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[Reading] ➸ Dark Passage By M.L. Woolley –

This was an amazing book.very interesting and a little emotional This is the first book I have read of M.L Woolley and what a start DARK PASSAGE is well written, with characters that come alive and jump off the pages It is filled with mystery and romance, with twist and turns that will keep the pages turning What can a reader ask for, this is a book I would read again and again.I recieved this book from M.L Woolley, thank you so much no reader could praise this book enough. Paranormal is my favorite and finding something different than the usual vampire books has been a challenge Loved the premise of this story, the romance rocked and the characters seemed real and drew me into the book Ivy is a quirky girl, real and strong minded which is a nice change from the oh so perfect Bella She has been around the block and yet has a vulnerable side to her Good read and looking forward to the other books in the series Brittani Peel Back What We Know As Reality And There Is An Unseen World That Is Just Waiting For You To Enter No One Ever Really Dies And If We Look Hard Enough We Will Find The UnseenThe Way Through The Veil Has Been Closed For Many Centuries But Great Evil Is Being Unleashed And The Two Worlds Are Merging There Are A Chosen Few Who Will Walk The Way Of The Dead And Discover The Secrets That Are Hidden Deep Within Two Young Women Discover Their Suprnatural Gifts Emerge Jen Ivy Are Drawn Into The Compelling World Of The Dark Side And Propelled On The Most Important Journeys Of Their Lives It S A Race Against Time For Their Very Lives I ve always been a fan of paranormal romance and gothic type stories This book is full of twists, secrets, ghosts, murders, some sexuality and keeps you guessing until the end I found myself hoping that the characters would find their way and I felt their emotions I could relate to how they felt and what they were facing I thought about parts of the book after I finished reading it and wondered what would happen with the characters. I was not expecting a good read but it was free so thought I would try it Scary parts, funny, sad characters were well developed It is better developed than the major published books characters seem real and the story line is alive many major best sellers are flat There is some very minor formating issues on the Kindle but I just bought a Koontz and it had the same issues I gave it 5 stars because it has heart, great story line and the characters jump off the pages It was a very good book and I am looking forward to the next books. I read through all the reviews before purchasing this book First off let me say this book is interactive makes you think but I thought it was also an easy read Those of us with some life experience will appreciate the depth and intensity The characters Jump off the page and the content is varied Since this is a paranormal thriller it is exactly what I expected and even what I look for in this type of book Now to the nitty gritty Characters were well developed and I was endeared to several of them The romance was sweet and not over the top realistic adult relationships in that it was not teenage angst and rich boy marries poor girl turned princess The plot was so interwoven that I didn t know what to expect from chapter to chapter I am difficult to please and don t like predictability or corny teenage angst My husband also read this he typically hates paranormal romance but he really likes this one For a couple 40 somethings we loved it and look forward to the next books Great start for a brand new author I was surprised by how much I really liked the book Paranormal story unlike any I have read in a long while Not your typical good girl seduced by a vampire story The characters are strong but vulnerable and flawed Yes, flawed Surprising that anyone would relate to flawed I thought at first too I found myself relating than I anticipated and was drawn into the story Be prepared to stay up late as it s a page turner. This is a fast paced page turned Edge of your seat and no yawning Characters are so well developed that I felt like I knew them personally Their stories seem so real they feel like friends I don t want to spoil it but suffice to say this is one that you pull out to read again Rebecca is another I have that I read again every couple of years I ll be buying the paperback of this one. Every now and then I read a book that catches me by surprise Expecting a haunted house story, I instead discovered a tale about the human struggle to find our place in this world This story is told from multiple points of view which makes it fun and easy to understand.The story centers around an old Victorian house in Olalla, on the Dark Passage of the Puget Sound.Bill has come to Olalla to look for inspiration about a book He is drawn to an estate sale at an old house where, for reasons unknown to him, he feels compelled to buy it It has a sense of familiarity to him Before he can finish renovations, he has an accident While in a coma he sees a woman in a tunnel beckoning to him.Desperate to escape the frequent, violent attacks of her abusive husband, Jen accepts an offer to rent the old house The man from her dreams, the one she loves in this other reality, has given her to courage to take her life back She senses something other worldly about the house, but is unsure if it is evil or good There is something or someone watching her.Strange forces have brought Bill and Jen together in their dreams As their bond strengthens, they slowly come to understand what the old house is and what their place is in the coming events.There are many characters that have important roles in this story of darkness and light.Bill s cousin Lisa has been corrupted by something evil and commits unspeakable acts in her hunt for fortune You will loathe her.David is ensnared by Lisa s manipulations and blindly follows her wishes, ignoring an inner voice that warns him not to.Jen s best friend Ivy gets drawn into the mystery of the house and discovers that she has an important part to play in the times ahead She really endeared herself to me Her guilt over the deaths of her brother and sister has led her to make all the wrong choices in men.Peter is Bill s friend since childhood and becomes his guardian while he is in a coma He begins to get messages from Bill, but that can t be possible Bill is still in a coma.John s life spins out of control after Jen leaves their marriage and, in his madness, dark forces take him over to use for their purposes.I could write so much about this book but then I would be telling too much Now that the stage has been set and I have come to know the characters, i am ready to dive into Guardians, the second book Due to be released soon, you can read a little bit of it at the end of Dark Passages.I am now hooked and the author has reeled me in. Well, another Indie author that is going places This is an eerie book that has an intriguing romance unlike any I have read in a long time The characters come to life on the pages and the story is interwover with clarity Different POV s are used which made it easy to get inside each character s head GREAT read, unique and I am really looking forward to the series This Indie is better than most published books Really.Isabelle D