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Death of a Gossip is the first book in the Hamish Macbeth series by M C Beaton Constable Hamish Macbeth was a laid back village police officer who enjoyed the peace of Locdubh However, Constable Hamish Macbeth peace was interrupted when Lady Jane Winters body founded in the Lake Constable Hamish Macbeth had to think was the death of Lady Jane Winters murder or suicide The arrival of the City law enforcement officers did not help Constable Hamish Macbeth investigation The readers will continue to follow Constable Hamish Macbeth investigation to find out what happened to Lady Jane Winters.Death of a Gossip is a lovely cozy mysteries and the first book I have read of M C Beaton, and I enjoy it The portrayal of the characters in The Death of a Gossip by M C Beaton did a fantastic job of engaging me with the book from the beginning I love how M C Beaton, intertwining her characters which ensured the engagement of the plot by her readers I like the way, M C Beaton describes her settings which allow me to picture the area and the community The Death of a Gossip was well written and researched by M C Macbeth, and in parts, I was unable to stop myself from laughing The readers of Death of a Gossip will learn about law enforcement procedures and their role in small rural communities in Scotland Also, the readers of Death of a Gossip will see the devastation that gossip have on the people who are involved I recommend this book. Question for Beaton Hamish Macbeth fans Are they all like this I like a good murder mystery detective story, and with the Hamish Macbeth series at 32 books and still going strong, I thought this might be my next favorite series to launch myself into So I started at the beginning and gave Death of a Gossip a go This book is a jack of all trades and a master of none It s a little bit romance, a little bit mystery, and a little bit comedy It does all of them adequately to erratically, and never does it wow on any level The romance is trite, the mystery is all right, and the comedy oh so light.Some of the characters are only just sketched out and some come off like stereotyped caricatures It seemed like Beaton was still feeling her way around the town constable and central figure of Macbeth I m guessing hoping that with such a long series, Macbeth eventually gets fully fleshed out.I m not a big romance fan to begin with, so take this review with a grain of salt I love Austen s stuff, but I really dislike modern romances A rom com I can manage now and then, if the com is particularly strong Unfortunately the com was almost nonexistent in Death of a Gossip Irregardless, I vowed to give it the ol college try and I ve already started on book two I thoroughly enjoy this series with his quirky characters, ironic since of humor, and romantic comedy These books are set in the Highland area of Scotland, and I prefer to read them in audio rather than with text for that reason For those of us who use computerized speech to read text, it Mangels a lot of the names, places, and idioms used in the books I have read about half of the series with text and the other half with speech This is one series where reading the first couple of books is important because later plots build on things you learn in the first two or three books. Book BlurbScottish highland village cop Hamish Macbeth must find which target was provoked enough to strangle and drown nasty fat widowed tabloid reporter Jane Winters, who revealed many others guilty secrets Much is from the viewpoint of a naive secretary seduced by a blue blood playboy Icy blond beauty, aristocratic Priscilla Halburton Smythe, lends a hand.CommentsIt s not the most exciting, riveting, murder mystery I have ever read, but good enough to spend a few hours with all the characters and constable Hamish MacBeth in the Scottish landscape As a first book in the series, I might consider reading some of the others, although there are 32 in the series Needless to say, I won t pursue them all. The female characters were all drawn from the worst stereo types. A cozy mystery set in a small Scottish town around a fly fishing class Just the setting is enough to recommend it, but the characters were also a lot of fun Some were over done, but I really liked Hamish He s still a bit of a mystery I was disappointed that the murder mystery wasn t solvable by the reader relied on a confession at the end, though Still, it was a fun, quick read I may go on to read some , but I m not in a rush. No one could besurprised than I, to dislike a novel I looked forward to I squirmed through this one I have every intention to give the next novel a chance Marion C Beaton is a beloved cozy mystery author and it s no joke, I collected about 20 of her books I would be relieved to turn my reaction around I landed up with a few first editions Marion wanted to portray a peaceful, idle policeman, so his input would make shockwaves The misfortune is, in this attempt Hamish came out as a moocher whom no one liked Adding to the sour note, it took ages to establish a protagonist We started with a fishing class couple, moved among pupils, and I have no interest in fishing This theme wasn t a backdrop but an activity cast to the forefront Lastly, I dislike the storytelling method that passes a viewpoint between a bunch of people, instead of sticking with the hero However I have gotten on board with that several times in literature because a subject was compelling, or I loved the characters I couldn t stand any one of these I found the girl looking for love , stupidest of all.The scenery was beautiful and people who like fishing would savour the details However this is a series that wanted to be categorized with mysteries but it took 100 pages to get anywhere near one I think Marion wanted to write slapstick humour and that s perfectly valid The mystery didn t gel dropping death into a book with no profound plot When we discover the motive it s far away and nothing that should precipitate killing Your reaction to the outcome should never beso whatorthat s itIt s regrettable there was nothing for me to latch onto among these pages. 3.5 stars This book is like cotton candy it s fluffy and light on substance, but enjoyable all the same Like Hamish himself, Death of a Gossip is like a sleepy, laid back countryside where everything moves slowly Not for readers who like their reads fast paced and action filled, but it s perfect if you want a relaxing few hours.I absolutely adore Hamish His character is so vividly described that I can practically see him wander around town languidly as I read He s supposedly soft spoken, simple and uninterested, but is perfectly able to give as good as he gets usually leaving the other party frustrated and speechless Hah I love him We re also introduced to Priscilla, his love interest, but I m not sure I liked what little I saw.It s really a pity that much of the book is told from the point of view of Alice, an insipid, self absorbed and completely delusional accountant s secretary who fancied one of her fellow travellers to be interested in her when he clearly isn t She doesn t have a very good first impression of Hamish, and since the early events are seen through her eyes, I very nearly disliked Hamish Good thing it switches to Hamish later It was clear from the beginning who was going to be murdered, but it took awhile to happen It didn t drag and I never guessed who the murderer was, but I m not entirely sure I was satisfied at the rather convenient conclusion Perhaps this is partly because readers are not privy to all the clues that Hamish manages to gather As for the setting, most of the time is spent on various members of the holiday fishing class, so we don t get much of a picture of the rest of Lochdubh The atmosphere is very much there, however, and I m sure we ll getof it in the following books.In summary, Hamish was what really made this book I m not sure I d have liked it half as much if it wasn t for him Hurrah for an effective and interesting hero Onto the next installment A few years ago, I watched a British television show called Hamish MacBeth It was the first time I saw the actor Robert Carlisle His portrayal of the low key Scottish police constable made Carlisle, and the show, instant personal favorites.I have always wanted to read the book series by M.C Beaton Finally, I got around to it, and got the first book from my local library I m so glad I did Death of a Gossip was a delightful read A group of 8 tourists signs up for a week of fly fishing instruction at the Lochdubh School of Casting The group seems directly from an Agatha Christie novel almost the required upper class twits, a secretary who wishes she was someoneimportant, a womanizing playboy, a rebellious young lad, a trouble making woman, the beautiful vamp and the American couple who like to brag about themselves They all try valiantly to learn the art of fly fishing, while being annoyed by the horrendous manners and behavior of Lady Jane Winters Before long, after being zinged by her personal comments and veiled threats, the entire group hates Lady Jane It isn t long before she is found dead floating in the lake Detective Chief Inspector Blair is soon on the scene to investigate, but Hamish MacBeth is also looking for clues and looking for the murderer right under the Inspector s nose Who killed the hideous Lady Jane What was her secret And is Hamish MacBeththan the small village bumbling constable that Blair assumes he is Death of a Gossip is a quick read, but delightfully written MacBeth reminded me of the Scottish version of Columbo He seems to be lazy, a bit slow and like he isn t doing his job, when actually he knows and notices muchthan anyone realizes The story unfolded with the perfect mix of humor, quaint village life, personalities and investigation Overall, just a fun read The Hamish MacBeth Mysteries series has 31 books I m not sure that I will be reading all 31 of them, but I certainly enjoyed this first book And I already have book 2 and several others on my TBR shelf I bought several at a used book sale a couple years ago and put them on the shelf, but never had time to read them Finally taking the time and I m so glad I did I hope every book is as humorous and fun as this first book If you want to see Robert Carlisle in the television version, you can watch on Youtube here The television version is different from the books, but still very very good M.C Beaton also wrote the Agatha Raisin series the Edwardian Murder series.My rating 9 10Ages 16 Some language and adult situations Scottish Highland Village Cop Hamish Macbeth Must Find Which Target Was Provoked Enough To Strangle And Drown Nasty Fat Widowed Tabloid Reporter Jane Winters, Who Revealed Many Others Guilty Secrets Much Is From The Viewpoint Of A Naive Secretary Seduced By A Blue Blood Playboy Icy Blond Beauty, Aristocratic Priscilla Halburton Smythe, Lends A Hand