Dan Peminat Tegar Di Dalam Dan Luar Malaysia Beliau Dilabelkan, Sama Ada Secara Tipikal Atau Paradoksikal, Sebagai Diktator Yang Zalim Dan Ditakuti Mahupun Sebagai Pembela Yang Memberi Ilham, Berani Dan Lantang Kepada Dunia Ketiga, Muslim Sederhana Serta Golongan TertindasDi Setiap Persimpangan Yang Dilaluinya, Dr Mahathir Menulis Semula Hukum Dan Peraturan Autobiografi Ini Menjadi Jendela Bagi Mengintai Cara Luar Biasa Beliau Berfikir Dan Bagaimana Pemikiran Beliau Dipengaruhi Oleh Peristiwa Peristiwa Besar Dalam Sejarah Malaysia, Daripada Perang Dunia Kedua Dan Perjanjian MacMichael Kepada Kemerdekaan, Perindustrian Serta Pembentukan Malaysia Moden, Krisis Politik Dan Kewangan Pada Akhir An, Serta Cabaran Abad BaruBuku Ini Mendedahkan Ciri Ciri Yang Sebelum Ini Tidak Diketahui Mengenai Seorang Insan Yang Tidak Suka Menonjolkan Diri, Tetapi Akhirnya Menjadi Negarawan Yang Berani Buku Ini Menceritakan Politik Malaysia Moden Melalui Kaca Mata Salah Seorang Daripada Pengukirnya Yang Agung Ia Bukan Untuk Meminta Pengampunan Atau Percubaan Mempertahankan Diri, Tetapi Pengisahan Yang Tegas, Menambat Perhatian Dan Menarik Mengenai Bagaimana Serta Mengapa Dr Mahathir Mencatat Begitu Banyak Kejayaan Dalam Masa Yang Singkat Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Adalah Perdana Menteri Malaysia Yang Keempat Dari Hingga Beliau Kini Menetap Di Kuala Lumpur

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    This review also appears in my blog The Malaysian ReaderWinston Churchill once said that history would remember him positively because he would be the one writing it Mahathir s magnum opus, A Doctor In The House, purports to do the same for its author It is probably safe to presume that those who crack open this 800 page book will jump straight to the juicy chapters that discuss the episodes when Mahathir was seen in a bad light You know the ones I m talking about The Ku Li led Team B revolt, the infamous Ops Lalang, the Judiciary crisis, the currency meltdown and of course, the Anwar debacle In all these chapters Mahathir justifies what subsequently happened by basically saying, Look, I did my best under the circumstances It s not my fault Mahathir is credited with dragging Malaysia kicking and screaming from an underdeveloped nation status to a developing one but at what price We are fractured as a society, the majority Muslim Malays are spiritually bankrupt and unsure of the future Mahathir s record holding 22 year tenure as the nation s Prime Minister could have been a golden age for Malaysia some undoubtedly would say that it was but his rush to improve the people s material wealth and status came at the expense of civil rights and freedoms that most developed nations take for granted And there hasn t seem to be any effort by his so far, two immediate successors to seriously attempt to get us out of this morass.It is unlikely that this book would sway anyone to Mahathir s side if they opposed him before and those who are already fans will hold this book as confirmation of his genius Perhaps both detractors and supporters should accompany this book with a look at Barry Wain s Malaysian Maverick Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times if they haven t already You know, for objectivity s sake A Doctor In The House is what it is a final attempt by an old man to set the record the way he wants it to set before he finally sheds his mortal coil.

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    He surprises me of not being afraid of saying what he sees as right Perhaps that s what a true leader should be.I love his country and I respect him for this honest memoir.

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    A Doctor in The House The Memoir of Tun Dr Mahathir bn Mohamed is without doubt the most fascinating book I ve ever read Although this book is best addressed to the Malays in particular, I most admit it is also a message to the whole world especially to the Third World countries I believed our leaders could learn a lot from this visionary leader who transform a country of nothing but rice farming into an industrial powerhouse that is among 20 largest trading nations in the world This controversial leader who the west sees as a tyrannical dictator, recalcitrant, racist, anti Semitic and arrogant is to me and to many others I believe nothing but a national hero, an inspiring, courageous and outspoken defender of the Third World Countries and Islam I could only wish and pray to have such a leader who would truly and sincerely care for his nation and his people like Tun in our dear Country Malaysians both Malay, Chinese, Indians and Others should be glad to have had Tun as there leader as I believe without him, Malaysia would have definitely been different story

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    An easy read, given the writer s penchant for short, direct sentences The early years give an interesting glimpse into Malaya during Brit occupation, but of course the political tales are the most riveting The man hardly keeps his views to himself so those who keep up with his speeches and blogposts won t find anything jarringly different, except for a few bits and pieces on politics perhaps The chapter on Anwar Ibrahim is contentious, but again it s a refresher to those who lived through 1997 98 rather than a fresh perspective Young Malaysians should read this book, as it also tells the tale of Malaya and Malaysia, from the still sharp mind of Malaysia s strongest and longest in power leader.

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    trying my best to read itand i am really taking my time too..because it is such a good read that a re read and re read the same chapters nope..i am still not done with the book ngeeeeee

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    This indeed is a very thick book Tun Dr M is a remarkable man for our country Malaysia, serving as our PM for 22 years and he is now back again for his second term to save the country from the corrupted Barisan government Inside this book, Tun did not only shared about his politic career on how he transformed himself from a medical doctor into a politician and eventually became the Malaysia 4th Prime Minister But he also shared about his childhood, his family, his view during the British colony, the life in Malaysia during the Japanese occupancy, his view on the Islamic world and many other things.Reading this book also help me understand better on Malaysia history and why we ended up in the situation we are in right now But I think the most interesting parts of the book are about his political career on how he joined UMNO at the first place, and how later he was sacked by Tunku and were reinvited by Tun Razak and eventually become our PM and what follows after that This book ended at the time where Tun Abdullah Badawi stepped by as PM and where Dato Seri Najib took over the office But what I really hope to read is the continuity of the following story, on how he decided to overthrow the BN government and become the PM again in 2018.I wish Tun is good health and have the follow up version of the book in the near future.

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    It took me 3 months to finish this book as my priority was on my Master s Degree Project Research I may be biased but this book has been a great paradigm shifting for me A intimate writing in comparison to his other previous writings this memoir chronicles from his perspective as an Anglophile Malay boy who was then abruptly woken up by the harsh reality of the bogus infatuation that British were in Malaya simply to exploit the Golden Chersone Malaya for the sake of Britain s rapid development and left Malaya to be a 3rd world country while the former savoured the latter s wealth He also wrote about Malay dilemma polemics, Islamization and of course controversies such as Ops Lalang, reduction of Sultans immunity, infamous relationship with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, etc.Truly Malaysia s Father of Modernization, I aspire to be a new Malay just like what he aspires us to be More review in my blog at

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    Oh ye gawds, took me 3 weeks to finish this tome of a book But it was worth the read Written in his trademark simple manner, this book is perhaps a little peek into the workings of Tun M s mind Would love for the book to be expansive and if he would be elaborate as regards the twists in his life , but at a little over 800 pages, it sure is long enough.I have always been in awe, sir and I still am.

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    Didn t manage to finish it A person can only take so much bullshit before he pukes it all out.I ll jot down a better review once I cool down a bit Or until this smell of self righteous, senile, too defensive garbage memoir is no longer choking me.

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    My wedding gift Take longer time to read because I don t want to finish earlier P