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Meet Chet, The Wise And Lovable Canine Narrator Of Dog On It, Who Works Alongside Bernie, A Down On His Luck Private Investigator Chet Might Have Flunked Out Of Police School I D Been The Best Leaper In KClass, Which Had Led To All The Trouble In A Way I Couldn T Remember Exactly, Although Blood Was Involved , But He S A Detective Through And ThroughIn This, Their First Adventure, Chet And Bernie Investigate The Disappearance Of Madison, A Teenage Girl Who May Or May Not Have Been Kidnapped, But Who Has Definitely Gotten Mixed Up With Some Very Unsavory Characters A Well Behaved, Gifted Student, She Didn T Arrive Home After School And Her Divorced Mother Is Frantic Bernie Is Quick To Take The Case Something About A Cash Flow Problem That Chet S Not All That Clear About And He S Relieved, If Vaguely Suspicious, When Madison Turns Up Unharmed With A Story That Doesn T Add Up But When She Disappears For A Second Time In A Week, Bernie And Chet Aren T Taking Any Chances They Launch A Full Blown Investigation Without A Ransom Demand, They Re Not Convinced It S A Kidnapping, But They Are Sure Of One Thing Something Smells FunnyTheir Search For Clues Takes Them Into The Desert To Biker Bars And Other Exotic Locals, With Chet S Highly Trained Nose Leading The Way Both Chet And Bernie Bring Their Own Special Skills To The Hunt, One That Puts Each Of Them In Peril But Even As The Bad Guys Try To Turn The Tables, This Duo Is Nothing If Not Resourceful, And The Result Is An Uncommonly Satisfying AdventureWith His Doggy Ways And His Endearingly Hardboiled Voice, Chet Is Full Of Heart And Occasionally Prone To Mischief He Is Intensely Loyal To Bernie, Who, Though Distracted By Issues That Chet Has Difficulty Understanding Like Divorce, Child Custody, And Other Peculiar Human Concerns Is Enormously Likable Himself, In His Flawed, All Too Human Way I read Dog On It because a friend recommended it, saying it made her laugh I like dogs and I like laughs Plus, after just coming off of reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, a truly great book narrated by a dog, I thought this was a perfect time to do so I had no other expectations going into Dog On It, except knowing that it was the first in a Chet and Bernie Mystery series one of them has got to be the dog right , and there is also a praise on the cover by Stephen King Whatcould I ask Here s the lowdown Chet is the dog I solved that mystery in the first page He is an almost passed the K9 training test, large mixed breed dog with mismatched ears, and an off the chart dog intelligence topped off with a sense of humor How can a dog have a sense of humor, you ask He narrates the story from a dog s POV Bernie is a one time cop, now private detective who is slightly down on his luck When he paid a visit by a mother looking for her missing teenage daughter, the mystery is on.Quinn is a pretty much a genius portraying comedy by using the dog s point of view The one liners and viewpoints consistently made me laugh I expected the humor to go stale at some point, but if anything it just gets better I say Quinn is a comic egghead, who has created a perfect character in Chet It s also a plus to know that the human story never gets lost in the dog s view of things It s enhanced because as the reader we follow both sides simultaneously, and receive the benefit of laughs as only a dog would see things a dog, and Mr Quinn of course.Here s a little example when Bernie and Chet approach a client at club side poolI sniffed the air in hopes of scraps poolsides were usually good for a potato chip or two, or even one of those mini hot dogs had to be careful about the toothpicks they came on, I d learned that the hard way That s plucked that from the middle of the book, but I hope you see a hint of Chet s personality.Like I said, Dog On It is only the first of the series, currently up to 8 If you like fun reads set in the middle of a mystery, I suggest these for sure One other tidbit Spencer Quinn is a pseudonym used by a very well known thriller author. If you ever wanted to stick your head inside a dog s brain, wiggle it around a little, and see what decides to pop out, then DOG ON IT is the book for you If you re a mystery lover with a heightened sense of curiosity about said dog, then that s even better If you don t love dogs on some sort of basic level, then you might find yourself in a state of uncertainty Or maybe you like unique voices in detective fiction But the bottom line is it s all about the dog, and Chet fills every page with his unique perspective.This book was an easy read, but it was a darn fine enjoyable one, too Chet was lovable, affectionate, filled with happiness and joy, and just so darn cute He changed direction about as often as Britney Spears changes her underwear, but I got caught up in whatever scent, or thread, or squirrel happened to pop into view.As for unique voices, though, I m drawn to those like cars are to potholes Chet made me feel like I was driving down I 25 with my head stuck out the window and the wind assaulting me, as my nostrils filled with the fresh air after a brief desert rain The rhythm of the sentences, the quick turn of direction, and the bubbles that seemed to pop with the utmost ease allowed me to believe I was inside Chet s head every step of the way.Sure, Chet had his faults, but he was as lovable on the first page as he was on the last And sure the mystery could have beencomplicated, but this is a dog s perspective after all It helps to look at it from a slightly tinted glass Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave, because Chet is here to stay.Cross posted at Robert s Reads My first Spencer Quinn and won t be the last It s not only for dog lovers The rest of the pack can also appreciate the book.The book features one of the most appealing narrators to come down the mystery novel in quite some time Chet the dog, the steady and stalwart companion of private investigator Bernie Little DOG ON IT is the best by far any mystery book that has been written in years What a funny, entertaining, clever read The dog s voice is what makes the book so appealing to me.Every year I always want to read new Authors This one was one hell of a discovery Who the hell is this guy Bernie was a Private Investigator tasked with finding a missing teenager his sidekick and partner in the Private Eye business was Chet, canine narrator and all round good guy But between Chet s highly trained skills, his sensitive nose and Bernie s dogged determination, their search for Madison took them far and wide From Las Vegas to New Mexico and across the vast desert but would they find her It seemed that there were bad guys at every turn Chet wished he could talk at times so Bernie could figure out the answers sooner then he could go back to doing what he did best devouring his doggy treats Dog On It is the first in the Chet Bernie Mystery Series by Spencer Quinn and I quite enjoyed it Chet, as narrator, became sidetracked quite often too many yummy smells around but he and Bernie made a great team But would they be better than the crooks You ll have to read it to see Recommended.