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At Annie Laurance S Death On Demand Bookstore On Broward S Rock Island, South Carolina, Murder Most Foul Suddenly Isn T Confined To The Well Stocked Shelves Author Elliot Morgan S Abrupt Demise During A Weekly Gathering Of Famous Mystery Writers Called The Sunday Night Regulars Is Proof Positive That A Bloody Sword Is Sometimes Mightier Than A Brilliant PenWith Annie In The Unenviable Position Of Primary Police Suspect, The Pretty Young Mystery Maven And Her Wealthy Paramour, Max Darling, Embark On An Investigation Into A Classic Locked Room Mystery With High Stakes For Failing To Unmask A Brutal And Ingenious Killer Could Mean Prison For Ms Laurance While Success Could Mean Her Death One of my favorite things about the Death on Demand series is Hart s numerous references throughout her books of other mysteries and mystery authors A fairly prolific mystery reader I have been surprised by how many titles and authors she s introduced to me. Set in fictitious Broward s Rock Island, South Carolina, Death On Demand features mystery bookshop owner, Annie Laurance When local author, Elliot Morgan, is murdered by a poison dart in her shop during the Sunday Night Regulars meeting, Annie becomes suspect number one With the help of her friend, Max, Annie must find the real killer to prove her innocence.I can t believe I ve never read this series before The island in the book is set near Hilton Head Island, one of our favorite vacation spots With numerous references to local sites, the setting had a wonderfully familiar feel for me The characters had great detail and back stories, the bookshop references are great for any mystery lover, and the mystery plot was easy to follow but hard to guess, which is always mystery novel perfection.There were quite a large number of characters, which made things a little confusing at times, but could easily be overlooked since the rest of the book was such a great quality Overall, this series will be going on my TBR list. Audio book performed by Kate Reading.Annie Laurence inherited her uncle s estate on Broward s Rock Island, South Carolina, including the mystery bookshop Death on Demand She s made a success of it, partly because the quiet island is home to several successful authors, who regularly meet at her store on Sunday evenings for coffee and an informal presentation about writing mysteries But tonight one of them Elliot Morgan is planning to reveal the other authors secrets, and Annie would just as soon not have a scene in the store When the presentation is interrupted by a power failure she is momentarily relieved, only to find that while the lights were off Elliot was murdered Before long she is the target of the police chief s suspicions regarding not only Elliot s murder, but her uncle s untimely death, and the deaths of several other island residents Her dear friend Max Darling lends a hand to help clear her name and find the true culprit.This is a fun cozy madeenjoyable by the many references to mystery writers, books and famous literary sleuths Mrs Pollifax, Hercule Poirot, etc If the murderer is a tad too prolific and successful at killing in such a short time frame, well that can be forgiven Hart keeps the plot moving and the interest level high The romantic tension is mostly in the background but adds a nice touch of spice to the mix Kate Reading does a fine job on the audio, with a good pace and enough changes in inflection to differentiate the characters. 67 2010.I read about Carolyn Hart in Mystery Scene magazine and so requested this first of her series about a married couple who runs a mystery book store Although they aren t married in this book, one can see the writing on the wall Evidently one of the things that series fans enjoy is the married couple s good relationship and I was curious to see how that might be done without getting cloying It is cozy without being too much so and the idea of a locked room mysteryor less in a roomful of mystery authors has piqued my interest.Final comments I actually enjoyed every single thing about this mystery except I pegged the murderer as soon as the murder happened Let s face it, a crowd of suspects and one stands way out from the others in such a way as to lull suspicions It wasn t hard I did, as I say, enjoy the rest so I will give her second in the series a try with the hopes that she grows in skill at hiding the murderer a bit better. Great first book to this series.After reading a few in the middle, I know I m a rebel, I got my hands on the very first one I enjoyed it and will continue on from here. Annie Laurance owns a mystery book store on an island inhabited by a slew of literary sleuths When one of the group is killed during one of their monthly gatherings, just as he was about to release the skeletons from their closets, the local law enforcement agent points his accusational finger directly at Annie Another murder follows and soon past deaths are called into the queue as to who Annie has a cohort in finding that remedy in her ultra rich, back in touch beau, Max Darling Together, they plot out the motives, interview their suspects, unearth some dirt, and get the job done Lots of name dropping of mystery writers I will be adding to by TBR list Appreciate the lovey dovey being kept at bay Good dialogue, tho Annie needs to be reined in a bit. I really did not like this book at all I didn t care who did it, and the only reason I finished it was because I wanted to see how the author crafted the motive for the murders The descriptions read like something written by a college student in a creative writing class The dialogue was not convincing at all I should have followed the review written by one reader onin which s he complained about the dialogue but also the idiotic things the main character did I thought the name dropping along the way would be fun it had been described as such , but it was tedious, especially if one was not familiar with the nuances of all of the writers mentioned I will NOT be readingin the series or from this author. 555 This is my first experience reading a novel by Carolyn G Hart and I thoroughly enjoyed it Death on Demand is the name of the bookshop which caters to my first choice of reading selections Mystery and Detective Stories With the numerous references to mystery titles and mystery authors throughout the story, I could now go back and savor exploration of those I did not recognize I also appreciated the descriptive language used by Carolyn G Hart that captured my attention and added to my visualizations as I was reading Here are a few examplesSaulter s ulcer burned like melting tar in August pointing out the constellations that glittered in the southern sky like diamonds against black velvet The only sounds were the occasional rustle as squirrels scampered from limb to limb, the soft thud of falling cones, and the tap of fragrant pine needles against the pitched roof of the houseClosing the novel there remains one question which is quite perplexing to me What is the purpose of the dog being shown on the front cover