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{read online Audiobooks} Complete Warm-Up for Classical GuitarAuthor Gohar Vardanyan –

This Book Contains Short And Concise Exercises For Use In A Warm Up Before Practice Or Performance, And For General Technical Advancement The Book Is Divided Into Four Sections I Arpeggios, II Scales, III Tremolo, And IV Slurs Each Section Contains A Description Of The Exercises And General Instructions On How To Play Them The Exercises Are Intended For Guitarists Who Are Looking For A Simple Warm Up That Does Not Require Learning Many Complicated Etudes, Exercises Or Routines In This Book, Only One Etude Is Used For A Variety Of Arpeggio And Tremolo Patterns The Scale Warm Ups Are Based On A Two Octave, One Position Scale That Is Shifted Up And Down The Fretboard, And A Simple One Position Chromatic Scale The Pull Off And Hammer On Slurs Are Combined Into One Exercise To Save Time This Same Routine, When Practiced With The Metronome Gradually Increasing The Tempo, Can Also Double For Technical Work With The Exception Of One Chromatic Scale Exercise, The Rest Are On Closed Strings Besides Being Able To Move The Scale Up And Down The Fretboard, The First Finger Can Be Barred This Will Increase The Left Hand Difficulty And Improve The Left Hand Position And Strength There Is Close To An Hour S Worth Of Material If All The Exercises Are Played With All Of Their Variations At Different Tempos Not Everything Needs To Be Played Everyday, So The Warm Up Session Can Be As Long As Desired Or As Short As Time Allows

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    A great warm up and easy to follow and the instructions very good yes I recommend

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    Nulla di eccezionale, al di l delle mie aspettative..Non lo ricomprerei e ne sconsiglio l acquisto. Ci sono opuscoli di ben pi alto valore tecnico

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    good coverage of problems, if you are unsure of what you should be doing during a warm up this is for you

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    Gutes solides warmup f r die Klassische Gitarre Als Gohar Fan ein muss

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    These are standard drills and warmups that many people learn as a normal part of their study of guitar However, there are two very good things about this book First, it is a very convenient book to carry and use when needed before a performance, and the author personally uses these warmup, which gives a student confidence that this will indeed be a good warmup routine to use The brief comments provided by the author are very on point and useful, without being overly verbose.

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    A great little book for a guitar student to use for warn up.I like the idea of taking a simple ex and embellishing it to devepo ones technique.Karl sheit did this using an etude for different techinques.Idid not realize what I had until I went to her web site.Gohar explains about speed burst and arpeggios no 5 0n her web videos lessonettes.Check this out then go back to book.Ihave learned so much form her lessonettes.I thank her so much for her endeavour

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    Did not meet my expectations The internet has far better information and youtube also.

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    I used to practice violin scales to develop fingering patterns and sight reading for playing classical guitar Gohar Vardanyan is trying to fill the void of having no books for dedicated skill development with her warm ups However, her exercises are extremely difficult and meant for the advanced guitarist A progressive approach from easy to advanced exercises arranged by musical keys would make a book that prepares students for fingering patterns and develops sight reading far useful and appealing to a wider audience of guitar students.

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    A great warm up and daily exercises with explanations plenty challenging.

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    Great book for daily warmups and exercises This book takes a creative approach to practicing Gohar is a real guitarist so you know the information you re getting is going to be good.

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