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Prime Dark Horse (Dark Horse, #1)Author Kate Sherwood –

4 1 2 StarsThe first half or so of this book is heart crushing It may break your heart, even if you think you don t have one Dan trains horses and he is one of the best His life was bliss until a riding accident destroyed his world a year ago Now his lover is in a coma and has been declared brain dead Dan can t let go and wants to keep Justin around just to be near him When he is forced to let Justin go due to circumstances out of his control , he has to reluctantly rebuild his life Oh my heart This part is so painful.The rest of the novel is all about Dan attempting to start over with the horses he and Justin loved and forcing himself to slowly step into building new relationship It s painful and it s messy Don t pick this book up thinking you re too hard shelled to cry You will It may destroy you for a while I had to take a few breaks from all of the sadness But don t worry it s not all grief and tears Dan eventually begins to move on and meets a nice guy he s attracted to as well as a couple who are both attracted to him It s a situation that Dan is certain he is not ready to enter but Evan and Jeff are gorgeous and Evan is very persistent Jeff is older and he befriends and supports Dan as a friend when he needs it mostI m too old to think a broken heart is romanticAwww, Jeff, he always knows just what to say.This book doesn t follow your typical m m romance formula where two guys meet, fall in love lust, have a few usually silly fights and live happily ever after I never quite knew how things were going to end and if Dan would ever be able to open his heart to someone new I liked the not knowing.The pace is rather leisurely and there is a lot of time spent on the day to day ins and outs of horse training I loved all of it but you might not It is character driven and I prefer those types of stories, when they re written well, over an action driven plot convoluted plot any day The only action going on here is action of the sexy kind and it comes late into the book so hang in there if you think it won t ever happen It s worth the wait This book stands on its own and doesn t end with any huge cliff hanger but it is the first in a series I m looking forward to reading the other books in the series to see where these guys take things. I m going to start by saying that I absolutely LOVED this book I don t give a lot of 5 star ratings but this book, to me, is a 5 star book Absolutely amazing Jeff s eyes are intense, and his voice has lowered as well I m not blind, Dan Of course I like shiny things And I like them even when I find out that they re not just pretty on the outside Dark Horse is a journey through a VERY rough spot in Dan s life, he has lost or is losing, everything he has ever loved It s very emotional but also very beautiful and REAL at the same time Dan is a horse trainer, he loves his job, loves his horses but he is at a very uncertain time in his life He has some very BIG decisions to make through out this book and watching or reading him struggle with those decisions took me through every possible emotion known to man The story begins when Jeff, Evan and Tatiana show up at Dan s farm to buy a horse for Tatiana who is Evan s little sister, she s 15 These aren t your average old trail horses they are expensive highly trained eventing horses but that s ok because Evan is loaded, how he came into his money is another sad story but I m not going in to that in this reviewsorry Jeff is a also a trainer, or riding coach, and Evan s boyfriend Jeff, Evan and Dan meet and the slow simmer begins Yes we are going to have a love triangle and it s a fabulous triangle However it s not the insta love you get with most books it s a slow build because Dan just isn t sure about anything any, he s lost so much and he s struggling with his place in this world, with these people, his job, every aspect of his life is changing Overall, it was a good day, and he drives through the falling darkness with a fresh sense of confidence and the idea that someday, somewhere, he might find a new place where he belongs The first part of this book, probably the first 40 to 50%, is sad and I mean sloppy crying sad I don t typically cry when I read books and I usually don t like sad books but there were a couple of times that I teared up and almost lost it The thing I loved about it was the emotions were so REAL and TRUE, it was sad but beautiful at the same time, these are events that could happen to anyone, it wasn t over the top craziness like you get in most books, just real life stuff I know I m not saying much about what happened in the book just my feelings but I m scared I ll give to much away and spoiler it Okay, here s the thing I like you Totally apart from sex He looks over at Dan When I first met you, I wasn t sure you were gay, and I still thought you d be a good guy to hang out with I mean I hoped you were gay a lot I hoped a lot I loved all three of these characters, equally, and they are all so different Dan of course doesn t know up from down due to his emotional struggle with all the changes in his life He s not sure about anything but he s trying to figure things out and find his place in Jeff and Evan s life Evan is rich and headstrong but he s trying to tone it for Dan because he knows he can be intense however, sometimes he just can t get a grip on it and I loved that about himhe made me laugh MANY times through out the book Jeff is older than Dan and Evan, maybe early 40 s, and he is laid, calm and collected He has to reel Evan in ALOT Dan, sing me a lullaby, Evan whines Go fuck yourself, Evan Evan snorts Well, since you won t So, if I got up right now and climbed into bed with you, you d turn me away He puts enough teasing in his voice to let Evan know that it s not going to happen Evan responds in a similar tone I don t know why don t you give it a try Evan cracks me up I love him I wish I was better at writing reviews but I m not so all I can tell you is this.this book was wonderful and amazing and I m sooooo glad I read it I m also very HAPPY that it s a series so I m not done with Evan, Jeff and Dan s story yet In a word this book was beautiful Now I m off to start book 2 Dan Thinks About Just Driving, Leaving The Whole Mess Behind He S Got Enough Money He Could Just Arrange To Get His Stuff And His Horse Shipped To Wherever He S Going Taking Off Is What He Used To Do When Things Got To Be Too Much, And It Worked Pretty Well, ReallyDan Wheeler Thought He D Found Lasting Love And Stability With His Life And Work Partner, Justin Archer But When Dan Finds Himself Alone Again, Still Working As A Horse Trainer For Justin S Parents, He Has To Find A Way To Accept That His Perfect Life Is Gone ForeverThen He Meets Billionaire Evan Kaminski, Who Arrives To Buy A Horse For His Younger Sister, And Evan S Lover Jeff Stevens, A Horse Trainer Who Seems To Understand Than Just Dan S Job Struggling To Deal With All The Upheavals In His Life, Dan Finds Himself Drawn To Both Evan S Mercurial Passion And Jeff S Quiet Wisdom Is Dan Strong Enough To Take A Chance On New Love, Or Would It Be Better Safer For Him To Be Alone 4.5 Stars I m not sure how this would pan out in real life, but I would be damned if I said it wasn t a fantastic read I just couldn t put it down.The beginning was heartbreaking, but I understand that despite being bitter, it was the only way to free Dan and give him closure The whole story was a slow burn and just now, almost at the end the guys get into action together as a three Jeff and Evan are together for a few years and have an open relationship However, for the first time they both want the same guy Dan For them, it seems that there is not much to sweat about it as they sometimes have other guys on side Dan, however, is much cautious because he s really thinking about all aspects of this clusterfuck The other two don t have much to lose, whereas Dan is Evan s employee and has a lot to consider for that.It s no secret I like it bad wrong and for that, I admit that the professional line crossed made this edgy and very appealing to me The author created three very distinct MCs and I believe readers will pick a favourite easily My one is Jeff, silent, watchful, quiet and mysterious Swoon.I really liked this overall My only complaint is that through the whole story what I was yearning the most didn t happen, Evan and Jeff s POV I was thirsty for it Absolutely thirsty for it I wanted to get in their heads so bad What a shame I couldn t.If you want details, don t miss Martin s review.Ops Can I just say one thing I didn t like the font in the cover The lines are too straight, heavy and hard, something in the line of a sci movie Somehow I felt it didn t mesh well together with the beautiful horse and the hot guys Fussy much I ve been looking forward to writing this review for days, but now that I m through the first book, I don t even know what to say.A few words of warning first consider it a mild but necessary spoiler This story is about a couple dragging in a third guy, hoping that he would save their relationship.I hate this type of set up Either you re happy or you re not I don t believe a new guy can magically heal a dying relationship Same as children don t save an unhappy marriage.I also need to point out that no one falls head over heels in love here The book concludes the story with the possibility that these guys might some day fall in love and until then they ll enjoy sex Yeah.Oh and for those looking for hot sex You may wait until the very end of the book Better get some tissues first to wipe away tears.If you can live with all that and God knows I survived , here s why I didn t throw it out of the window, but kept reading on, glued to my kindle I found the characters genuinely interesting Can t say I liked them all the way through, but still Picture this Hot 26 year old Californian billionaire Evan Orphan and heir to the Kaminski empire He s with his sister s 40 year old riding trainer What they are exactly is a big question mark, because, frankly, sexually, everyone does his own thing too Evan likes shiny things, no matter male or female, and he goes for what he wants And what he wants right now that he s in Kentucky to buy a horse for his teenage sister is the sad looking country guy who is training the horses in the stable that Evan selected to make the purchase.Jeff, Evan s boyfriend, hot silver fox, horse training entrepreneur and artist, was a friend of Evan s parents before they died and he became a different type of father figure to the young heir He s a solid rock and grounding presence The yin to Evan s hot headed yang you could say.Dan is the tragic figure of the story view spoiler Mourning his long term partner who recently died in a riding accident hide spoiler New shelf added Yes And I loved it It took some time to happen, but when it did wow fabulous This book is beautiful I had some difficult time during the first half I was so sad Dan s grief and sorrow was devastating But when he realized that life must go on, he open his mind to the opportunities that are being offered to him by Evan and Jeff And he gives himself the chance to be happy and to find love again I love the plot, the MC s, the other characters, the horses everything is amazing I m going to continue to read this series I m so excited about it literally I am so glad I read this little gem Dark Horse is about Dan, a horse trainer who s struggling with love, loss, loneliness, and uncertainty What a great character and the perfect setting for this story The details of the horse training were just enough to set the tone of the story and draw you into Dan s world without being overwhelming By the end, I wanted to spend a day with Dan and his horses.The first half of this story tore me up You can feel how deep Dan s pain goes The push and pull with his emotions and the decisions he had to make, made everything seem so realistic Nothing came easy for him, even his feelings for Jeff and Evan I loved how he didn t instantly fall for both men He had a stronger connection to Jeff and had legitimate concerns about both Even though his attraction towards Jeff made me feel bad for Evan at times, it still made complete sense.There weren t any quick rolls in the sack that made everything ok Even up to the very end, Dan struggles with how he feels I absolutely loved how the ending wasn t all roses and chocolates The seeds of doubt are what make Dan who he is Albeit, there were a few times that his anxiety was getting to me and I was yelling at him to stop with all the what if s and second guessing every last detail, but the over thinking is part of what made me fall for him Although I still loved it when Evan called him melodramatic and a drama queen Spot on buddy I also enjoyed all the side characters Tat, Chris, and Ryan, were all great too However, I thought some of the character s voices blurred Dan, Chris, and Ryan, all had the same verbal expressions And the Hey man s really got over used.The issues that bothered me a bit were 1 The book had a lot of irrelevant detail, especially in the second half of the book I think if it was a bit shorter, it would have been perfect 2 I wanted to know about Evan and Jeff s relationship They are great characters Jeff was calm and gentle while Evan was passionate and impulsive Great combo I know this is Dan s book but this made it feel incomplete to me There were references to them having problems and at the end there were some hints but nothing concrete I really like these two guys and I wanted.3 view spoiler IMO, the sex didn t live up to the sexual tension these guys had There was so much heat and chemistry between them, I expected something explosive than what actually happened hide spoiler Welcome to the world of sexy men, romance, mystery, competitive dressage, menage and as Kate Sherwood s first book in her Dark Horse Series introduces you to three men you are sure to remember Dan Wheeler, Jeff Stevens, and Evan Kaminski.I thoroughly loved this book It had horses in it which I love It also had three sexy, confident men, who were better together than alone and watching them figure this out was quite the wild ride This story starts out with Dan Wheeler alone in Kentucky as he adjusts to his life after the loss of his partner Dan thought he had the perfect life, he was with the man he loved and he was able to work with horses every day which he loved as well He was perfectly happy Until one fateful date his partner, Justin was killed in a horseback riding accident Needless to say this tore Dan up and Justin s parents, the owners of a huge horse farm in Kentucky wanted nothing to do with the horses after that eventually deciding to sell off all the stock and the house farm where Dan lived So now, Dan has to make a choice does he die with Justin or does he go on trying to live his life and maybe take a chance on finding happiness again away from Kentucky So when, Opportunity knocks and Dan is offered a job with the last two horses Justin s horses horses that are trained in the highly competitive art of dressage, Dan jumps and moves towards his new life following Justin s horse across the country Upon arrival at his new home, Dan finds out that Justin s champion horses have been sold to a rich entitled teenage girl, Tatiana Kaminski, who knows nothing of Dressage and expects Dan to teach her In addition to the girl comes her older brother, Evan Kaminski who makes feelings come alive in Dan that he thought would never rise again He could swear that Evan feels the same way towards him but he isn t sure, the man has a partner after all, Jeff Jeff Stevens has been with Evan for years he is older than Evan but somehow they work despite their age difference When Evan is brash and irrational Jeff is there to calm him down When Evan forgets that his sister is still a teenager Jeff is there to help remind him So when Evan decides the new trainer for Tatiana s horses looks good enough to eat he expects Jeff to be the voice of reason or even maybe be jealous Instead, Jeff agrees with him and thinks that he would love to be in the middle of Evan and Dan even for one night, but hopefully longerWhen Dan and Evan are together they are combustible Then add in JeffAnd you are left with the perfect Trifecta they complete each other and help each other The only problem is they are bad at communicating and problems that could be easily dealt with are escalated way out of proportion If that isn t enough add in the stigma and other people not understanding their relationship and you have the perfect storm brewing so, it doesn t really take much to push Evan right over the edge and cause him to lash out at the two men he is falling in love with Thankfully, Jeff is able to keep his head about him otherwise Evan and Dan might have beat the hell out of each other a couple times as they went through their relationship growing pains In the end, as mentioned before I really liked this book If you want to read about three men who find their way to a passionate and love filled relationship even though it is not the typical relationship then I think you will enjoy this book too 5 Stars Audio July 2019The Narration 3.5 Pants OffThis is one of my fave m nage series ever, and I was really excited to listen to them on audio butnot as exciting as I d hope The narration isn t bad, I m just not a fan of the accent for Dan or the voice for Jeff Also, didn t quite deliver on the most impactful part of the stories, and heat and intensity was needed Just an alright job overall for an amazing book SADDLE UP, CUS ITS A BUMPY RIDE 4.5THE COVER Really goes with the story Horses play a huge part of our main characters life He is also a dark horse of a character, he just comes out of nowhere You love him or hate him Also it s clear that there will be three men involved, and that alone captures your attention.My first book by Kate Sherwood and it came on strong, very strong I had so many emotions reading this book, mostly I was a blubbering mess with tears streaked face The level of pain in the first 150pages of this book left me with a migraine, and so hopelessly in love All I am saying is if you want a moving story, this is the book for you.Dan is a horse trainer and a good one, living day to day is hard though It has been a little over a year since an accident cost him to lose his lover Now Justin lies in a coma, just a body without life Dan is hopeful that he will one day wake up However, he has to be realistic and face the facts Justin is gone When a rich family comes to his barn, to check out buying a few horses, Dan has no idea that they are about to change his life Justin s parents decide that the next time he has a heart attack or seizure they will not allow the doctors to bring him back Dan can t deal with that information and he becomes resentful and a bit of an asshole The days leading up to Justin s funeral will be a test to Dan s sanity.Dan finds strength in the least likely person and let s say that Dan gets a new job, and the opportunity to begin a new life Because in walks Evan and Jeff, though Dan is initially attracted to Jeff in the beginning he realizes that, he has a lot of love to give Dan gets invited in a relationship that would involve all three and the next 150pages becomes all kinds of effed up, in the best way possible Its really not a sexual realtionship until later, but these three are so connected that its clearly a relationship.These characters have no idea what they are doing, Jeff and Evan is an established couple and inviting Dan is something they both want I guess this where I became pissed, I have a love hate relationship with Dan He is endearing but he also is a bit of an asshole His procrastination when it came to both Evan and Jeff sort of pissed me off I hated that he was so easy with Jeff, but found it so difficult to accept Evan Evan and Jeff are not safe from my wrath I hated how they discussed Dan, and when they settled on a decision, they would include him It was like a couple and a third, not a relationship involving three people Its no quick HEA, and really there isn t one, but it s a slow progression of a relationship that needs building, and even though I was irked most of the time I freaking loved it I am all kinds of in love with Evan, he makes me happy Jeff is just a little too perfect for my taste, and I hated his goody two shoes character, I just hated it Dan is in a league of his own when you think messed up I can t blame it on his losing his partner and on the fact that he has always been like that He is offended easily, quick to jump to conclusions, and assumes way too much Seriously, I had problems with Jeff and Dan those fucking two pissed me off I had problems with Jeff and Evan, Dan and Evan Mostly I am just pissed cus I wasn t there.Sex is long way off in this book, frankly it was well developed Sexual tension plays a key role, and I love sexual tension It had the right amount to make you wanna chew your fingers off.There is so much left to say but frankly, my fingers need a break I do recommend this book, its a beautiful story, with real characters, and horses with some serious personality Kate Sherwood is an author to look out for, gotta give props to someone who can write a character who is dead in most of the book, but makes you love him Thank goodness, there is a sequel otherwise I would be cursing Dan all the way, to wherever he came from.I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK This book is an ugly cry type of book It is a break you down, destroy your emotional resolve, and leave you a sobbing mess type of book I feel drained from this reading experience, even days later Very well done Ms Sherwood You successfully destroyed me This was my first experience with a full length book from this author and she was just as wonderful as everyone led me to believe I read this book, despite the fact that I m not a menage type of girl, though now I have read so many I just added a m m m shelf because my friends all adore this series In terms of emotional experience, I loved this book The feelings that it wrenched out of me were pretty amazing I also really connected with Dan Kate Sherwood allowed him to take his time as a character and develop organically I never felt like this book was rushed One aspect of menage books that I don t like is how everything seems to come together so easily and quickly, when in reality I feel like creating a true menage relationship would be very difficult and slow Here, we see just how incredibly difficult it really is Kate Sherwood showed me all sides of this relationship as it was developing the good, the bad, and the sexy.What kept this book from being a five star read was a number of small things Most predominantly is my personal taste issues I honestly would have preferred Dan to get his happy ending with just one man I didn t like that Dan, whom I got pretty attached to, was entering this sticky relationship I didn t have any deep feelings for Jeff or Evan, so I didn t care if they were left out of Dan s life altogether My second issue is that this book is not really a standalone It felt very much like an introduction to a series which, in all fairness, it is However, I felt like I was waiting and waiting for the menage relationship to begin only to have it start at the very very end of the book Was this book great despite my little issues Yes, it truly was I really enjoyed it and I will be reading on I m so impressed with this author s writing and how much it affected me Beautifully done, Ms Sherwood.