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In His Work As A Miami Crime Scene Investigator, Dexter Morgan Is Accustomed To Seeing Evil Deedsparticulary Because, On Occasion, He Rather Enjoys Committing Them Himself Guided By His Dark Passenger The Voice Inside Him That Helps Stalk His Prey He Lives His Outwardly Normal Life Adhering To One Simple Rule He Only Kills Very Bad PeopleDexter Slides Through Life Undetected, Working As A Blood Splatter Analyst For The Miami Police Department, Helping His Fiancee Raise Her Two Adorable If Somewhatunique Children, And Always Planning His Next Jaunt As Dexter The Dark Avenger Under The Light Of The Full MoonBut Everthing Changes When Dexter Is Called To A Gruesome Double Homicide Dex Realizes He S Dealing With Someone A Whole Lot Sinister Than He Is And It Sends The Dark Passenger Into Hiding And When Something Scares Your Friendly Neighborhood Serial Killer, You Know It S SeriousMore Used To Inspiring Fear Then Experiencing It, Dex Must Investigate, While Simultaneously Coping With His Demanding Family If He S To Save Himself, And Those Around Him, Dexter Must Pose Questions He S Never Dared Ask Where Does Evil Come From, And Does It Hide Inside Everyone

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    B 73% More than Satisfactory Notes Its reliably fun comic relief has nothing to play against, as the book s supernatural turn negates the series gritty feel.

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    Far above the aimless scurrying of the city IT watched, and IT waited There was plenty to see, as always, and IT was in no hurry IT had done this many time before, and would do so again, endlessly and forever That was what IT was for Right now there were so many different choices to consider, and no reason to do anything but consider them until the right one was clear And then IT would start again, gather the faithful, give them their bright miracle, and IT would feel once the wonder and joy and swelling rightness of their pain.All that would come again It was just a matter of waiting for the right moment.And IT had all the time in the world. Michael C Hall plays DexterJeff Lindsay really put a lot of noses out of joint with this one He has fans of the show and fans of the previous two books to please and this one just hit a jarring note with a lot of people It is similar to being strapped to a board with duct tape and you open your eyes to find there is a menacing serial killer standing over you with a bloody scalpel You make the connection that it is your blood on that scalpel You pass out You come back to consciousness when he starts slicing and dicingoh so lovinglyyour inner thigh You scream You negotiate He laughs, soaking up your terror like an extra large roll of Downy paper towels, and then before he really starts going to work on removing some appendages or organs he just lets you go You feel relief as you stumble down the middle of a four lane road in Miami dripping blood hoping someone will stop before you become a hood ornament on a Kenworth supercab Then you get mad thinking isn t my body good enough for even a damn serial killer What the f k is wrong with me Didn t I scream loud enough Didn t my blood spurt as well as the next guy You feel oddly let down.The interesting aspect of Dexter Morgan s character is that he is a regular run of the mill serial killer with a code of ethics that was instilled in him by his cop stepfather Harry Now those codes that have been instilled in young Dexter are also the same codes that keep average people like me or you from being strapped to a board feeling Dexter joyfully dismembering the fine temple we ve spent so much time sculpting In this third installment Lindsay chose to instill a supernatural element to the life and times of Dexter Morgan Readers were upset, with feelings ranging from betrayal to outrage They don t want to believe that something netherworld evil might be controlling Dexter They want to believe that Dexter is just well Dexter, a really nasty serial killer that has a code that allows us all to feel reassured that he is only killing really bad people, so it isn t sick and disgusting that we are rooting for him I was fortunate enough to have Jeff Lindsay sign my run of Dexter books.Well Dexter has a shadow that he calls the DARK PASSENGER For the first time in his life this constant companion, this trusted advisor, disappears leaving him feeling empty like a body without a soul He is having disturbing dreams for the first time in his life No, this was my subconscious If it was crying out in pain at the threat of abandonment, I knew exactly what it feared losing the Dark Passenger My bosom buddy, my constant companion on my journey through life s sorrows and sharp pleasures That was the fear behind the dream losing the thing that had been so very much a part of me, and actually defined me, for my whole life In the midst of a new case with bodies burned and their heads lopped off and replaced with ceramic bull heads Dexter encounters something dark and dangerous, something so creepy that the Dark Passenger scurries away leaving Dexter feeling exposed and weak and very human Dashing Dexter does not know the meaning of fear That would have to mean that the roaring thump of my heart, the parching of my mouth, and the sweat pouring out of my hands was no than massive uneasiness I did not enjoy the feeling I was no longer the Knight of the Knife My blade and my armor were in some subbasement of the castle, and I was on the field of battle without them, a suddenly soft and tasty victim, and for no reason I could name I was sure that something had my scent in its ravening nostrils King Solomon killed his brother because he had something DARK inside him.Dexter is also in the middle of wedding plans, all part of his overall scheme to appear normal The children of his bride, Cody and Astor are far from normal kids In fact they too have shadows that drive them to want to inflict pain He feels pressured to teach them the code of Harry, but like all kids they are impatient to skip the work and get to the fun Dexter, without the reassuring presence of his Dark Passenger feels his life unraveling He becomes the main focus of something known as IT, something that was around in the days of Solomon, something so powerful so fear inspiring that Dexter finds himself being controlled and helpless to escape Hopefully in the fourth Dexter Morgan book Lindsay will choose to get back to the regular mortal adventures of our favorite serial killer I was not as bothered by the supernatural elements as much as other readers were because I feel that any perception made by a human being can seem supernatural The whole idea of Voodoo is that it only works if people believe that it can I think the same idea can be applied to the cult of Moloch that wrecks so much havoc on poor Dexter in this novel The Cult of Moloch or MLK.I ll end this review with a bit of Florida environmental commentary that Lindsay slips into the novel The island we headed for was one of the smaller ones Half of a forty foot sports fisherman lay on the beach at a crazy angle, and the pine trees inland of the beach were hung with chunks of Styrofoam, tattered cloth, and wispy shreds of plastic sheeting and garbage bags Other than that, it was just the way the Native Americans had left it, a peaceful little chunk of land covered with Australian pines, condoms, and beer cans

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    Disappointingly mystical In attempting to explain Dexter, Lindsay has robbed him of much of his appeal Anne Rice tried this in Queen of the Damned, to much the same effect Dexter s unique talents, like Lestat s, were better left a mystery.

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    Day three of my Dexter Morgan marathon, and Book Three is done I might actually do this Seven Books in Seven Days Challenge Yay me cue crickets and awkward glances I think I m in the minority when I say that I liked this one very much, but I know why most readers or, if you prefer, fans of this series did not like it People enjoy their comfort zones Dexter in the Dark takes fans of the series out an established realistic environ by alluding to a possible supernatural origin to the Dark Passenger I mean, how dare Lindsay suddenly want to do something different mid series The sheer audacity of a move like that Imagine if Alex Cross suddenly found himself up against demons, and Columbo began slaying werewolves with a cast of his lazy eye Ludicrous Oh, lookey there, I spelled ludicrous right this time Take that, Ludacris I understand you have to follow certain rules when you take on a series But I also know how soul crushing repetition can be Nothing dampens a fiery imagination like a bucket full of monotony Lindsay tried something new, and fans balked Yet, in my opinion, he was vaguely successful in branching out I dug the concept I don t think I would have went full on evil older than man to explain Dexter s inner bad boy, but it is what it is I give him an A for effort.Once again, because I listened to this one, we have a split decision on our hands Three stars for the story, and five for the performance So, you guessed it, four stars.In summation Lindsay swings for the fences and connects Some fans see this book as a foul ball, but I prefer to think of it as an on base It s definitely not a home run, and I have no idea where these fucking baseball metaphors are coming from I hate baseball Goddamn itFinal Judgment Cody ex Machina.

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    Adventures of a sociopathic serial killer who generally only cuts up people who hurt children.Okay, awesome Lindsay has clearly done his research the way Dexter completely fails to get sex, his inflated perceptions of his own intelligence, his completely oblivious sexism, his utter lack of the empathic reflex, it s all perfect People who know me were shocked I hadn t read these books before Mostly it was that I knew what they were about, and I thought it would be stupid because I didn t believe a sociopath with that kind of organized offender behavior would ever follow a set of rules on who he could and couldn t kill But actually that s part of Dexter s fetish the stalking, the perfect planning, being neat and clean and sure And who knew these books would be so flipping funny Unfortunately, the third book wanders straight off into lala land I mean, seriously, the hell was that Lindsay pretty much ruined all the interesting work he d done on the damage and disfunctions that lead to sociopathy by going for what, demons It would have been fine as a slide into psychopathic delusion, or even as Dexter s personal metaphor to explain what he is and why But no Demons helpless hand gestures

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    It s sad to see such a good series descend to this level This book was a real disappointment It s hard to know where to start but the overall premise of the book, that Dexter s Dark Passenger is actually a supernatural possession by some kind of child of Moloch an eternal something or other, lacks so much believability that it ruins the entire series What made the first two books so good was that Dexter was the sociopath trying to live in the real world His Dark Passenger was simply a different part of Dexter s personality The success of the books was that we rooted for Dexter and his Dark Passenger in spite of him being a sociopath But how can we root for some horrible monster that possesses Dexter and forces him to kill But Lindsay goes too far even with his idea of how someone becomes a sociopath Every child, at least according to Lindsay, who is abused as a child, grows up to be a serial killer Rita s two kids both become sociopaths because they were abused by their father But that isn t how it happens in the real world Not all serial killers were abused and not everyone who is abused becomes a serial killer We can root for Dexter when he is unique and only killing other serial killers, but how can we root for him to create serial killers Dexter should be sending the children for intense psychotherapy, not lessons in how to kill.And worst of all, the book is simply boring Nothing much happens There are murders but it is impossible to keep straight who is killing who and the murders and murderers are almost irrelevant We hear about donuts and wedding caterers than we do about anything else And there really is no mystery in the story We find out in the first pages of the book who did it although I kept hoping that the book wasn t really going to be this stupid and that Lindsay would give us some other surprise solution I am fairly confident that this is the last Dexter book I will be reading.

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    IT was alone IT wanted ITIT ITITITT TITTTIITITIIIT, MORE of IT Sooooooo I started this series in 2013 Yeahhhh I don t know why in 2019 I m still in book 3 I would like to mention that this is a series I adore which makes the fact that I haven t already finish it even weirder I DON T DREAM I MEAN, I M SURE THAT AT SOME point during normal sleep, there must be images and fragments of nonsense parading through my subconscious After all, they tell me that happens with everyone But I never seem to remember dreams if I do have them, which they tell me happens to nobody at all So I assume that I do not dream Bruh same It s so weird People are constantly like what do u mean you don t dream Bitch I don t remember shit.ughhh Ritaaaa, what a naive queen.Let s talk about this shit for a sec okay so I knew that people kinda dislike it hate it and when I started it I couldn t really figure out why but ohhh boiii now I know The Dark Passenger, Moloch.your girl knooowsss s so hard for me not to give this 3stars FUCK Dexter is such a whinny lil bitch.

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    If book Dexter was running along a slightly different track than TV Dexter before this, Dexter in the Dark takes as far away as it can possibly get TV Dexter is grounded squarely in reality A very bloody reality, but reality nonetheless The first two books in the series hinted a bit at a supernatural element the first book s dreams, for example, and they way our beloved serial killer referred to his dark side as a separate persona who resided in him I always figured this was metaphorical, but book 3 makes it clear that this is quite literal Dexter s Dark Passenger leaves him after being scared off by a darker force that is killing people in Miami Dexter is left without his murderous intuition, without his bloodthirst, and without his emotionless demeanor Now, I ve seen a lot of reviews that simply hated this I was prepared to hate it I didn t though, for a few reasons For one, it goes a long way in explaining the dreams from book 1, something I never really bought If Dexter has this supernatural force living in him, then I can reasonably believe that he d be receptive to dreams about things that he couldn t know Secondly, I m sort of glad to have two very distinct Dexter universes to enjoy If the show and the books mirrored each other too much, it would start to get boring Third, it was a serial killer creation story that I haven t really encountered before I m not jumping up and down over it, but I m willing to give this idea a try.Other than the plot, I once again enjoyed the dark humor and Dexter s internal voice I really wish we d get scenes between Dexter and Deborah since book Deborah knows about her brother s dark side, it just seems like it s a situation ripe for mining I just reread my review of the last book, and I see I had used the word ripe then, too Clearly I A feel very strongly about this, and B need a larger vocabulary I want to see conversations and interaction between them regarding Dexter s hobby I feel like Jeff Lindsay has missed an opportunity twice now to really deliver on this Otherwise, Dexter s getting 4 stars from me.

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    I really should have liked this I stood up It was all too much I could not even meet my own expectations, and to be asked to deal with all theirs was too suffocating Dexter s growth during this book is good, a solid advancement of his character rather than just rinse and repeat that afflicts so many series The majority of it is driven by external forces, Dexter s interaction with other characters, but in this episode the Dark Passenger takes center stage I closed my eyes and listened to the novel emotions gurgling through me Feeling what authentic human fun Next, I could join a bowling league Dexter s relationship with Rita is advancing rapidly and her children, Astor and Cody are looking forward to their new father And even worse, I could tell that somehow it had become my problem the children expected me to bail them out, and Rita was clearly prepared to lock and load and open fire on me The thing that did not work for me was the heavy handed omniscient viewpoint I found it too fantastical and a clumsy attempt at explaining the Dark Passenger and the story would have been fine without it It was dissatisfying.Words to live by No, it s not fair, I said Nothing in life is fair Fair is a dirty word and I ll thank you not to use that language around me.

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    This one was bizarre Weird supernatural angles aside, it was absolutely hilarious Despite the fact those aspects were never explored again in the subsequent novels that Followed It And you know how it is, It Follows It Does I still want You Funniest one in the series, I d say And I do say it Funny old life and blue eyed wightbears notwithstanding It s funny though, I came across this book in a Sunday market, while I was just randomly browsing for old books Good times Great friends You know, you do, coming upon this book by pure chance when I was actually looking for it, was like me falling in love with all the things that were not there at all.